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Fashion weekly news update

Alexander McQueen leaves part of £16 million to charity


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Documents made public this week reveal that Alexander McQueen left behind an estate worth just over 16 million pounds at the time of his death. The designer, who committed suicide in Feb. 2010, left most of his fortune to charities, but also set aside portions for his siblings, household staff, and the upkeep of his dogs.

The bulk (and remainder) of his estate was left to his Sarabande charity with the suggestion that some money be used for scholarships at Central St. Martin’s in London, of which he was a graduate.

BCBG Max Azria’s President Ben Malka Poached By Halston


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In other fashion news this past month we’ve seen Sarah Jessica Parker, Harvey Weinstein, Marios Schwab, and board member Tamara Mellon walk away from Halston. Then rumors of clashes between the remaining board members, left brand owners Hilco Consumer Capital looking for a strong figure to help rebuild the brand, which is now focusing solely on the contemporary Halston Heritage line.

According to NewYork daily Ben Malka initially denied rumors that he would take over at Halston, but confirmed this week that he had left BCBG Max Azria Group to do just that. Malka was the president of BCBG since 2001, and worked at the company for sixteen years, during which time he solidified BCBG’s place in the contemporary womenswear market.

Malka’s move to Halston also means a cash infusion of $20 million for the company, as his position on the board requires a substantial investment, according to a Halston spokeswoman. The company is now owned entirely by Malka and Hilco Consumer Capital, the latter of which bought out former board members Sarah Jessica Parker and Harvey Weinstein when they jumped ship this past month.

Malka is also rumoured to be bringing Marie Mazelis, creative director of Herve Leger and Max Azria, with him. Mazelis has confirmed that she plans to leave BCBG Max Azria Group, but would not comment on her next move: “I haven’t made a final decision yet.” Malka, for his part, denied just last week that he wasn’t joining Halston then I guess in a week things changed who knows the same might happen to Mazelis.

Despite the fact that Marios Schwab has left the company, Halston still plans to deliver his Fall 2011 collection to stores. Malka has yet to decide whether Halston will produce a high-end line for Spring 2012, a spokeswoman from the brand further added.

For me I wonder at the of Holston? Will it become another copy of what Malka did at BCBG, or will he go in another direction only time will tell.

Sasha Pivovarova, Daria Strokous Both Score Upcoming Film Cameos

I love when the worlds of fashion and movies comes together.

This year making their cinematic day beau are two models Sasha Pivovarova, who plays Justin Timberlake’s mother-in-law in the sci-fi thriller In Time, out Oct. 28, and model Daria Strokous who makes an appearance in Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming thriller Contagion, which is out Sept. 9 and boasts a cast that includes Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, and Kate Winslet. No details have been released about Strokous’s role, but Pivovarova can be spotted in the trailer for In Time below.

Now let’s hope that their acting is better than other model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who was in Transformers: Dark of the Moon this year.
In my humble opinion her acting wasn’t all that great and feel, if this is what’s to be expected in future roles somebody needs to stick to their day job. (ouch that sounded nasty.)
I’m sorry it had to be said.

Enough of me been a movie critic Moving on to more fashion!!!!!


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Kanye west’s upcoming womenswear label seems to be all abuzz in fashion news of late.

With professor Louise Wilson, the director of the MA in fashion course at Central Saint Martins, working with West to collaborate on the collection it’s bounded to be well considered and put together in a way thats unexpected and inventive. (one to lock out for)

For those out there thinking that this will be a one-sided affair with West as the face and Lousie as the lackey doing all the work will have to think again with Louise herself stating that Kanye researches thoroughly into ideas and is hands on and committed to his work.”

Goldin and West have reportedly set up a studio in Paris, but Goldin is said to be keen to relocate to the United States, prompting rumors that West will show the label at New York Fashion Week.

West has also reportedly been working with Harper’s Bazaar Australia fashion editor and street style favorite Christine Centenera on the line. Centenera met West in March at the Fall 2011 shows during Paris Fashion Week, and has since been flown to Paris twice monthly to work on the collection in a consulting capacity. When asked for comment, Centenera apparently replied that West is a very private person and that it’s not her place to comment.

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Fashion weekly update

Hey, my fashion junkies are you ready for another weeks update on the world of fashion. Well here goes.



If the fashion rumour mill last week should be believed, John Galliano next gig could be designing for Topshop. According to Vogue UK reports that Sir Philip Green and Galliano, where in early stages of the discussion while attended their mutual friend Kate Moss’s wedding. Unfortunately Sir Philip Green himself has now commented: “I saw John Galliano at Kate’s wedding last Friday. I did not discuss any business with him then, nor have I since.”
Well that sure stops that rumour. Now on to the next!!!

