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Something to be proud of

It came as a shock to the fashion world when sadly, earlier this year Alexander McQueen passed away. It was a great loss to the fashion world and nothing could compare to his amazing talent. He was a legendary designer and was truely at what I think was the peak of his career based on his most recent collections.

It is a true credit to the creative director of the Alexander McQueen label, Sarah Burton as she has pulled together a stunning SS11 collection. Burton got it so right and really has a strong grasp on what the brand is about and communicated it so well with this collection. She had big BIG shoes to fill but she has clearly pulled this together with all her might. It is obvious however that she could never create in the same way McQueen once did but the idea is there and there are aspects of the collection which represent his artistic work so well.

It will be really interesting to watch how the brand progresses under the creative flow of Sarah Burton.


Alexander McQueen SS11


This piece is magnificent – so stunning

H x

Streetstyle: Glasgow – Stewart

Name: Stewart

Location: Byres Rd.

Shops Mostly: Second-hand/vintage

Occupation: Art Student

Why we dig it: There was something adorably quirky about Stewart as I spotted him amongst the busy bustle of students on Byres Road. His unique turquoise vintage blazer made him stand out amongst the sweatpants and uni hoodies. Stewart has picked up this and other great novelty wardrobe items at second-hand and vintage stores (which we love!)

The Slow days…


I trust you’re having a lovely week so far? My Monday was rather slow. You know those days you have to wait on people to get back to you before you move on to the next stage? Yes? Well one of those.

We are now very close to creating initial samples by my preferred manufacturer! Yeah!

They also have very good links with other suppliers e.g. Pattern Cutter, grader etc who are as professional yet competitively priced too. I’m a very happy girl today.

Before I get cracking with developing samples, one key thing I’ve had to pull together is a ‘confidential agreement’ which I know can make working relationships go from relaxed to very formal. They (my suppliers) probably have to get their legal team to check it too before signing it. I’ll be surprised if that’s not something they have to do regularly though-it just makes absolute business sense! My sketches are my intellectual property at the end of the day, so I must protect them.

So there we go, so close yet a little too far until we can clear the legal stages. Until then, I have to wait (impatiently if I may add) for my samples to be made!

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=waiting&iid=9943473″ src=”″ width=”380″ height=”573″ /]

I’ll be here again in the next couple of days/end of the week with a progress update on the samples. Keeping everything crossed till then.

Have a beautiful day ahead!


Her name was New York…

New York is a city renowned for its style. Its given us style legends such as Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

“When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more.” – Amen Sister! Amen!

…Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffanys) to the style conscious characters of Gossip Girl: Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate .. ahh what more could we want?!

September 2010 saw the arrival of the freshest collections for Spring/ Summer 2011 in the American Fashion Capital, New York… and it could only be described as breathtaking!  I fear that I might just ramble on about this fashion week a little more than I did with London (if its even possible) – so make some tea..grab a seat and enjoy the loveliness that was New York Fashion Week… aaah 🙂

I will be honest in saying that I found little to criticise about NYFW. It might sound cheesy but I cannot describe the warm fuzzy feeling I felt whilst watching/looking at what New York had to offer this time round. There are so many shows that I wish I could talk about but I would be here for hours upon end and I fear I would begin to lose some readers along the way so I have had to whittle it all down again and choose some more shows that bowled me over and made me realise just how much I love love LOVE fashion. So here we go…

I’m going to get stuck right in and tell you about my favourite collection from the whole week: Marchesa. If you haven’t already checked this one out then you are in for a sweet little treat. It is what could only be described as fashion genius!

What was brilliant about this collection was the craft used to create these pieces. There was so much detail in every garment that you couldn’t help but gasp with excitement when you saw the work that was put into it. There was delicate lace, stunning beading and embellishment and intricate laser cutting… There are no words to describe the beauty of this collection.

I would say that this has been my overall favourite collection from all fashion weeks. Everything about it was so theatrical and glamourous.. Take a look at some of my favourite pieces (practically the full presentation anyway) below and see what you make of it – I would be shocked if anyone in their right mind isn’t remotely impressed by it!



Marchesa SS11



How stunning is this look – the model looks like a lovely little swan! The embellishment round the neck is so beautiful and that bejewelled clutch is a must have!

have you fallen in love yet?

I am a complete jumpsuit addict and wish I had this one hanging up in my wardrobe (obviously in a special glass case protected with laser beams and a guard dog.. preferably a pug)

Marchesa SS11 – what I could only describe as my fashion fairytale. If that doesn’t amaze you then I have no idea what would. I envy those lucky people who got to be there at the presentation – it would have been a very special day indeed!

Toning things down a little now, this next collection from the talent Jason Wu – who is highly credited by Anna Wintour – is simply adorable!

The collection is made up of mainly sheers, ruffles, fringing and pussy bows, so theres no surprise that I favoured this one! I think that Jason really has a good grasp of how to dress a woman and knows how to make her look feminine and beautiful through simple structures and use of muted tones and block colours.

My favourite pieces include the following:



Jason Wu SS11


Bringing back the turban for next season Jason? Your so fierce!

I love it!


Eveningwear that I wish I could afford to buy…

Colbalt blue has been a favourite for next season’s colour palette. Perfectly suited for this elegant gown.. I love you little ruffly collar – so pretty!

Jason Wu is certainly got so much to offer to the fashion world and I can’t wait to see what else he has hidden up his sleeve!

Some unexpected collections from NYFW included those from ADAM and Luca Luca – Both of which I am yet again just discovering.

ADAM comes from the talented Adam Lippes from Buffalo, America. Adam has previously worked for the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta where he was appointed to the Global Creative Director and became the youngest creative director in the fashion industry to date. This gives you a good idea of the talent and creativity we should expect from the designer.

His collection did not disappoint and has most definately encouraged me to look further into his work and watch out for things to come.

The collection was simplistic yet effective.





Luca Luca became an official Fashion House in the late 1990s that has earned its reputation of creating sexy silhouettes for women using powerful, rich colours and highest quality fabrics.

Their last collection for SS11 really embraced their brand values and didn’t fail to deliver their message of creating gorgeous feminine silhouettes



The final collection I want to highlight from New York Fashion Week is one of my favourite Fashion Brands 3.1 Philip Lim. Like many of the collections seen during NYFW, the collection was simple but had some really nice features. I love the polka dots in particular which gave the new lines a quirky little twist!  The colour palette was fairly muted here too although there was the odd little pop of colour which brought a nice burst of energy to the collection.


3.1 Philip Lim



So there you have it – my favourites from NYC.. tell us what your favourite shows were and why, maybe you disagree with what I chose – give us your fashion opinions!

New York Fashion Week was unbelievable although I did feel slightly disappointed with some shows such as Anna Sui which to me personally was just so busy with all the prints + fringing + too much brown = a big fashion headache (for me personally). It was really not my thing and was far too boho/ hippy for me.

Another disappointment for me had to be Rodarte, I always have quite high expectations from the brand and I just wasn’t overly impressed with the next season collection. There was nothing there that made me think that they were one of the hottest labels out there. Maybe its just my general taste and it wasn’t right for me, so tell me what you thought of it if you have a different take on it!!

So looking at New York Fashion week as a whole, it certainly was a fantastic week yet again with so many outstanding collections from a variation of talented designers: old and new! I thought that there was a big 70s vibe with a lot of floral prints, high waists and brown and caramel colour palettes – emerging trend for next season?  It was a nice transition from AW10 don’t you think?

H x