Queen of the Bikinis

If you are anything like me, then the mere mention of the word ‘bikini’ sends a cold shudder down your spine and is enough to have you praying for those Winter months to come on round. But having caught sight of Mrs Rooney on her 100th holiday of 2011 in Barbados; parading her womanly figure around in a stunning array of beachwear, I decided to turn the other cheek and make it my mission to pack as many itsy witsy bikini’s, cool kaftans, flippin’ fabulous flip flops and sassy swim suits in to my suitcase; I won’t be satisfied unless I have to climb on it to close it.


But anyone can swagger in to the High Street and pick up a  copy cat look from a celeb…

Forget French Connection, and regret to inform River Island that you will be looking for something a little more individual to display your womanly goodness in this Summer. So step forward up and coming designers Anna Paola, with her ‘Paolita’ collection, and Louise Sandberg, displaying her stunning range of kaftans inspired by St Tropez and St Barths; for ultimate pool side glamour.

Paolita by Anna Paola

Anna launched her collection in May 2010, and has showcased her talent at London Fashion Week’s boudoir show, as well as having Hussein Chalayan and the late Alexander McQueen as former employers. It is her aim to make all women feel comfy and sexy on the beach; a place most feel awkward and exposed. Anna says “In my eyes, the world is vibrant and animated by ‘characters’ and ‘fantasy.’ Clothing is the costume in which we choose to act-out our part.” With their quirky yet practical designs, there’s in need to impersonate your favourite celebrity; start setting a trend of your own.









Louise Sandberg

Louise is an up and coming designer of beachwear and kaftans. She has a stunning pop up showroom in Battersea, which assists customers with any Summer wardrobe problems, via an appointment only system. There are only small quantities of each design; meaning you can look fabulous and give Lady GaGa a run for her money in the orginality stakes.

Log on to www.louisesandberg.com to book your personalised experience and meet the lovely lady herself!

See you on the beach fashionistas; I’ll be the one shaking the sand from my bikini bottoms, but looking  fahbulous while doing it. Remember, anything Mrs Rooney can do, we can do better!

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