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The talented Christopher Kane…

has produced the most stunning collection for Versus this season. I am in complete awe! The collection has a somewhat futuristic feel to it thanks to the stunning metallics and sharp silhouettes. I am completely in love with this collection although I will honestly admit that I hadn’t actually came across it until a month or so ago. It is now by far my favourite collection of the season. I am loving the metallic blue pleated skirt with an ever recognisable Chris Kane tee thrown in the mix. The collection is full of life and is very youthful and completely sets itself apart from the rest! STUNNING!

Adore this look too – she looks like cat woman! Gorgeous!

A simplistic yet highly captivating collection from Christopher Kane for Versus AW10

H x


So did you all go crazy this morning and make some lovely Lanvin purchases? From what we could see in Glasgow, H & M was complete chaos! We had shoppers queuing from 5am this morning… might i add a very cold morning so there are definitely some hardcore fashionistas in our chilly little city!

The website also caused a bit of a stir today and was completely jammed with the amount of eager Lanvin shoppers visiting the online store in the masses!!

I was unfortunate and never managed to grab some Lanvin – gotta get in there fast ladies! Instead I had to totter past H & M and make my way up to my class at university whilst all the excitement was going on! Much to my disappointment all that was left in Glasgow was the pieces in the window from what I could see unless there were pieces cleverly hidden around the store!! SO gutted!

Although my lucky lucky friends managed to bag themselves some of the best things: a fantastic pillar box red lippy, black blazer with the most gorgeous buttons ever and a quirky little bag! Even the packaging that the things came in was enviable! Fingers crossed they will be expecting more in!

These were my favourite pieces from the collection which are all now available as part of the couture look on auction at with all proceeds going to UNICEF so get bidding ladies and gents!

If you were lucky enough to get something – tell me what you got!! You lucky thing!

H x

Are you dressed/dressing to impress?

Alison Taylor did a fantastic article for the Telegraph on dressing for work, you can read the article here:

Toni Bonoj is totally about beautiful and fierce work wear for the modern woman. So you can understand my excitement at this topic. Question then is, do you dress to impress? Or you dress for comfort? In my opinion, they are not mutually exclusive qualities for your work wardrobe: you should be able to combine both.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you want to see? In my head, a beautiful me, a serious woman yet approachable and of course stylish!

However if you don’t dress to impress or at least make a statement, what do you dress for?

I’m curious to hear your opinions on this guys, so don’t be shy to leave your thoughts on this. Tell us what do you do for work? What is your formal style like? Where you shop and what do you (or want to) see when u stare into those bathroom mirrors at work(ladies be honest!)

Catch you soon

Valentino does Gap!

 No your eyes do not deceive you Valentino is really in Gap!! Rejoice my friends!! The gap gods have smiled on us once again. First gap launch their new trouser range on us, then they launch their latest collection of Pierre Hardy shoes and then to really set my heart beating they deliver us Valentino!

The Italian couture house Valentino is now available at high street prices from Gap in Milan and Rome. Evening Gowns it is not, however what we do find is seven easy to wear pieces that combine Gaps trademark designs with a feminine twist. The collection is not only ambitious and fearless but shows me that once again that the world of fashion is ever changing and has the ability to challenge the idea of what IS fashionable.

Gap for me is quintessentially American just as Valentino is notoriously Italian. This is why this collaboration is so enlightening as well as fascinating. Could we ever have imagined that we would have found what can only be described as one of Italy’s most prominent designers on our doorsteps? Hell no! I never expected to be able to find the like of Valentino in my local gap but yet here we are and I am so glad to be around for this defining moment in fashion.

The pieces are designed to appeal to a new generation of Valentino’s women. Valentino’s Maria Grazia explains that it is the combination of Gaps urban classics ‘ with Valentinos  couture universe to create pieces that could be worn with identity and flare’.

With gap you get all the comfort of easy to wear urban fabric while with the added frills and ruffles you get an added touch of femininity and glam that Valentino do so well

The reason I love this collection so much is that these looks from gap can work almost anywhere. You can be casual while also being feminine and glamorous. From the comfortably hoodie with a feminine ruffle finish to the statement parka from Gap and Valentino that can be worn from day to night a girl cannot go wrong.

