Wimbledon ace’s fashion; you cannot be serious?!

What has everyone talking at this year’s Wimbledon; could it be the rain? Strawberries and cream? Cliff Richard singing in the terraces?  No, it is the fashion, and not the outfits you see the celebs wearing as they swan in to the Royal Box, but the players themselves.

Back in the 19th century female tennis players would wear full on gowns, which wouldn’t look out of place in a Jane Austen drama. But now many sporting events have gotten sassy, and the tennis court transforms in to a catwalk for many players; including the men.

Tennis aces such as Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, are often seen off court draped in the latest designer collections. But, as Venus Williams showcased last week with her infamous ‘onesie’ playsuit, which actually comes from her own clothing line ‘EleVen’; anything goes and every Wimbledon starlet wants to win the fashion war, game set and match.

Stacey Allaster, CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association, says “Each Grand Slam has become a fashion moment. What will Roger wear year? Or what dress will Serena wear for a match at the US Open?”

But off the court I must give a fashion forward nod to Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge looks all white to us, with her three tiered Temperley Moraiah dress, coming in at £795. However I found this gorgeous pleated dress on Asos.com for only £60, which serves up an alternative look for fans of Kate.


While these fashion forward tennistas are busy serving up some serious style, you could cause a racket of your own without mimicking the William’s sister’s bank balance.

These items take me from ace to deuce in a matter of minutes; watch out Williams, stand back Sharapova and move over Murray, there’s only room for one centre court star you know!

 Cushe Visor £16.99- www.surfdome.com           

Purple dress £45 www.ripcurl.com         


White Fold up Plimsols £   www.redfootshoes.com    

And of course, Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon with good ol’ fashioned strawberries. But rather than popping them in your mouth, how about popping them on your body instead; and premium French label ‘Pull In’ has pipped everyone to the post with their juicy range of underwear and flip flops. Go on and treat yourself; Wimbledon is only once a year after all…

Strawberry flip flops £16 www.pull-in.com                                            Strawberry bikini (top and bottom together) £56 www.pull-in.com

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