The hat is back!

So it seems big hats may be making a comeback this year if the Sevilla fashion show is anything to go by!These hats are certainly not for the faint hearted as when I say big I mean BIG!I am completely enchanted by these wonderous creations!Thus I am also now unwittingly at the mercy of these hats, my inner child has sprung into action and taken control of  my reason and rationale, that would usually feel that these hats are ridiculous!However If I had the opportunity (or monetary funding) I would certainly perhaps dare to wear any one of these magical creations in public even with the gasps of the ridiculous!

For me  they are not only enthralling but highly captivating and represent all that is wonderous about fashion. For Fashion itself will always exist but what it incorporates will always be changeable. Nothing stays the same but in a way it’s always there. You could say fashion never fades, and certainly not with these enthralling pieces around to remind one of fashion’s ever remarkable diversability! However without something like these hats to desire and yearn for, hats that for the everyday person are inaccessible fashion wouldn’t be what it is. As we all want what we can’t have i.e. money, clothes, partners/singledom,longer hair, shorter hair, New job, new car etc etc. Without something to look to how do we know what to strive for or who we are? We all wouldnt desire something that came from the street, what we desire is always the irreplaceable! Thus as Coco Chanel so aptly put it ‘I like fashion to go down the street but I cannot accept that it originate there’.

This is why I love these hats! I probably will never own one, but in my dreams Im walking tall, hat balancing precariously and deliciously on my head 😉

As Always,

Anne x

Patricia Buffuna's Models waiting backstage.

Cherubina is worn by a model at Sevilla fashion show.


Tolentino during Sevilla fashion show.

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