It is a defining moment for the fashion industry and one that I intend to revel in delightfully. Get those bags ready girls!

Urban style combined with a feminine twist... love it!

As Always,

Anne x

Emma Watson and her new look…

What does everyone think of Emma Watson’s new image? She looks so much older now with her pixie crop and she’s been wearing some fantastic pieces to the HP premieres.. Just not quite convinced its very ‘her’.. do you agree?


oh I can’t make my mind up about her new look although I totally applaud the girl for having the courage to crop her gorgeous hair!! I could never be that brave! Also slightly jealous that she’s already been seen wearing two of Burberry SS11’s trenches! Green with envy!

IN OTHER NEWS… loving these topshop ankle boots – looovely!

H x

J.W. Anderson… Doing it for the men!

J.W. Anderson


Before I begin to talk about this remarkable young man I would like to apologise firstly for my absence. Being struck down by a virus for over a week left me with little or no energy. However I am now back from the dead yippee! Helped I may add massively by Mr Anderson’s exquisite creations which I have been gazing at enviously for some days now. If I could have one fraction of his talent I would be a happy Cailin!

Mr Anderson first came to my attention a few months ago and I have been following him avidly ever since. A lot of time is spent discussing women’s clothing that sometimes you forget that there are male designers out there that not only design women’s clothing but also men’s. J.W. Anderson does both. It also makes me proud to say that he is indeed an Irish Buachaill( Enough of the Irish words I hear you say!). With a lot of pessimism going around in my fair country at the moment it is nice to see someone doing well for themselves.

J.W. Anderson’s is now one of the most tantalising and intriguing men’s wear designers in the British fashion industry. His belief and signature is ‘‘things that can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man’’ Born in Northern Ireland in 1984, J.W. Anderson graduated from the London College of fashion with a degree in menswear subsequently setting up his own label.

Hand embroidered tassle heart t- shirt available at oki-ni

 Making his debut in London fashion week in 2007 with a menswear collection where he wowed the audience members with Jewellery made from real insects! Okay so that’s not really my thing but I admire his authenticity and sense of adventure. His collection in 2008 was mostly made up of a dark and melancholic Rasputin inspired pieces. However it was his eye for an eye collection in spring summer of 2009 that really captivated fashion revellers.


J.W. Anderson has taken on the world of fashion in what I feel is a wholly altruistic and refreshing manner. Creating pieces that are out of the norm and helping change the way fashion and male clothing is worn. He has I feel reinterpreted the male form by utilising fabrics that designers before him perhaps could see no use for but which he as daringly chosen to do, making him hero de jour!

Anderson has now expanded into women’s wear which was launched in A/W 10 and where we see him yet again blurring the line between what is mans and what is women’s. Borrowing a bit from each. His use of dramatic aesthetics is compelling so much so at times I feel I am in a wholly different world than I really am.

His spring summer collection is titled ‘’ the devoured and I’’. The story of two people who are lost in self discovery and the consequences of this. What I love about Anderson’s work is that it does tell a story and you can truly see this in his work. Anderson also uses modern media to Democratise fashion by having a moving image to tell the story of his collection and then introducing the show itself where items shown are then immediately available for purchase. For Anderson this then removes the concept of elitism that is so prominent in fashion and is a way to sell directly.



J.W Anderson collection is available in Liberty, and Harrods to name a few. For me he is not only a fashion designer but an artist, a story-teller, and a trail blazer. I for one can see great things to come for this remarkable man. With an ever evolving collection pushing the lines of fashion the timid trail blazer inside me waits expectantly that only a number one fan can do.





Hand embrodered Mizpah t- shirt.

Horn Mizpah broach from Oki- ni 100 pounds.

saint ring ever so popular.

 Let me know what you think of his work,

As always,

Anne x

I wish I was tall

so I could wear this fantastic maxi batwing dress from

absolutely love it! need to start eating my crusts.. or does that give me curly hair?! Sometimes being a teeny 5ft 3 is just no fun at all!


H x