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Beauty Basics for next season

There is no denying that make-up is every bit as important as the clothes during Fashion Week and it most certainly completes the final look – where would we be without it girls?!

Fashion Week Feb/March 2011 has confirmed that for Autumn/Winter 2011, its all about having a bold lip and keeping the rest of your make-up to a bare minimum. My favourite lip colour from fashion week has been the striking purple we (almost) saw at the YSL show in Paris. Slightly gutted they pulled it last minute, but TellusFashion still reckon its a ‘dead cert’ for next seasons palette!

Its certainly no secret, that I am all for a plum lip so when I saw this shade from YSL I quickly fell in love…

Hermes Autumn/ Winter 2011

What were your favourite Beauty looks from Fashion Week?



Kennedy Purple Glasgow

Ladies of Glasgow, our wishes may have just came true… carrying a REAL designer handbag will no longer be an unrealistic dream because I have found the solution to our problem – Kennedy Purple.

Kennedy Purple is an online company based in Glasgow. Its one of a kind to Scotland and allows us lucky fashionistas to snap up the must have designer pieces at an affordable rental cost. The great thing is having such a varied amount to choose from. That way we can pretend we are super rich and have the best accessories in Glasgow. What a fantastic idea to break the market in Glasgow and we love Kennedy Purple here at TellusFashion!

I spoke to two of the girls from Kennedy Purple to find out more about the company, Joanne Halley (JH) – CEO of Kennedy Purple and Victoria McFadyen (VM) who is the Marketing Assistant!

So Kennedy Purple is a rental company for designer handbags. Where did it all start?

JH: The company launched in 2009, and our new, and re-designed website went live in February this year.Of course we want Kennedy Purple to be the best it can be so we took on board feedback from our users to improve the site and we’re really pleased with the results.

I started the company after hearing about bag rental in the film ‘Sex and the City’, and loved the idea. I think all women deserve a bit of luxury but not all of us can afford designer pieces much as we would like to, so renting is an ideal alternative and means that people can chop and change as much as they like.

What do you do at Kennedy Purple? What are the perks of your job and what excites you most about working for them?

VM: I’m the marketing assistant at Kennedy Purple but because I’m in my final year of university I’m really just blogging for the company at the moment ( The perks are definitely a different designer item every fortnight and a super friendly boss – you don’t get many of them these days! Because it’s a new company I’ve loved spreading the word and watching people get really excited about this innovative idea. It’s hard to spread the word about an online only company so it’s been an exciting challenge to try do something different for the company.

What is the most popular bag on the site?

Our Chanel piece is the most popular, closely followed by the purple Alexander McQueen Elvie bag. Both gorgeous and super-luxurious!

Chanel Bag at Kennedy Purple

Alexander McQueen Elvie Kennedy Purple











Are a lot of people interested in renting designer bags in Glasgow? Why do you think this is?

As the company is online, we can rent to anyone in the UK. The feedback from people in Glasgow, and outwith has been great. I think renting does offers many a more realistic alternative to buying a designer piece. Buying a designer bag in particular is a big investment and renting allows you to try before you buy, or just have an endless variety of pieces rather than spending all your money on one then feeling like you have to use it all the time to justify the spend.

If you had to choose a bag to rent from the site this season what one would it be and why?

The gold Mulberry Alexa! Only 40 were made and we were so lucky to snap one up. It’s a perfect size for everyday use and brightens up any outfit. With the summer growing ever closer as well, I’ve got my eye on the Angel Jackson Bright Rio bag because it’s a perfect day to night bag.

Limited Edition Mulberry Alexa in Gold at Kennedy Purple











Is there a lot of competition for this kind of business in Glasgow?

In Glasgow, there is no competition that we are aware of but there are other sites in the UK.

Are you based online or is there a store that enables consumers to go along and see the bags for themselves?

At the moment we’re an online only company. We recently revamped the website so it’s looking great! We’ve spoken about doing pop up shops before though to let people touch the bags so keep your eyes peeled!

What is the product offering on the site? Is it solely bags or do you offer other designer goods for rental?

No we rent jewellery and accessories as well which are perfect for special events. There’s plenty of statement pieces to choose from to make your designer experience complete.

House of Harlow Stardust Necklace at Kennedy Purple

Patricia Field Studded Belt at Kennedy Purple











Thanks to Kennedy Purple! What a great little business they have and I know I will making a list of gorgeous accessories to rent out very soon!

Go check out this amazing company at: or click on the pictures above for a direct link to the wonderous accessories at Kennedy Purple


Images Courtesy of Kennedy Purple