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Keep Smiling Lily…

Recent rumours in the tabloid press, suggest that newly married pop starlet Lily Allen’ s newest fashion venture ‘Lucy In Diguise’ is in trouble. But ‘fear’ not, as the shop is merely in the middle of a premises move, which can only mean one thing- more fabulous fashion finds from the queen of speaking her mind. The shop currently stands in London’s Covent Garden, but hopes to set up home on Lowndes Court. The shop was set up in 2010, by Lily and her half sister Sarah Owen, who wanted to spread their love of all things vintage with the rest of us.

In celebration of this exciting news, let’s have a peak at the current array of amazing frocks avaiable at Lucy In Disguise, and also take a look at how Lily’s own fashion has evolved over the years; she may only be 25, but she has taken chavvy to chic in record time. We’ll have a dose of what you’re having Lils.

Here are four of  Tellusfashion’s best picks:

Antibes Nautical Playsuit £110

Goldrush Kitsch Dress £140

Jitterbug Prom Dress £220

Nairobi Animal Print Dress £180

All are available from

Hasn’t Lily come a long way from this….

To this….. talk about a transformation!



Keep doing what you’re doing Lily; your fashion choices and vintage collection certainly makes us ‘smile’.