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Milan fashion week: Dolce and Gabbana(Number one)


Caomi Campbell celebrating 25 years With D&G.



Dolce and Gabbana… doesn’t their name just sound delicious? You cannot begin to talk about Milan let alone Milan fashion week without mentioning Dolce and Gabbana. They too me ARE Milan fashion. Their designs have always tried to celebrate women and their individual sensuality which they have done with success in the past, and have done so yet again in their spring/summer show.

So what makes a classic Dolce and Gabbana collection? For their Autumn/ winter show they involved their trademark leopard prints  ( as only Dolce and Gabbana can), as well as corsets, lace dress, black tuxedo jackets  as well 70 strong knicker clad and jacket wearing girls storming down the catwalk in bare legs like a hurricane  making it a finale to remember.

 So did their spring summer collection match up to this? It certainly did! The collection for me was just simply divine. Maybe for some the Dolce and Gabbana show wasn’t anything extraordinary but for me it didn’t have to be. I am profoundly defensive of the duo, as for me they are the epitome of exquisite tailoring and continue to excel and flourish as time trickles by.

It was the delicate nature of the fabric that caught my eye. The collection consisted of almost all white designs celebrating 25 years of Dolce and Gabbana fashion. The collection really brought to life Dolce and Gabbana’s romanticism and sensuality. Borrowing the bridal whites for the romanticism, and using embroideries that brought to life the sensuality of the collection.

What was really captivating for me was the corsetry and baby doll chiffon dresses. All the delicate materials were used such as the muslin and the heavenly light linen to create an atmosphere of delightful decadence. Thus the gorgeous models of D&G came out in round skirts in maxi length or short using smooth sheer materials.

The use of poplin, silk, crochet, stretch lace and sensual lingerie that would set any red-blooded man’s heart racing, re-confirms D&G’s  rightful place of 25 years as head of the fashion fold.

Of course it wouldn’t be Dolce and Gabbana without the Dolce and Gabbana leopard print dress would it now ;)! This floral version of the leopard design became my favourite of the whole collection due to being sublimely tailored and tantalising in ever manner.


Staying true to themselves Dolce and Gabbana of course could not exit their show without a finale of Sicilian sensuality in all there seductiveness. With the whirlwind of beauties galloping down the catwalk ,applause rose up from the onlookers lucky enough to be there. This grateful expression of approval proves only that Dolce and Gabanna are still going strong, and that their 25 years in this world of fashion and design has truly been met with adoration and appreciation. From their black bra beginnings to their trademark elegant leopard print, Dolce and Gabbana are not only men but kings of their trade, and are an example of what passion, talent  desire and self-awareness can become in a human spirit and what can unfold deliciously

Sicilian Sensuality.

More to come on Milan Fashion week, a girl has to be selfish and put her favourite first 🙂

Bye for now.

anne xx

Streetstyle: international city

Hi guys, Yuliya here.  An active life in a city of contrasts and diversity is ♥
Taking streetstyle pictures is all about being able to catch always busy people in this crowded megapolis. One second late and they are gone to the other side of the road and there is no way to catch up. Crazy rhythm of life. It is fun!
They are stylish, positive and ready for action. That is the reason why their pictures are here!

This streetstyle issue is about two LCF students. Here we go:

Name: Tiffany
Age: 23
Occupation: student
Favourite colour: red&black

Name: Yichen
Age: 23
Occupation: student
Area of study: fashion photography

Why we love it: even wearing only black and white items these guys stand out from the crowd of one of the busiest places in London.
They look great in their simple but well thought about style.

Streetstyle: Glasgow – Emma

Name: Emma

Location: University of Glasgow

Shops Mostly: On eBay

Wardrobe Essential: Vintage high-waisted shorts (they were her Mum’s!)

Why We Love It: I stopped Emma as she was walking through campus because she was wearing a few of my favorite fall items: over-sized thick knit circle scarf, high-wasited shorts with leggings, and of course, military boots. Such a cozy fall look for the busy uni student! Emma has found some of her favorite wardrobe items on eBay.. and her Mum’s closet!

eal x