Gucci Sukey & UNICEF!

Gucci as one knows is synonymous with fashion! To wear Gucci or to own anything Gucci is to be fashionable oneself!!

The Gucci Sukey handbag is one of the most popular of all the Gucci bags.The bag itself is not earth quaking revolutionary, being just a canvas tote with cream leather trimming the infamous Gucci Monogram fabric. However sometimes simplicity is best!Hence it appears to have worked. So popular  is it that it sold out almost immediately from Brown Thomas in Dublin on the day it arrived. Recession do I hear you say?  What recession indeeed!!It seems the irish women make an exception for Gucci!Oh to be one of the lucky few to be balancing this Gucci Sukey from my out stretched arm!

The bag itself does have a philanthropic history.  In 2008 an event was hosted by the director of Gucci Frida Gianni, in aid of UNICEF. At this very event in 2008 an opportunity arose for someone to name the bag as a prize. Thus the name “Sukey” was born. However much this person may or may not have paid for this privilege we do not know. What we do know is that this fundraising event alone raised 2.7 million for schools in Africa.. wow! The Sukey is now one of the best-selling Gucci bags around the world and every one sold around the world until February 20011 will benefit Africa. Why you ask? Simply because UNICEF gets 25 per cent of the retail price. Thus the Sukey bags selling from brown Thomas at 980 euro Not only  look good on your arm but you can feel the added sense of pride that you are also donating 25 per cent of your money to UNICEF, a worthwhile investment if I ever saw one.

However for those of us that cannot afford this and still want to remain fabulous fret not. It seems H&M are launching a canvas bag of similarity in the not so near future :)!With bated breath I wait!

Gucci Sukey. Canvas with cream leather trimming.


Limited addition Sukey.


"Suckey" medium Boston bag. Priced at £620 online at Gucci.


Sukey medium Boston bag priced at £640 online.

As Always,

Anne x

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