Festival Forever

Glastonbury has ended. The stages are being taken down. The last of the mud just washed out of your hair. Cringey tagged photos on Facebook and a scruffy wristband to mark the occasion will be a reminder of an amazing weekend. But what about something more special? More keepsake?

Hairy Growler has had residence at Glastonbury festival for enough years to make them a firm favourite with the festival goers. With their stall pitched up in the Green Fields, the intricate quirky pieces encapsulate the whole ethos of the prestigious festival – magical reality. Well, where else would you be covered head to toe in mud watching Beyonce booty-shaking right in front of you?

Image Courtesy of www.hairygrowler.co.uk Image Courtesy of www.hairygrowler.co.uk

Enchanted scenes delicately cut out of pre 1919 coins to old sterling forks being bent and twisted to create a one of a kind bracelet, Hairy Growler prides itself on making all their jewellery out of 100% raw recycled materials. The company, set up in 1999 and originally based in Cambridge, takes old disregarded metals and transforms them into something truly unique, and most of all, completely wearable. The whole make-do-and-mend theme is relevant to the current economic climate, but these pieces don’t emulate that – they give off a sense of enchantment, wonderment and fairytale. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings – no fork is too big or scene too small to mould, carve and create something out of for Hairy Growler. With past collections such as Star Crossed, The Woodlands, Freedom Fighter and Cheeky Lil’ Fairies, It’s no wonder the jewellery emporium is popular at Glastonbury. Infact, now even more than ever, since they made a one off piece for Glastonbury 2011; the Decision Maker necklace pendant. The circular pendent is embossed with the names of different areas of the festival with a fully functioning spinning arrow placed on top to send you on your wildest journeys through the festival.

In wonderment? Enter the mystical world of Hairy Growler by visiting the website here (the strap line being “Enter a world where pennies become pendants and cutlery becomes couture.”) where you can buy online, find out information about other events they will be at and see the whole process of making these one off pieces through images – TellusFashion loves it.


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