Son Jung Wan: Another Form of Fluidity!

Son Jung Wan gave us a more sophisticated version of fluidity, one that can be tailored as well. Nudes dominated the picture, despite the fact that there were other colors such as deep blue, purple, light grey, white, brown, adorned with golden and silver details, selectively stressing various parts of the silhouette. Smart draping, asymmetries, smooth and shiny textures, as well as the interplay of volumes were building up in a very subtle but successful way, new feminine looks. Fragility and dynamism had an equal share in these charming Spring/Summer 2012 looks. There was an obvious Asian character in it, but without any folk attributes. Most styles were slim and fluid at the same time, meaning absolutely sexy and flattering for more than one body type. I liked the hot shorts and mini-skirts, the skinny pants combined with more fluid asymmetric tops and the smart use of transparencies.

See the full MB Fashion Week coverage at

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