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Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Lee Kai

Name: Lee Kai

Age: 21

Occupation: Art Student

Favourite Place to Shop: Zara


I did not expect this attire from a 21 year old Art Student, but I like it alot. Speaking with Lee Kai more about his interests, he also makes films and music videos and have a very businessman attitude about him. Keeping the trilby, loafers and blazer/shirt combo casual with the dark jeans, I really liked the outfit. (He also carried a man-bag but he put it down for the shot, shame.)

StreetStyle London- The Gents

The new Suit and Boot

Now this is what I call the new ‘suit and boot’. The contrast between the blazer, linen shirt and chinos to the banged-up air force 1 trainer boots seem to appear quite genius and unique. The choice of wearing worked-out air forces rather than fresh whites make the overall look appear to be more masculine, out ruling the femininity that could be perceived through the ‘fitted-ness’ of the garments worn. I even like the fact that the shirt hasn’t been buttoned all the way to the top, this for me adds to the scruffiness and masculinity, which is needed since he’s a rather well groomed fella.