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Cover Girl

Absolutely loving Nylon Magazine’s November cover girl, the gorgeous Evan Rachel Wood. Her style is effortlessly cool and that firey red hair is gorgeous – tempting me a little to brave it and get some red locks!

Loving the retro 60s look for the November shoot!

H x

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Carrie

Hello! Belated introductions. My name is Vicky, I’m currently working in Hong Kong for the next few months. I thought it’d be interesting to see the different variations of fashion styles from western to eastern!

Name: Carrie

Age: 17

Occupation: Student

Favourite Place to shop: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

I had to bring my camera to work and luckily on the way, stopped this sweet girl, Carrie. Although to me, the weather in October here is still quite warm (roughly 18 – 23 degrees), people in HK seem to wrap up already in winter gear! The first thing I’ve definately noticed here is the amount of people who dress in black. Black is the new deal here I guess. Originally, I didn’t think you could mix and match that much in just black clothing but seeing the variety of people that do here, my opinion has changed. 

Carrie was out shopping with her friends wearing a black leather jacket, black ruffled top, polka-dot skirt, with some winter boots. She matches with a black hairband with flashes of bling from her tiara necklace and cute rings.

Until next time…….! (tomorrow hopefully)

From pop up to swap shop!

Tired of looking through shop windows wishing desperately for that dress you cant afford? I hear you sister! Enter swap shops. With a sigh of relief the fashion world has come up with the answer! Swapping clothes it seems is the new black. Swap shops does exactly what it says on the tin. Swapping! Ever since Ireland and the rest of the world were hit by the recession bug swap shops have been popping up everywhere as fast as, well pop up shops! It is with delight that I visited the SwapShop on crow street in Dublin (Check out  and it is with a resilient heart and anticipation that I wait for the ‘Swap till you drop event’ on November the 7th in Dublin. Fashion lives!

This Unique and exciting event organised by one time marketing manager of the killers and stylist Siona Ryan (Try pronounce that!) is set to be a hit! Now this doesn’t mean you bring in your old raggedy t-shirt not even fit for the bin no no. The better quality of the garment the bigger the likelihood of someone swapping something decent with you.

So how does this event work I hear you ask?! The aim is that on arrival if you bring a number of items you wish to swap, your star item will be picked to swap and put into the star swap show. If you are interested in bartering then you can do so from the side of the stage. Your piece of clothing will be interviewed and discussed giving it a moment in the spot light by none other then the insatiable Johnny Blueeyes. Mr Blueeyes was the man who of course who managed to get Kate Moss so excited during his first show for his label House of Blueeyes (a kind of fringe show during London fashion week) that she went backstage to wear something, coming out onto the catwalk she hadn’t graces for ten years. What a man! If he can get Kate moss excited then I’m there.

What you swap is totally up to you, handing control back to the consumer. If you only swap one thing out of five pieces be it shoes/ clothes/ jewellery then least you have got something you really wanted rather than swapping five items for something you didn’t really want. On the night there will also be a tunnel of luck where one can get their hair/ make up done. In the tunnel there will be a big dressing up box (Ooooh my inner child will relish this!).The idea is that you stroll through and could come out with a pair of earrings/ shoes that may suit you perfectly or come out in a full designer outfit, is thrilling!. With a donation going into the tunnel of only ten euro coming out clad in designer chic seems a small amount to contribute. I guess it all depends on on lucky you are… better have your fingers crossed for me now!!

The fact alone  that proceeds form the event goes to a good cause(The motor Neurone association ) is worth the trip. This is an incredible opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, to have a giggle with, to admire, and just to have plain and indulgent fun is on at the work mans club66/67 Angier street in Dublin 2 November the 7th. I for one will be there knocking on the door with unleashed excitement. You won’t be able to miss me as Ill be the one with the ridiculous grin from ear to ear dashing from one poor unsuspecting soul to another!!

I’ll keep you updated!

As always,

Anne x