Robert ‘Pattern’-son?

 Robert Pattinson is known for three things. 1. His brute rugged manliness and ability to have women swooning in roughly 5 seconds.  2. His pretty impressive acting prowess. and 3. his ability to turn geek into chic. He has also turned his hand to singing, and can not only hold a good note, but also play a guitar while doing so; but can this brooding Brit turned Hollywood hottie make magic happen in the fashion world by releasing his own range of clothes?

One glimpse at this picture and yes he can….

It comes after fellow Twilight star, Kellan Lutz, launched his own label this week and let slip that R-Patz would love to put needle to thread and release his own line of clothing. Kellan is quoted as saying “Robert is a hipster, and perhaps he could call it ‘Rags By Rob.’ Tellusfashion isn’t sold on the name, but the idea could be very successful, as everything Robert does turns to gold. So in celebration of this potentially enchanting fashion prospect tellusfashion takes a look at the darker Twilight inspired outfits, which fall in perfectly for the looming Autumn season; step back Bella, this runway belongs to us.

Topshop Unique Fashion Show- 2011 Fetish DesignFeatured designers Annie and Jade: Simone gathered maxi dress

Featured designers Annie and Jade: Simone gathered maxi dress

FCUK Winter bead dress £165

ASOS Black lace bodycon dress. £45Kim Kardashian vamps it upKim Kardashian vamps it up

Kim Kardashian vamps it up

Raid the deepest depths of your wardrobe and pull put those dark items; Autum is upon us and it’s time to come out and play.

Tellusfashion awaits the call with details on R-Pattz fashion range, but until then we can just count our lucky stars that geek turned to chic at just the right time…

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