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B #2

Brighton. Bumped into him on a busy shopping afternoon. Stopped him because of his stand-out style (of course) not knowing who he was. I felt a mixture of embarrassment and excitement throughout our conversation. Stefan runs a fashion label: Orshel- Read. His work was shown at London Fashion Week. Curious and intrigued I searched for his name on the Internet. Talent! His garments are wearable and original at the same time. I tend to wear my own stuff, he says just like the trousers you see in the pics. He speaks with an incredible aplomb. Maybe a little pride in his deep, deep voice. Confident.  For having achieved his dreams? Who knows! I am left with the mystery. I feel like a total country bumpkin for not knowing him. Well, then! I think to myself with a little grin on my face, it means I have an eye for true design and good style…  I am impatient to get home for some more in-depth research.

Check his work in here

B #1

On an exceptionally sunny afternoon during my visit in Brighton, I walk in that maze of the Laines. I try to make my way through the week-end crowd. A girl selling jackets behind a little stall grabs my attention. After few snaps I gave her a brief interview, recording it on my phone (somehow I managed to work out how to record sounds!!!) only to find out too late that the interview was never saved. Gutted! I can’t recall her name. I remember though her smile and how calm she was while chatting. She has travelled for a long time in Asia. Sha has recently come back to the UK. “I missed my people, that’s why I am here at the moment”. It’s like a breath of fresh air when she answer “I don’t know!” to my questions like WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO? WILL YOU TRAVEL AGAIN?  Finally somebody who doesn’t look intimidated by letting life surprise her with the next best thing. No pressure!!! Same applies to her style, free from conventional looks that doesn’t fall into a precise category. The colours, the materials she wears, the tosseld hair makes her look like she just jumped out from a Western Movie Poster. … she wears what she sells on her wee stall. You can find her in Kensington Place, in the crazy mayhem of shoppaholics.


She is 21 years old  and she comes from Leeds. She usually shops in Princes Street: Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Zara are her choice as well as the many vintage stores you would find in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh. She has been in the Scottish capital for four years now, as a student. She really really likes it because of its cosmopolitan atmosphere and all the different cultures’ influences. She got her cute bag from Morocco (as in the country :P) and her shoes in Office and her coat in Zara.


Joseph a  21 yo musician from Sheffield. He lives there and he is visiting Edinburgh for the week-end. He sometimes shops on the internet but he got his jumper in a vintage store in Sheffield. Got the shoes in LA.


A busy Saturday afternoon on Princes Street delivers decadent Jane into my view. She is from New Zeland , trained in the field of Art History + Museum and Heritage. She moved to Edinbugh after having worked in the textile department of  The National Museum back home. She favours charity shops but every now and then she takes advantage of the fact that she works in Armstrongs, a vintage clothing shop in the heart of the Old Town of Edinburgh. Shoes, Dress and Cape are from various charity shops. She got the boots on the internet, brought the hat from NZ and the hansome bag is by Disaster Designs.


She moves with a feminine grace that is rarely witnessed unless you find yourself in the Far East of the World. Her style is a mix between that of an Artist and a Philosopher. A thinker. She looks lost in her thoughts when I stop her. “What’s your name?” “Ting and it’s my absolute real name!” She is in a hurry so after the shots I walk with her for a brief interview. “I am going to college” she says “to write my research which I will never finish” Ting’s hometown is Shanghai and she decided to come to Edinburgh to study . “… to avoid life, you know!” she chuckles. “I am not gonna ask you how old you…” “I am 25!!!” she interrupts me, and then:”…sixteen, I AM SIXTEEN!!!!” she explodes into a cute and bubbly laughter. She doesn’t consider herself to be into fashion.”I just like to feel pretty and I dress according to my mood. Today I am happy.” “Tell me more about what you are wearing at the moment” “Well, I got the skirt from my mum. I think she bought it in the 80s when she was travelling in Europe. I got the pendant from my granmother and the earrings in a second hand shop … they were there, laying on the shelf, looking quite old so thought oh those would suit me!” she laughs again. We arrive at the end of the path that crosses the Meadows and we split in different directions. I am absolutly charmed.


Martz studies at Edinburgh Uni. He walks with a F**©K-You attitude but he’s kind and approachable. A gentleman from Newcastle (???) 🙂 He’s keen on buying his clothes on the internet …getting his boots on With the cheekiest smile, he wears his clothes effortlessly … the only word to describe his fashion sense is the overused COOL …but this time you would truly mean it. Semplicity in the lines and pointy shapes are the key factors of his style. But the uniqueness lies in the ironic contrast vest-coat. A little branding for the eyewear and a nicely textured jacket.