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We Only Said Goodbye With Words, but the style lives on

This weekend the world was rocked by the news of Amy Winehouse’s tragic death, aged only 27. Many will be reading numerous posts on blog sites, just like this one. As a journalist I write about what is happening in the here and now; many have been quick to say “but if she were still alive you wouldn’t be honouring her style.” Granted, this is true, but I would rather write this than be badgering her over problems, which were out of her control, as that was well documented and scrutinized already. We live in the here and now; this is happening now.

Here at Tellusfashion, we want to celebrate the life of an extremely gifted individual; she may have been troubled but there’s no denying her talent, heart and that voice.

From beehives to black eyeliner, Amy put her own mark on the fashion industry and refused to go to fashion rehab. This is our small, but poignant, celebration of some of Amy’s style yes’s and also the no no no’s.

Amy didn’t just go back to black on her album, but also with her fashion choices. Above she is seen wearing a Fred Perry playsuit from her own collection.

Here is she pictured looking elegant at The Elle Style Awards, but still keeping her signature style with her back combed beehive and striking black eyeliner.

Girly and glam aren’t two words usually associated with Ms Winehouse, but the above pictures put the Hollywood Elite to shame. We particularly like the bright yellow dress teamed with the gorgeous red heart patent bag. Amy’s style was 50’s with a Camden edge, and it showed in everything she wore.

 This picture shows Amy at her fashion finest, working the leopard print, letting her hair down in oh so cool waves and keeping it real with that eye make up, which everyone has tried to recreate atleast once; go on admit it… it’s ok.

 Of course Amy wasn’t always pictured looking her finest, but that just makes us love her all the more, and if anything, actually see what she was going through. Who would be dressed up to the nines when they are battling an addiction?

 Fred Perry and the fashion followers…           

In the Autumn of 2010, Amy collaborated with Fred Perry; bringing her unique style together with a label she loved, and that happiness can be seen in the below pictures. Amy was quoted as saying, about the collaboration “if I died tomorrow, I would be a very happy girl” and according to reports Amy has designed all the way up to 2012, and we cannot wait to see what else she has up her talented tattooed sleeve.


Amy influenced the world of fashion more than many realise, with legendary deigner Karl Lagerfield using her as his ‘muse’, and even styling his models for the 2007 Chanel show based on her look.

Even gorgeous super model Adriana Lima donned the Winehouse get up for a Vogue photoshoot.

Releasing your inner Amy

If you fancy taking a piece of Amy’s style with you on a night out, but aren’t feeling too daring, then why not pop on this gorgeous lipsy cocktail dress, £60,, team it with some killer River Island heels, £85, and a lush Topshop statement clutch £35.

Amy, we will miss your music, your style and your fighting spirit; your problems will never over shadow your talent. x X x

Amy Winehouse 1983-2011