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Streetstyle: Glasgow – Esme

Name: Esme

Location: Merchant City, Glasgow

Shops Mostly At: Topshop

Wardrobe Essential: Military Boots

Why we love it:  It’s soft and flirty.  A loose feminine top paired with a high waisted pencil skirt creates a flattering curvy silhouette for her tall slim figure.  Throw on some vintage jewlery, a comfy cardigan and top it off with a flower in your hair for a dreamy, girly look.

eal x

Oh Monday Monday and a positive mindset

Good morning!

I hope you had a brilliant weekend? Mine was pretty relaxed, got a lot of home chores out the way so they don’t get in way of work.

Also testing out wordpress for bb-interesting to see how I can blog on the go.

As I write this post, I’m on my way to London to a couple of important appts and I need to get myself in the right frame of mind: Today, I am the boss. Its my money and my business these guys require so in essence, they’re being interviewed.

This is quite key for me to remember as anyone who knows me knows how laid back I am but today I can’t be that. I must think of my customers and what they’ll require of me in the quality of my apparel and label. I must also get d right bargain for my investors too.

Thinking of mindsets, I am reminded now of a lady on my garment construction course who said to me: “what if you don’t like sewing or the business doesn’t work?”. I was startled and a little irritated at that question however it was a valid one. The difference between me and her was ‘our mindset’- I have set my mind on creating a label, starting my own business, studying all that I could possibly muster and make it successful! It had not crossed my mind there was a choice to not make it. The only option in my head was to make it a successful label and thank God for everything so far, its all ticking along.

Some may say I am not being realistic, I disagree. The fact that I am putting in place all that will make this work shows I have considered what could go wrong and therefore working to ensure it all goes well. However, I will not sit and worry or spend a minute to be negative. Instead, I will use that energy and brain cell to figure out great plan and ideas.

So as we go into this new week, I encourage you to be positive, have the right mindset and work towards great success!

Think positive....

Catch you later!