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Who Are The Kooples?

You have probably seen the advertisements floating around on buses and displayed high up on bill boards. And you have probably wondered; just who exactly are The Kooples? And what do they do?


Well, now Tellusfashion spill the beans on this fashion brand.


The Kooples are a French brand made founded by three sons of the Comptoir des Cotonniers womenswear chain. They have been going strong in Paris for over two years now, and have recently made the leap to London. They signature designs are military-style, androgynous pieces, such as smart skinny trousers and pointy shoes, suitable for both males and females. In other words, a brand which makes his ‘n’ her styles suitable for, well, couples.


The advertising campaign has been a huge success, using real life couples to show off the designs.


Branches have already opened in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and there are sure to be more coming soon. Don’t miss out on discovering The Kooples!Images courtesy of