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Praise the lord Levi’s Curve ID is here!!

The beauties of Levi's!


Yes Girls our search is over… apparently!!  The new jean by levi’s promises to lift and shape your assets to new heights! I’ll begin with the facts!

Levi and all that it embodies scanned over 60,000 women worldwide and found out that amazingly 80 per cent of women share one in three same body shape. Levi also found out through their studies on average 54 per cent of women try on at least ten pairs of jeans until they find a pair that is somewhat suitable to their body shape! Thats a whole lot of jean time! Hence the clever clogs of Levi’s have come up with this: slight curve, demi curve and bold curve.

Slight curve: For straight and boyish figures

Demi curve: Suitable for most especially those shorter in stature (yipee meee!).

Bold curve: Suitable to fuller curvier shapes.

This new invention by Levi has got me very excited as I myself being small have always had nothing but disaster in this area so much so I’ve resigned myself to being a purely dress/ skirt girl! This all could change now. No more Jeans that make your bum look flat as a pancake NOW their fit( excuse the crudeness) to balance a pint on with the help of curve ID! In my case I will hopefully no longer look like I’m playing dress up with a pair of my mothers  too long jeans!

So maybe levi’s do have all the answers? I certainly hope so! Check it out  to see if they do at and let me know what you think, especially of the great little clip from the Ellen Degeneres show!!

anne x

Orla kiely s/s 2011

                               Orla kiely S/S2011 SHOW.


 Hi Guys! I am pretty new to the world of Blogging so if I make please feel free to correct me!Anyway here I go…

Sweet was certainly the theme of Orla Kiely’s fashion show! Not only were the dresses sweet but also the scummy treats on offer! All the stops and sugary sweetness of the 60s were pulled out to make this fashion show happen. Orla Kiely commissioned Gia coppola (I know astounding, another one!) to make a short film of her collection. Another treat! With popcorn ladies added to the setting handing out treats galore one couldn’t possibly fault Ms Kiely for originality let alone ingenuity!

Orla opted for quiet remarkably; cardboards cut outs of models wearing her collection rather than the real deal. I feel personally that  Orla kiely is the only woman who can make this work and impress!

Orla’s collection for me involved all that the sixties could offer. With tantalising rose and mint chiffon tea dresses, large round collars and pale yellow dresses to die for! Let’s not forget also the a-line skirts that were also on show, which a certain someone (Yes me!) will be making a bee line for! Bye bye rent money, hello streets but  at least I’ll look fab in Orla Kiely and you can’t fault a girl for that!

Check out Orla Kiely’s latest collection on film by Gia Coppola over at and let me know what you think!

anne x

Easy to wear yet still captivating.


The fabulous cardboard models!