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Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Mike & Jane

Name: Mike Mystery

Age: Old enough to know

Occupation: Art Director

Favourite Place to Shop: LCC Shenzen, Artstrong Edinburgh and Fred Perry


Name: Jane Blondel

Age: Timeless

Occupation: DJ and Music Promoter

Favourite Place to Shop: Portobello Road, Topshop and Brick Lane


I met this lovely couple at a business party in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. And what an interesting couple they were! Originally from Edinburgh, they moved to Hong Kong several years ago and move between HK and Japan. The lovely Jane DJs indie music all across the world from Japan to England to Germany. I spotted Jane first because of her amazing purple briefcase bag. I loved Mike’s loafers and smart/casual attire with the shirt and blazer whereas I wanted to steal Jane’s tap shoes………

StreetStyle London- The Gents

All Black EveryThang

Considering wearing ALL black in various different materials and textures can be an ultimate fashion #FAIL, I think he pulled this one off very well. Although no two shades of black are the same within this outfit, it all seems to merge very well. The patent black shoes and velvet-like blazer are the main features within this entire attire, and accessories such as the over-sized specs and man-bag add the finishing touches.