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Looking for international bloggers (UK applicants welcome to apply too) for the brand new TellusFashion Blog!

I, along with my colleagues at TF have formulated a unique super blog for our brand new website  in which different elements of the fashion blogging world are categorized into separate blog, but can all be accessed from a single point on the website. We have understood the importance of having not just one blog, but six subject focused fashion blogs to ensure our readers are fashion satiated! In recent years, bloggers have had a tremendous impact on the fashion community. Using the internet to build their own platforms and attract an audience, they have helped turn a once closed industry into a more dynamic and democratic global conversation, earning thousands of fans and followers in the process. And with the emerging bloggers we have been recruiting and will potentially recruit, they will not be under appreciated fashion visionaries but will ultimately help to set fashion trends in the future! We are in the process of recruiting bloggers in the UK, but would love to have some angles on fashion out of UK shores. So if you are ablogger out of the UK who is interested in blogging for us, have a browse of the categories you could potentially be writing for (If you are from the UK and want to apply, then you are also welcome, Im just hoping to reach out to the globe with this post!)

Celebrity style =
– Shop for the look: Write about a particular celebrity style, offering consumers the cheaper alternative on the high street. Source our designers where possible for this segment.
– Any news on established celebrity designers.
– Celebrity gossip related to fashion i.e. Kate Middleton wears Burberry, celebrity fashion faux pa etc.

Emerging fashion designers =
– Write about emerging designers not selling on TellusFashion. Giving them coverage could act as a great icebreaker in getting them onto our site. Would like one of our bloggers in this category to focus specifically on menswear. Also would like writers to update readers of any new collections from our tellusfashion designers.

General fashion news =
– Fashion news – Would like bloggers to write on business related news e.g. Topshop opens branch in Las Vegas/Waitrose introduces new fashion label.
– Blog information on notable upcoming fashion shows/events/workshops – Alerts consumers of these events, i.e. place, time, nature of event. Will also be the blog to inform consumers of events/news related to our TellusFashion designers

Streetstyle =
– Looking for 2-3 bloggers/photographers to supply us with a whole range of images of the latest trends on the street.
You will be applying for at least one of these specialised blogging categories (more if you can feasibly post on the days required) A run down of what we expect from you, regardless of the category you choose, including the perks are listed below. You may occasionally be suggested to write blog posts based on the blog managers recommendation.


–          Create and post at least two blog posts per working week.

–          Staying updated on fashion content related to the blog you have been assigned to

–          Communicate your ideas to us and coordinate together with the bloggers on your team.


–          An absolute minimum of one year’s experience as a blogger

–          A firm interest and knowledge on the fashion industry

–          Self motivated and creative

–          An engaging writing style

The Perks

–         Develop your writing skills

–         Showcase your work to a global fashion audience

–         Develop your networking and social skills

–         Gain important work experience

–         Develop team working skills

–        Enhanced job and career prospects. Over 70% of employers would hire a candidate with volunteering experience over someone who has never volunteered

As part of the recruiting process, in order to gain an understanding of how you write as a blogger, please write a blog piece of at least 200 words based on the category/s you are applying for. Also, feel free to forward links to some of you previous work, related to your chosen category. No references required, but a CV is an absolute must.

The position is unpaid for now. As a start up company, there are many opportunities that will arise along the way. We cannot make any promises or commitments at this stage, but we want to be as communicative and helpful to try and assist candidates in gaining work experience, knowledge and assist them in their development. Moreover, we want to ensure that you enjoy writing for us! It is all about having fun writing about your passion, and at the same time, developing and gets rewarded for it. Note: This is a work from home position.

Submit your applications to Upaul Chowdhury on


Grassroot Creativity

There’s always been a saying about how grass is much greener on the other side. This is evident with designer Hafsteinn Juliusson who has created   this eco friendly ring that combines gardening and jewellery. In order to keep your ring looking evergreen, make sure to water the ring every five weeks and store in a deep freezer helps to preserve the natural goodness. Tellusfashion loves this ring and we hope you like it too! If you want to go all the way, you can wear it with  a  grass pot necklace.



























Images from Haf by Hafsteinn Juliusson

Cool Britannia

London Factory Fashion is the uber cool label that products quirky graphical T-shirts for all shapes and sizes.  Inspired by the remarkable city of London, this label is the one to watch and  TellusFashion had a  chat with Dionne Lester  the brainchild behind the brand.

When did you realise you wanted to become a fashion designer? What made you decided to create your own fashion label?

I remember watching an old film when I was little called Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris and the fabulous Dior dresses and knew that I wanted to be in fashion. As the years went on my ideas of fashion evolved and I loved illustrating and re-inventing old garments. Working for prestigious companies like Erickson Beamon, ascension, and being around creative successful people, I knew that even though I enjoyed working for fashion houses, I deep down I wanted to have my own label.


What does fashion mean to you?

To me it’s about people embracing themselves and being totally confident with it. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most flamboyant dresser or someone who thinks less is more. If you wear it walking strong and tall that to me screams fashion.

