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At the Dior Fall 2011 couture show studio director Bill Gaytten and first assistant Susanna Venegas took the final bow. Just last week it was rumored that Gaytten may be in the running for the top job at Dior, and when asked about these rumors backstage after the show if he wanted to be the Dior creative director, he replied, “Yeah, I do,” adding: “I’m not a fool.”

Which might just be a dream, according to who called his collection “a misjudged effort to impress an alien thumbprint on an aesthetic that, for better or worse, is one of the fashion industry’s most clearly defined”). Ouch now that has got to hurt on every level, only time will tell of the out come. Now if there was any truth to the rumors they might have just been squashed with that one statement.




Giorgio Armani

For Giorgio Armani’s Fall 2011 Prive collection, which he called a homage to the country. It was inspired by Japan who he has always admired for their“captivating culture and the refined sense of aesthetic”, and was “profoundly moved by the tragic events that came about by the earthquake last March”. This collection has printed floral silk patterns graced skirts, bow belts emulated the obi, stiff headdresses with chopsticks sticking out to give hints to the sculpted hair of a geisha, and the primarily black collection stuck to a pin-thin silhouette that is always slimming which can never be wrong.





Karl Lagerfeld, Fall 2011 collection called “Les Allures de Chanel, which means “The Chanel Allure. Focused on the dark using colours like blacks, greys, and midnight blues (save a couple of pops of fuchsia). At the show this season the set featured a statue of Coco Chanel placed atop a neon-lit rendering of the Place Vendome column, and for the finale, the toecaps of the models’ boots lit up. Lagerfeld said his focus for the collection was “a play on masculine-feminine – pairings of straight up-and-down silhouettes, versus curvy ones, cut from the same fabric.”






Azzedine Alaia

After eight years of deliberately avoiding the runway, Azzedine Alaia closed out the Fall 2011 couture season. The collection had models dresses in velvet gowns and Mongolian lamb coats with Josephine Baker in the background singing “Je suis snob” and Beyonce’s “Girls Who Run the World,” as guests Sofia Coppola (with daughter Romy Mars), Kanye West, and Donatella Versace looked on; no one from Vogue was said to be in attendance (wonder why?)

At the end guest serenaded the designer to a 10-minute standing ovation and the French culture minister Frederic Mitterrand had to drag Azzedine shyly from backstage for the designer to take a final bow. Afterwards, Versace rushed backstage to congratulate the “master” designer: “It was amazing. I’m so glad I’m here. I wanna steal the boots actually, but I better not.” When asked why Mitterrand chose to attend only Alaia’s show during couture, he replied: “Designers all have a world – but Alaia has a universe.”





Jean Paul Gaultier

For his Fall 2011 couture, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to give his label the ballet treatment, after seeing Black Swan. Which explain, the tutu-like peplums on jackets, toe shoe-inspired heels, and a prevalence of black feathers (in a nod to the Darren Aronofsky’s aforementioned film). Adding a bit of ’90s glamour to the show he cast Eve Salvail, the model with the bald, tattooed head, who hasn’t set foot on a runway in 15 years. While French pop icon Mylene Farmer closed out the show in a ski sweater composed entirely of exotic feathers – as bride.








Last but not least the designer I particularly love the most Elie Saab. I know I’m showing favoritism especially as he did not close the show this year. Though in my opinion he can do no wrong!

Elie Saab

According to Elie Saab his Fall 2011 couture collection is red carpet ready, as always and was inspired by skyscrapers. For those who didn’t understand that ( i.e. Me), stylist Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, breaks it down more digestively “We wanted to explore the fragility of femininity. These dresses have a diaphanous fairy like feel to them but remain empowering.” The collection, filled entirely with dresses, most of which reached the floor and was presented with no theatrics. Each section exiting by color: first aquamarine, then white, blush, mauve, bronze, and finally, navy, before the couture bride brought it back to white.











Now if that wasn’t enough high fashion for you don’t worry, Berlin’s Mercedes Benz fashion week just started so all my fashion junkies don’t worry I’ll see you next week.


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