Looking for international bloggers (UK applicants welcome to apply too) for the brand new TellusFashion Blog!

I, along with my colleagues at TF have formulated a unique super blog for our brand new website  in which different elements of the fashion blogging world are categorized into separate blog, but can all be accessed from a single point on the website. We have understood the importance of having not just one blog, but six subject focused fashion blogs to ensure our readers are fashion satiated! In recent years, bloggers have had a tremendous impact on the fashion community. Using the internet to build their own platforms and attract an audience, they have helped turn a once closed industry into a more dynamic and democratic global conversation, earning thousands of fans and followers in the process. And with the emerging bloggers we have been recruiting and will potentially recruit, they will not be under appreciated fashion visionaries but will ultimately help to set fashion trends in the future! We are in the process of recruiting bloggers in the UK, but would love to have some angles on fashion out of UK shores. So if you are ablogger out of the UK who is interested in blogging for us, have a browse of the categories you could potentially be writing for (If you are from the UK and want to apply, then you are also welcome, Im just hoping to reach out to the globe with this post!)

Celebrity style =
– Shop for the look: Write about a particular celebrity style, offering consumers the cheaper alternative on the high street. Source our designers where possible for this segment.
– Any news on established celebrity designers.
– Celebrity gossip related to fashion i.e. Kate Middleton wears Burberry, celebrity fashion faux pa etc.

Emerging fashion designers =
– Write about emerging designers not selling on TellusFashion. Giving them coverage could act as a great icebreaker in getting them onto our site. Would like one of our bloggers in this category to focus specifically on menswear. Also would like writers to update readers of any new collections from our tellusfashion designers.

General fashion news =
– Fashion news – Would like bloggers to write on business related news e.g. Topshop opens branch in Las Vegas/Waitrose introduces new fashion label.
– Blog information on notable upcoming fashion shows/events/workshops – Alerts consumers of these events, i.e. place, time, nature of event. Will also be the blog to inform consumers of events/news related to our TellusFashion designers

Streetstyle =
– Looking for 2-3 bloggers/photographers to supply us with a whole range of images of the latest trends on the street.
You will be applying for at least one of these specialised blogging categories (more if you can feasibly post on the days required) A run down of what we expect from you, regardless of the category you choose, including the perks are listed below. You may occasionally be suggested to write blog posts based on the blog managers recommendation.


–          Create and post at least two blog posts per working week.

–          Staying updated on fashion content related to the blog you have been assigned to

–          Communicate your ideas to us and coordinate together with the bloggers on your team.


–          An absolute minimum of one year’s experience as a blogger

–          A firm interest and knowledge on the fashion industry

–          Self motivated and creative

–          An engaging writing style

The Perks

–         Develop your writing skills

–         Showcase your work to a global fashion audience

–         Develop your networking and social skills

–         Gain important work experience

–         Develop team working skills

–        Enhanced job and career prospects. Over 70% of employers would hire a candidate with volunteering experience over someone who has never volunteered

As part of the recruiting process, in order to gain an understanding of how you write as a blogger, please write a blog piece of at least 200 words based on the category/s you are applying for. Also, feel free to forward links to some of you previous work, related to your chosen category. No references required, but a CV is an absolute must.

The position is unpaid for now. As a start up company, there are many opportunities that will arise along the way. We cannot make any promises or commitments at this stage, but we want to be as communicative and helpful to try and assist candidates in gaining work experience, knowledge and assist them in their development. Moreover, we want to ensure that you enjoy writing for us! It is all about having fun writing about your passion, and at the same time, developing and gets rewarded for it. Note: This is a work from home position.

Submit your applications to Upaul Chowdhury on upaul@tellusfashion.com


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