Rihanna the new face of Emporio Armani Underwear!


Rihanna takes over as the new face of Emporio Armani Underwear replacing Megan Fox, who replaced Victoria Beckham as the face of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans in October 2009. Graciously though Megan is now stepping down to make way for new Armani face Rihanna, who was spotted meeting with Roberta Armani in Milan in May.
Apparently her first campaign for the brand has already been shot on location in New York and is set to launch worldwide in September.

Model of the moment: Raquel Zimmerman


Love, love, love Raquel Zimmerman and this Fall she seems to have taken over all the campaigns. Doing Lanvin’s Fall 2011 ad campaign with Karen Elson with images shot by Steven Meisel, sporting floppy hats and capes. [ Facebook]


Alexander Wang’s second ad,Gritty Fall 2011 Campaign, where Fabien Baron shot Zimmermann in an abandoned grain factory from the ’20s in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
Karl Templer, was at the shoot and talks about Wangs direction for the scene as “something really gritty and raw to contrast with the polished richness of what we showed on fall runway.”

The accompanying campaign video, set to a soundtrack of SebastiAn’s “CTFO” featuring MIA, was projected at several locations around Manhattan (Houston and McDougal, 14th and University, 14th Street and 8th Avenue) on Wednesday through to Friday this week.

For those of us not in New York this week here’s the full video.

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Oooh I bet you thought I forgot Berlin fashion week will put that up next been really busy this week, work and getting sick. I’m going through my pictures and video’s right now so shouldn’t be long. :0) !!!

Fashion News


At the Dior Fall 2011 couture show studio director Bill Gaytten and first assistant Susanna Venegas took the final bow. Just last week it was rumored that Gaytten may be in the running for the top job at Dior, and when asked about these rumors backstage after the show if he wanted to be the Dior creative director, he replied, “Yeah, I do,” adding: “I’m not a fool.”

Which might just be a dream, according to who called his collection “a misjudged effort to impress an alien thumbprint on an aesthetic that, for better or worse, is one of the fashion industry’s most clearly defined”). Ouch now that has got to hurt on every level, only time will tell of the out come. Now if there was any truth to the rumors they might have just been squashed with that one statement.




Giorgio Armani

For Giorgio Armani’s Fall 2011 Prive collection, which he called a homage to the country. It was inspired by Japan who he has always admired for their“captivating culture and the refined sense of aesthetic”, and was “profoundly moved by the tragic events that came about by the earthquake last March”. This collection has printed floral silk patterns graced skirts, bow belts emulated the obi, stiff headdresses with chopsticks sticking out to give hints to the sculpted hair of a geisha, and the primarily black collection stuck to a pin-thin silhouette that is always slimming which can never be wrong.





Karl Lagerfeld, Fall 2011 collection called “Les Allures de Chanel, which means “The Chanel Allure. Focused on the dark using colours like blacks, greys, and midnight blues (save a couple of pops of fuchsia). At the show this season the set featured a statue of Coco Chanel placed atop a neon-lit rendering of the Place Vendome column, and for the finale, the toecaps of the models’ boots lit up. Lagerfeld said his focus for the collection was “a play on masculine-feminine – pairings of straight up-and-down silhouettes, versus curvy ones, cut from the same fabric.”






Azzedine Alaia

After eight years of deliberately avoiding the runway, Azzedine Alaia closed out the Fall 2011 couture season. The collection had models dresses in velvet gowns and Mongolian lamb coats with Josephine Baker in the background singing “Je suis snob” and Beyonce’s “Girls Who Run the World,” as guests Sofia Coppola (with daughter Romy Mars), Kanye West, and Donatella Versace looked on; no one from Vogue was said to be in attendance (wonder why?)

At the end guest serenaded the designer to a 10-minute standing ovation and the French culture minister Frederic Mitterrand had to drag Azzedine shyly from backstage for the designer to take a final bow. Afterwards, Versace rushed backstage to congratulate the “master” designer: “It was amazing. I’m so glad I’m here. I wanna steal the boots actually, but I better not.” When asked why Mitterrand chose to attend only Alaia’s show during couture, he replied: “Designers all have a world – but Alaia has a universe.”





Jean Paul Gaultier

For his Fall 2011 couture, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to give his label the ballet treatment, after seeing Black Swan. Which explain, the tutu-like peplums on jackets, toe shoe-inspired heels, and a prevalence of black feathers (in a nod to the Darren Aronofsky’s aforementioned film). Adding a bit of ’90s glamour to the show he cast Eve Salvail, the model with the bald, tattooed head, who hasn’t set foot on a runway in 15 years. While French pop icon Mylene Farmer closed out the show in a ski sweater composed entirely of exotic feathers – as bride.








