Designer Focus: Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is the definitive shoe designer, sharing with the world his amazing shoe collections with their trademark shiny red soles. Louboutin shoes are special; each design is unique and striking while still maintaining that classy old-school elegance. Arguably, the Christian Louboutin could be considered the world’s sexiest shoe. It oozes seductiveness, both with its soaring stiletto height and sex siren red sole colour.
There is no doubt that Christian Louboutin’s shoes, with their signature sole, are instantly recognisable and distinctive from other shoe designs. Even men who know little or nothing about fashion can spot the shoes in a crowd. The Louboutin is guaranteed to make an appearance at any A-List party and is usually worn by at least one Hollywood style starlet at a given celebrity event.  Fashion icons such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Scarlet Johansson glide down the red carpet while the soles of their beautiful shoes perfectly reflect the surface beneath them.

The strength of the Louboutin brand stems from the integrity of the designer. Shoes are his primary vocation. Thus far, he has expressed no interest in expanding his collection into the clothing and ancillary markets. Profit does not take precedence over passion. It is interesting that his choice of signature sole colour is red – the colour of passion. You could say that shoe designing is in his body and ‘sole’!
The iconic shoe seems to create a sense of excitement among women the world over.  Recently, Christian Louboutin dedicated one of his masterpieces to stylish actress Blake Lively, much to her delight. Even Barbie loves to splurge on these red-soled wonders!

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