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Streetstyle: Glasgow – Sorcha & Roslin

Name: Sorcha & Roslin

Location: Byres Rd.

Wardrobe Essentials: Berret / Thick-knit cardigan

Shop mostly at: Vintage Guru

Why we love it: These girls looked way too cute giggling down Byres Road in their colorful outfits not to stop and photograph! Roslin works at Vintage Guru, so these girls get first pick at the awesome collection of unique clothing the store offers. We love Sorcha’s colorful girly outfit and Roslin’s casual fall look.

eal x

Streetstyle: Glasgow – Stewart

Name: Stewart

Location: Byres Rd.

Shops Mostly: Second-hand/vintage

Occupation: Art Student

Why we dig it: There was something adorably quirky about Stewart as I spotted him amongst the busy bustle of students on Byres Road. His unique turquoise vintage blazer made him stand out amongst the sweatpants and uni hoodies. Stewart has picked up this and other great novelty wardrobe items at second-hand and vintage stores (which we love!)

Streetstyle: Glasgow – Emma

Name: Emma

Location: University of Glasgow

Shops Mostly: On eBay

Wardrobe Essential: Vintage high-waisted shorts (they were her Mum’s!)

Why We Love It: I stopped Emma as she was walking through campus because she was wearing a few of my favorite fall items: over-sized thick knit circle scarf, high-wasited shorts with leggings, and of course, military boots. Such a cozy fall look for the busy uni student! Emma has found some of her favorite wardrobe items on eBay.. and her Mum’s closet!

eal x

Streetstyle: Glasgow – Shannon & Kelly

Hello fellow fashion lovers!  So it’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve just realized I’m the only blogger who has yet to introduce myself!  My name is Elizabeth, I’m a fun-loving Canadian who has just moved to Glasgow for a year.  I’m thrilled to be one of your tell us fashion bloggers as it gives me even more of an excuse to check out the fashion scene here in the UK! So without any further hesitation, I bring you my favorite finds of today:

Name: Shannon & Kelly
Location: Buchanan Galleries
Current Wardrobe Essentials: High-waisted shorts
Favorite Fall Trend: Fur coats
Shopping Haven: Topshop
Why we love it:  These girls look fun and original in their mitch-matched outfits.  With their funky headbands, shorts & leggings and fun accesories, they did a fab job of putting their own unique spins on some big trends!

eal x

Streetstyle: Glasgow – Liz

Name: Liz

Location: Kelvinbridge Station,

Wardrobe Essential: Leather Jacket

Shops Mostly At: H&M

Why we love it:  It’s different!  Swap your boring black pantyhose for a fun patterned pair like these (H&M) and you’ll be sure to turn heads all over the city — They certainly caught our attention!

eal x

Streetstyle: Glasgow – Christopher

Name: Christopher

Location: Buchanan Street, Glasgow

Wardrobe Essential: Tapered Trousers

Shops Mostly At: Selfridges

Why we love it:  It’s unique!  The over the top wide-kneck button-up top, tapered cuffed trousers, black slip-on shoes and smart cap come together to create a unique and original spin on some big trends.

eal x

Streetstyle: Glasgow – Esme

Name: Esme

Location: Merchant City, Glasgow

Shops Mostly At: Topshop

Wardrobe Essential: Military Boots

Why we love it:  It’s soft and flirty.  A loose feminine top paired with a high waisted pencil skirt creates a flattering curvy silhouette for her tall slim figure.  Throw on some vintage jewlery, a comfy cardigan and top it off with a flower in your hair for a dreamy, girly look.

eal x