Custo Barcelona’s Fashion Cocktail!

Custo Barcelona is always transforming the catwalk into a huge dancing stage full of trend remixes and unexpected cocktails of different styles. Once again a great variety of fabrics, prints and adornments came together in one Spring/Summer 2012 collection presented during the MB Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, NYC. This is one of my favorite shows despite the fact that I always face difficulty with the colorful lighting that resembles that one of the older mega clubs in this city. My photos seem to be influenced by this setback but I can easily describe you all the blurred and missing details. As usual, the fashion blender was filled with colorful knits, geometrical motifs, sparkly and textured items, leather and crazy accessories. This time one could see a lot of nudes and pastels contrary to designers’ general preference for bright colors. For women there were also some androgynous looks with jackets and blazers together with a great variety of hot fitted dresses at mini lengths. Combined with light brown suede ankle boots those dresses look fantastic – very modern and easy-to-wear all day long. Sexy tanks with sparkly shorts, dresses with tight side draping as well as menswear with eccentric prints were among my favorites from this collection. Many of the outfits had a tribal attitude, inspired by exotic cultures and folk traditions. Others reproduced one of Custo’s emblematic techniques; the patchwork. The whole show was a moment of bliss and youthful style that we definitely want to keep in our lives.

See the full MB Fashion Week coverage at

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