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Zara tokyo!!

Zara have always been pretty inventive with their ad campaigns, however I must say I am pretty impressed with their latest one. Set in Tokyo the music and the slow motion life of the city work together magnificently and give off an almost magical feel to it. The first image of the leaves gently blowing in the wind and the slow motion camera grab your attention, while the up beat tempo of the music holds it there. There is a curiosity about the piece as you wonder who is that girl with those knee-high boots and what are those two girls laughing so heartedly about in front of the camera??

All in all an excellent promo vid put directed by Vincent Sahuc and Sara Fernandez with music by Manuel  Riverio.  So enchanted am I by this promo vid that I’d almost head to Tokyo, solely to go to Zara(even if there is one down the road from me) after viewing this creative reel. Ridiculous but what else is new :)!

 However what do you think? let me know!!

As Always,

Anne x


It’s a cold and crispy autumn day in Edinburgh. Karrie walks along the streets of Broughton area. Dreamy eyes and smooth skin, honey hair. “I am from Berlin” she goes. “And I am here to study”. She likes Edinburgh for its open spaces and architecture. Her voice is mellow and  warm just like the colours she is wearing and the low sun light breaching through withering leaves. “I bought this shawl in a the Continent. Same goes for the shoes and the hand bag. I like browsing in vintage shops, not only for a more unique style but also because items carry with them an aura full of stories that are left to my imagination”