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Fashion madness!

Korean designer Sul Nyeo showcased his collection for traditional Korean clothing with an underwater fashion show!!Check it out below!


Pretty impressive on many levels!!


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Recently introduced to

Michelle Phan and her amazing make- up tutorials on YouTube! Check out this disco glam make up feature to help you achieve the right look for SS11 and the 70s trend!

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2010:My year in fashion, amongst other things…

I was just sitting thinking about what I wanted to blog about next when it occurred to me that I haven’t looked back since the new year and really reflected on last year and what it has meant to me in. So here I am, writing this blog post on my 2010 in fashion, music and life. Just a little something which might not interest you all but its something I would quite like to share (at risk of sounding cheesy), its been a year thats really helped me become the person I am today.

I really saw 2010 as a turning point in my life, my friend Beth spoke to me early in the year and talked about how turning 21 is usually quite a big point in your life where you start to become the person you were set out to be and looking back I think she’s right. I went through a lot of changes in the past year: I moved out and I seriously started to consider what I was good at and where I could go in my life. I feel like I’ve grown into a stronger person with a clearer direction in life.

One major part of my life as you would all probably know, is fashion. Towards the end of 2009 I became almost addicted to fashion blogs and what they had to offer to the industry so it was great pleasure that I took on this role as a fashion blogger for such a unique company TellusFashion. Writing for the blog has made me realise I’m good at something I never thought I would be – writing. I have always seen myself as a more creative person and have never really been the most intellectual person out of my friends, classmates or collegues. I prefer the hands on approach, which is why I think I am so interested in fashion, music and theatre, however I really enjoy being able to write about and share my fashion opinions with you guys who read the blog and discuss these opinions with you.

I feel that in the past year I have become a lot more comfortable with my own style and enjoy taking a little more risk when it comes to putting on an outfit, whereas before I was a very shy girl and dressed accordingly. I now realise that the whole point of fashion should be to express who you really are and have fun with it. I like to mix my style up a little more now and have probably changed my hair colour about 4 times in the past year! I think when you look at characters like the outrageous Lady GaGa and what she does with her own style, it makes you think that at the end of the day its all just fun and it should be something that you can embrace while you are still young and have the time to play around with your image.

In the past year, I have been lucky enough to meet so many amazing and talented people who are all from this small little city of Glasgow. They all come from many different walks off life and are probably the most ambitious people I’ve ever known. Making friends with these people have inspired me in more ways than one. They all have their own ambitions in life, talents and style. Being surrounded by this great group of people has encouraged my daring side and helped me to loosen up a little and push myself to get to where I want to be.

One of the most exciting things that I did last year was putting together my first fashion show for Amanda Wakeley. It started out as just a small event that was being put together by one of my closest  friends Aaron. He asked me to help out and I thought it would be good fun but had no inclination as to how big it was set to be for us. It took around two months of organisation, alongside my best friend and flat mate Caron, The Hillhead Bookclub manager Eilidh and Assistant Manager from Amanda Wakeley, Amy. It was a challenge for us all to put together everything from scratch: models, clothes, entertainment, fashion helpers.. the works! When the night came along we were all completely overwhelmed by its success and I have to admit it was probably one of the most stressful things i had done until that point (I remember standing outside in floods of tears an hour prior to the event, with no real reason for my tears other than.. OH MY.. I can’t believe this is happening!) The event turned out to be fantastic, we hosted the show to around 250-300 fashionistas, showcasing the latest AW collection for that season and it went down an absolute treat!

I realised after the event what I was capable of and it gave me the confidence to try for other things within fashion like this blog!

My favourite designers from the past year included some newer designers which I stumbled across while snooping over fashion weeks, they include the wonderful print designer Mary Katrantzou, Charles Anastase, Louise Goldin and the old favourites Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum and Marchesa…

Mary Katrantzou

Mary KatrantzouCharles Anastase

Charles Anastase

Charles Anastase

Louise Goldin - AW10


I’m not sure what inspires all of you but I know a big part of my style reflects my music taste ( which I assume is a pretty common thing as they are two industries so closely interlinked) so here were a few of my inspirations from the music end..

So I guess the main thing I’m trying to say here is that 2010 made me realise how much I’ve grown and how big a part fashion is in my life. I’ve really seen how much of an effect it has on my every day life. I am so passionate about it and hope that whoever is reading this can take away something from what I’ve told you about my year and go on to have an amazing year of your own. Bring on 2011! There is honestly nothing that excites me more or inspires me more than my love for fashion!

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Street Style ~ Hong Kong / David

Name: David Ericsson

Age: 33

Occupation: Designer

Favourite Place to Shop: Tokyo

A simple and casual look, I like a guy who wears a denim shirt. David is a swedish product designer who lives in Hong Kong. I met him at one of his shop parties in Sheung Wan where his shop is based. An extremely nice and friendly guy, he shares his shop with other designer friend Alexis which they sells watches and shoes.

Culture Clash at Subclub, Glasgow

Last week TellusFashion was invited along to a VIE events fashion show at Glasgow’s SubClub which was supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The show was a great success and showcased some very talented up and coming designers who are based in Scotland. Some of the designers are showcased on our website –, including controversial designer Christine Watson and the very talented Nicola Napier – Definitely worth checking out!

The TellusFashion team, including myself arrived before the event to check out some of the designer’s work before the show and we were all extremely impressed with what they had to offer!

I spoke to Christine Watson and Nancy Mitchinson before the event to hear what they had to say about the show and the pieces the were including in the show. Both of the girls are current/ previous students of the Masters in Fashion and Design at a university based near the borders: Heriot Watt.

Christine Watson has a practical yet quirky approach to her designs. Her pieces were interestingly inspired by tents! Speaking to Christine, she explained that she was influenced by festival wear and came up with an innovative design for tent dresses. I really loved Christine’s pieces, they had a very futuristic appeal to them and I loved the zip detailing on her garments.

Nancy Mitchinson went for a more classic approach and told me that she was passionate about using a lot of fur and harris tweed for her creations. They had a sort of Victoriana look with her use of earthy tones, slim-line silhouettes which beautifully emphasized the feminine shape and she has some slightly daring fur pieces which consisted of fox fur with legs attached!

Another favourite of mine in the show was from designer Jennie Loof (seen below), her collection was inspired by Mary Poppins and included some completely stunning floral dresses and a whole mis-match of prints which looked effortlessly cool when brought together! I could picture myself wearing some of these pieces to a tea party – just adorable!

Check out the pictures below from the show including more of the designers from the night
, taken by TF photographer Martina!

Christine Watson

Jennie Loof

Designer Jennie Loof


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