Fashionably fierce by royal appointment

I can only assume that most women are still reeling from Kate Middleton’s radiant beauty from the Royal wedding; so to see her floating around Canada, totally in love and dressed in labels which would make Victoria Beckham green with envy, it could leave a bitter after taste in our mouths; right ladies?


Not only is she a darling Duchess, who takes to the role easier than Gaga takes to platform shoes, but she is relatable to young women up and down the country. Kate took casual and classy to Canada, winning over there hearts and getting the fashion nod from us here at

Let’s look at some of her stunning highlights, and more importantly how you can feel like a 21st century Princess every day of the week. **Handsome and loyal Prince not included.

Dress by Catherine Walker.

Kate keeps it simple, with an all over grey shift dress, which gives her a chance to show off those athletic pins to perfection.

I found this stunning alternative from Austin Reed  wool dress for only £220, and teamed it with a tan belt for £45. Prince Harry awaits any fashionista who keeps it simple, yet still looks fit for the Queen.

We love Kate as she does casual even better than glam, and pulls off the classic ‘girl next door’ look.

I have recreated the whole outfit from head to toe, so saddle up and prepare to polish that crown…

Coffee blouse, £59,

Dark denim jeans, £69,

We all remember the stunning sapphire blue dress which Kate wore to announce her engagement, well she has managed to top that in this stunning purple issa dress; looking yummier than a hazlenut Quality Street in the process.


Repli-Kate that look with this stunning A Wear dress, a steal at £35.

Kate’s known for her elegant dress sense, as well as being married to some Royal bloke, but one thing we love about The Middleton is that signature blow dry; tellusfashion tried to copy it, but the words ‘dragged’, ‘hedge’, ‘backwards’ sprung to mind. That was until we watched this amazing do it yourself video, from the hair wizards at Hersheson’s Blow Dry bar in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre

Looking this glam is enough to make us pack in the day job and go off on our own royal adventure. Kate Middleton; Canada and us Brits salute you!

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