Korean Style Goes One Step Further! 

Among all the Spring/Summer 2012 shows I attended so far at MB Fashion Week in NYC, my favorite one was the Korean Concept, through which some of the most talented Korean designers revealed their avant-garde and unique approach, their own vision in terms of fashion. Most of the outfits were eye-catching, intricately composed and quite characteristic of a ‘new age’ in fashion design. Koreans have a distinctive style, which combines luxury with simplicity, innovation with elegance. It seems to be a blend of Asian, European and American influence, something that makes you feel like living in a borderless global society. Guests, especially those of Korean origin, were equally stylish and attractive as the designers hosting the event and the models themselves. Major trends in this presentation were the futuristic retro chic in cool metallic shades, the rich-in-texture styles, the modern warrior looks, the Asian-themed digital prints and the new cosmopolitan style. The most interesting details were about sparkly or colorful sandals, bags and tattoo or body painting prints on tights. It was all amazing!

See the full MB Fashion Week coverage at Fashionality.gr.

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