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The Price is Sh*te!

We’re constantly being told to never under estimate ‘The Pricey’, and I am one of the guilty few who enjoy watching her every move, just to see if she will actually take it to the next level. She is an author (of sorts), has numerous perfumes, a lingerie line and an equestrian range which proves popular with young girls; but classing The Pricey as a fashion designer is the last thing we would do. Katie may be one of the most photgraphed women in Britain, but that may have something to do with her living every aspect of her life through a lens, and also stepping out in fash-tastrophe’s such as this:

Katie wears a tracksuit from her Day 22 fashion range; an idea bought to life by Ms Price and British fashion designer Lamis Khamis. By taking a quick look through Katie’s collection, it is evident she needed the backing of an established designer to give her label an added push, and perhaps distract from the fact that it isn’t too easy on our eyes; the words market stall spring to mind, yet the price reflects a more up market persona.

Day 22 Hoody £113

Leopard design joggers £30, reduced from £90

“Linda” print maxi dress, £30 reduced from £90

Tellusfashion believes these pieces speak for themselves, and we embrace all sorts of styles, but there is nothing stand out about the garments; they almost have a feel of an Ebay shop that you could of set up yourself.

This week The Pricey took to the run way to debut her new garms, but typically chose to don a garish leopard print dress and leave the chav chic to the poor old models.

Katie’s range is typical ‘Pricey’; loud, expensive and cheap to look at. The collection is promoted as items you would wear again and again, but for tellusfashion that would have to be on our laundry day when even the dressing gown won’t do.

We never underestimated the Pricey; her collection is everything we imagined it would be.