The Vintage Angel

Every fashionista out there should be well prepared with the latest accessory brand, and here at Tellusfashion, we make it our aim to tell the world of our new discoveries, the latest being Vintage Angel.


Vintage Angel is an online fashion brand which often features one-off designs and high quality replicates of impressive pieces. The website launched in December 2010 and has already seen instant success, thanks to its high quality products. The brand specialises in vintage fashion, jewellery and art, often picked up from auctions and antique fairs.


The founders have over twenty years experience in the world of antiques, and also a degree in the arts; they certainly know what they are talking about.


Jewellery styles are range from the grand, elegant period of 1800’s, to the retro pieces of the 1970’s. The collection uses many semi precious stones which cannot be found on the high-street. Prices are varied depending on the item, and there is no doubt some excellent bargains which are just waiting to be discovered here.


Vintage cocktail dresses adorned with sequin and gems, made from delicate fabrics make up the fashion part of the website. Again, all the items are one-offs and get snapped up pretty quickly.


What makes this brand so special is its ability to combine vintage and contemporary styles so effortlessly, in a way that fits. The whole site is filled with glitz and glamour, and definitely should be checked out.


Set your own individual style with, and ensure no-one is able to steal your style.

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