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Holly Fulton’s Spring Collection is Set to Blossom.

The Spring/ Summer of 2011 is set to see the likes of Holly Fulton bloom. Her new collection is packed full of bold prints and bright colours which make a huge statement. Many of her pieces are embellished with Swarovski crystal, exotic skins and metals, creating an individuality about them which is hard to match.

The choice of materials is highly important for Holly Fulton’s designs. Many of her dresses are made from felts and wool. They have a hint of 1960’s glamour about them with a contemporary twist for the modern day woman. Tangerines, yellows and blues are mixed with bold, black patterns and embellishments which create her signature look.

Holly has already had previous success when she picked up the Swarovski Emerging Talent Award for Accessories at the British Fashion Awards 2009, the Young Designer of the Year Awards at the Scottish Fashion Awards 2009 and 2010, and the ELLE award for New Designer 2010. Tellusfashion predict she will become even huger in the coming seasons.

Designs by Holly Fulton will be seen at London Fashion week, starting Friday.

Images courtesy of Holly Fulton.

Tom Ford Returns!!

Tom Ford. Is there anything this man can’t do? From business, to making films, perfume and beauty products, and that’s not forgetting the fashion designing. Ok, ok, this man isn’t exactly new on the fashion designing front; he has worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci in the past, but after a six year break from designing womenswear he returned stronger than ever. This doesn’t mean he is out of touch, the opposite in fact. He showed off his Spring/ Summer collection in his Madison Avenue store in New York, in which 32 models, including Beyonce and Julianne Moore, paraded in front of 100 guests.

He told Elle magazine: “I had to take a minute to reacclimatise myself. After a few months it started to come naturally and I realised, ‘Who cares about what anyone else has done [while I have been away]? Let’s do what I think women want to wear.’”

His stylish new collection has influences from the 1970’s, with flared pantsuits, soft trenches, unbuttoned silk blouses and animal prints.

Tellusfashion would like to offer Mr Ford a big welcome back, and thank him for his long awaited new collection.

Images courtesy of Vogue.

I heart the Olsens…

Just two of the many influential fashionistas in the world who inspire my daily style…



Their latest collection for The Row was showcased this week at NYFW and was inspired by The Triplets of Belleville and The Fantastic Mr. Fox, a Seventies-era shot of a super glam Bianca Jagger, and artwork by Egon Schiele.

Probably my favourite so far!

I get the feeling Black and Mustard Yellows are where we’re at next season…


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