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Are You Ready For Something Else?

Something Else is a huge fashion label on the other side of the world, with grand plans to make it big here in the UK, and Tellusfashion foresee them fulfilling this ambition.


Natalie Wood is the founder and main contributor. She told Vogue: “I want to create the same following as I have in Australia here in the UK,” she tells us. “This is my first season signed with a UK PR company and I love London – it’s my favourite fashion city. People dress amazingly here, they really get fashion. Our girl is confident and she knows what she wants to wear and I think London girls are the same in that way. You have such great department stores here too, like Liberty. When I’m in there I feel like a kid in a lollipop store.”


Her collection incorporates many artistic designs. The collection ranges from grungy to pretty, and aims to include varying pieces for those who like to experiment with different looks.


Her latest collection is quite loose fitting and casual. Colours range from greys, whites and browns, resulting in a great laid back style perfect for the hazy days of spring. What’s more, Something Else can be enjoyed by everyone, with the collection already seeing success at Urban Outfitters.Images courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Step3 & Azia

Name: Step3

Age: 25

Occupation: Performer

Favourite Place to Shop: Vintage Shops


Name: Azia

Age: 25

Favourite Place to Shop: Salvation Army


I met this lovely couple in Causeway Bay on the way to a business party. I loved their matching fashion sense in the oversized scarves, jeans and black leather shoes. A popular trend in HK are the trilbies and matching attire. I feel the jacket makes it more casual than office. A very nice and cool couple.