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The Next H & M Collaboration

Its that time again ladies… get your camping gear ready for waiting outside H & M for the next big collaboration at the High-Street chain!

It was announced this morning that H & M will be joining forces with Italian Fashion House Versace! How exciting! TellusFashion have already heard little rumours about what will be expected from the collection including studded leather, colourful prints and some eccentric costume jewellery. We cannot wait to see what the final collection will be like after the astounding success the brand had with Alber Elbaz and Lanvin last time round!

It sounds as though the Italian brand is really wanting to keep in tune with next seasons trends so I can imagine this collection will be like gold-dust the minute it hits the shop floor this November! Don’t worry if you don’t get your hands on some first time round though, theres set to be a pre-spring collection launched in January 2012 too!

Check out this video released from H & M about the collection below