Last but not least the designer I particularly love the most Elie Saab. I know I’m showing favoritism especially as he did not close the show this year. Though in my opinion he can do no wrong!

Elie Saab

According to Elie Saab his Fall 2011 couture collection is red carpet ready, as always and was inspired by skyscrapers. For those who didn’t understand that ( i.e. Me), stylist Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, breaks it down more digestively “We wanted to explore the fragility of femininity. These dresses have a diaphanous fairy like feel to them but remain empowering.” The collection, filled entirely with dresses, most of which reached the floor and was presented with no theatrics. Each section exiting by color: first aquamarine, then white, blush, mauve, bronze, and finally, navy, before the couture bride brought it back to white.











Now if that wasn’t enough high fashion for you don’t worry, Berlin’s Mercedes Benz fashion week just started so all my fashion junkies don’t worry I’ll see you next week.


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Fashion Weekly News Update!!!!!!!!!!

In fashion news this week our resident channel four fashion guru, Gok Wan will be switching hats for that of achef in his new cooking show which is also sponsored by channel four.

Now I hear you ask, what does that mean for resdient chefs on channel four like Jamie and Gordon? Will with his Gok strong following with channel four audiences and us Brits love for Chinese dishes, this might mean its time for them to move over cause there’s a new chef in town.

A channel four spokes woman confirmed to the Daily Mail last week that a “taster tape” was being filmed by Optomen TV producers which will include a mixture of how to instructions on chinese meals and a break down of the culture through Gok’s eyes.

As for me, I can’t wait for this to come on air as watching Gok is one of my guilty pleasures!!!!!!!!

Moving on……………….this week Kate Moss got married aaah finally!!! cheeky I know but with her dating Pete Doherty and that whole mess, I thought it would never happen.

With a lot of back and forth this last month as to who was designing the wedding dress, John Galliano was finally confrimed this week “I wonder how he pulled that off with his court case just last week hmm!!!!!”).

To add to the A-List designers, her maid of honour Trish Simonon’s (Wife to Clash bassist Paul Simonon) dress is designed by Erdem.

Kate’s wedding dress was inspired by zelda Fitzgerald, who’s engagement ring she has been rocking on her finger. It was reported that Galliano did last minute changes to her dress just this week in Europe.

Through the day Kate Moss is expected to make alot of dress changes which we wont get to see until the Vogue September issue which is bound to be a collectors edition so peeps you better place your orders in early cause you know I will, as one of my all time favourite photogrophers Mario Testino will be doning his camera to picture the fashion bonanza event.

Nse Assangha

Fashion weekly news

Sorry for the late update but here’s a run down of this weeks fashion events

The 125th annual Wimbledon tournament kicked off the week, and had the fashion world buzzing, taking note of the female tennis stars who were dressed to the nines at the Women’s Tennis Association pre-competition gala at The Roof Gardens in Kensington which also had British the Council of Fashion Designers in attendance.

Caroline WozniackiStella McCartney

British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

Serena WilliamsBurberry

British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

I’m sorry Serena. I love you, but this whole look makes you look like a drag queen. The dress does hug in all the right places, but the make-up is all wrong. Better luck next time.

Ana IvanovicMatthew Williamson

British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

Jelena JankovicVivienne Westwood

British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

Heather WatsonMulberry

British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

Laura RobsonTemperley

British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

Andrea PetkovicRichard Nicoll

British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

Anastasia PavlyuchenkovaDavid Koma
British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

Maria SharpovaAlexander McQueen

British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

Love this look the most out of all the ladies! She looks radiant and effortless as if she just threw it on.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands Alex Noble

British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

When you first see this outfit all you think is “someones got an unhealthy obsession with tennis”, but when you find out it’s a Alex Nobel designer to lady Gaga this outfit begins to all make sense.

Marc Jacobs’ most unlikeliest new face, Helena Bonham Carter

Yes you heard me right I said “Helena Bonham Carter” the fashion’s world most kookiest celebrity has landed the most coveted campaign of her life the Marc Jacobs’ A/W collection.

She will join the ranks of such celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Dakota Fanning and Sofia Coppola, who were past faces for the brand.

Here is a sneak peek at the campaign shot by Photographer Juergen Teller  in which Helena is wearing a futuristic nude dress and polka-dot tights.

Helena Bonham Carter Marc Jacobs A/W campaign shot
Helena Bonham Carter Marc Jacobs A/W campaign