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The Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards are fast approaching…

and today is the final day to vote for your winners so don’t miss out:

Here at TellusFashion, we also think its important to highlight another key aspect of this exciting event, find out more below.

The Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards 2011, to be held in Glasgow on 12th June, is set to be a glitzy bash celebrating the wealth of talent that can be found in hair salons and beauticians all around Scotland. However, the charity partner CP Sport hope the event can also raise awareness of cerebral palsy, the condition that affects around one in every 400 births (1).

Cerebral palsy affects many individuals in different ways. Some people can face problems with mobility, involuntary moments, epilepsy, learning difficulties and visual and hearing impairments; and this list is not exhaustive.  As with many serious conditions, often people living with cerebral palsy can find themselves marginalised in society or have psychological problems coming to terms with the condition and the frustrations caused when living with a disability.

Cerebral Palsy Sport aim to transform this. The charity employs sport in order to engage both adults and children, building their self-confidence and structuring relations that can be supportive and encouraging to their own development and improve acceptance of their condition by meeting people in similar situations. As such, these events create the opportunity for sporting participants to feel part of a team and no longer excluded, or made to feel ‘different’. The success of the initiative is shown by many members of CP Sport competing at elite level, holding more Paralympic medals than any other disability organisation.

Caroline Dolan of CP Sport says “Linking with the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards 2011 is a great platform to help create awareness of cerebral palsy. CP Sport have shown that through sport, people living with the condition benefit from the interaction that sport requires and as such, the team work and contact that it also provides. People understand that they are not alone in their situation and members have progressed to become Paralympic champions, but for many others it simply offers support and understanding and that for us is the biggest award of all”.

The Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards are proud to have CP Sport as their charity partner and as such, believe it to be a perfect occasion to raise awareness of an illness that affects so many. On the night there will be an opportunity for CP Sport to talk about their work and current projects. Moreover, there will be an opportunity to support the charity (which receives no government funding) with a silent auction and a raffle planned.

The Awards promise to celebrate and acknowledge the best hair and beauty talent within the industry; however it is hoped that attendees also generously support the hard work of the people behind CP Sport who have dedicated their time and focused their efforts on improving the quality of life for many who live with cerebral palsy.

Nominations are to close on 31st May 2011 so salons and beauticians must get their votes in fast to avoid disappointment (3). Event organisers have been overwhelmed by the response from the general public and the support for hairdressers and beauty experts nationwide. With excitement and anticipation for the event quickly gaining momentum, it is going to be a night that will not disappoint promising to showcase all the glamour and glitz that Glasgow has to offer!


Fashion PR DIY Workshop


Rouge Noir PR is organising a free Fashion PR DIY Workshop for emerging fashion and jewellery designers.  The workshop will focus on practical PR skills and how fashion designers use media to benefit their business.


There will be a host of fantastic speakers, including TellusFashion’s director, Staffan Elfver! Book your place now at the following link:


Bring USB and/or your laptop, magazine you want to pitch, samples of your PR so far, look book. The next Fashion PR DIY Workshop with be in a Central London location (tbc) on the 3rd July 2011.