London fashion week: Kirsty Ward AW11

Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s One to Watch, Kirsty Ward did not disappoint this year with her AW11 collection. She seems to have an eye for taking things that are not instantly beautiful and making them more so. With colours that don’t necessarily appeal to the eye such as sickly browns and mustards and teaming them with meshes of white and black transforms the collection to something far from nauseating. Sheer shirts were juxtaposed with rustic orange, tailored open-knee trousers. Elegantly delicate dresses were juxtaposed and toughened with black heeled biker boots. Innovative, fresh creations that stood out for me was a crop top with a draped cut out edge and the final skirt put together with lose panelling.

My favourite part of the collection was the jewellery. I loved how she juxtaposed hardware and lighter feminine designs with cuffs that had door hinges and jewellery clips. It looks like she has rummaged through hardware stores trapping brass pins and locks between layers of mesh and neoprene. I need to find a hardware store.

Images Courtesy of  The Fashion Scout

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