What’s the best part of being a designer?

I really get to visualize anything I see or feel into my work. I’m a person who feels it is important to express yourself and show how you feel may it be in the art music or text. Luckily I am grateful that I have the gift to do it within my clothing and people like it enough to purchase it.  Also I love creating clothes that people feel they need to have in their wardrobe.


Who are some of your favourite designers?

 My most favourite at the moment is Jeremy Scott. I think he is totally at the top of his game for the garments and looks he creates. His stuff is bright, fun and incorporates today’s culture making his garments daring yet wearable. I also adore the greats such as Dior and Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood. They were the originals that made me love fashion so they will always have a close part to my heart.

Your designs are inspired by London’s architecture, society and people, what do you love about London and what makes it special?

 EVERYTHING! I truly believe London is one of the most creative places in the world. Its unbeatable diversity blended with its remarkable architecture, makes it an amazing breeding place for creativity. I’m just inspired all the time. It could be by the rude girls getting down to the dubstep, the dubsteps beats that make the speakers vibrate into ripples, the vibrant street graffiti. I guess I am lucky that I live in a city that filled with originality.


What are some of your fashion goals? Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I definitely want to expand my brand into a collective. I am always on the lookout for people in the arts that are one the same wave length as London Factory, so that the collect will be known worldwide. I plan to collaborate with artists, photographers, dj’s, stylists, anything to do with art. I aim to have a collective that screams London style, creativity and diversity.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in fashion design?

Do what you want to do. Everyone’s interpretation of fashion is different so you are never wrong. As long as you learn the basic from the greats i.e. Dior, Jacques Doucet, Jean Patou, Cristobal Balenciaga you can then adapt it to anything you wish to produce.

Images from London Factory Fashion

Prices start from £5

Available from:

Fashion PR DIY Workshop


Rouge Noir PR is organising a free Fashion PR DIY Workshop for emerging fashion and jewellery designers.  The workshop will focus on practical PR skills and how fashion designers use media to benefit their business.


There will be a host of fantastic speakers, including TellusFashion’s director, Staffan Elfver! Book your place now at the following link:


Bring USB and/or your laptop, magazine you want to pitch, samples of your PR so far, look book. The next Fashion PR DIY Workshop with be in a Central London location (tbc) on the 3rd July 2011.

Wash & Fold

At TellusFashion, it’s time to get your dirty clothes and loose change  together with just half a cup of detergent and set the washing machine to just 30 degrees.  Virgine magazine has picked up on the laundry inspired trend  with this unusual yet creative dress made from Tide boxes worn by Valerie Avdeyeva and   styled by Hissa Igarashi. This concept has been done before in 2005 when US Vogue featured Lily Donaldson, Caroline Trentini and Gemma Ward getting their weekly washing done at their local laundromat  while wearing some gorgeous  dresses   styled by Edward Enninful . They end up causing havoc when a soap avalanche emerges and takes over  the place.  Paris Hilton sorted out her delicates during her visit to London   in the June issue of Tatler in 2009.  Washing clothes will never be the same again.








































































































The picture above are from FashionGoneRouge & ShoppingBlog

Table for Two

At dinner time, we usually sit around the table and ask family members to pass the peas or the stuffing. Tellusfashion has discovered that instead of eating  three square meals a day, now you can wear it on your finger. Canadian born jewellery designer   Sofia is the brainchild behind SouZouCreations based in Japan where she has been living for 13 years with her husband. She has made these amazing miniature food rings which are made out of many different types of plastic, glass and mental and finished off with an adjustable band.   The rings are made with attention to detail and creativity. There are various dishes to choose from and are also suitable for vegetarians such as a plate with bamboo shoots, carrots shaped like Japanese maple leaves and rice balls. If you feel like having an American-style breakfast opt for a floating pancake ring drowned in golden maple syrup with eggs and bacon as a side order. Curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of hot chocolate with cream and a jelly cookie or with a frozen ice cream sundae treat. The prices won’t pinch your purse and there are plenty of designs to choose from at her online store .

(The pictures above are from SouZou Creations)

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Christian Louboutin sues YSL over red soles

One of the most recognisable, and most expensive, fashion trademarks is currently the subject of a lawsuit.

Christian Louboutin’s red soles are the recognised hallmark of a Louboutin, and now the designer has launched a lawsuit over copycat soles produced by YSL.

The lawsuit allegedly cites four models – YSL’s Palais, Woodstock, Tribtoo and Tribute as the culprits, with Louboutin stating these designs have all copied his patented red soles.

According to Refinery 29, Christian Louboutin is suing for a massive $1 million for infringing on his trademark style, and is quoted by the Telegraph’s fashion team as calling the soles “virtually identical”.

YSL are said to be making no comment on the offending shoes which are still on sale.

As Louboutin was awarded trademark rights over red soles in 2008, our money backs him as the victor, but at the time of press, the dispute was ongoing.

Christian Louboutin’s red soles (Photo by lunasmith1/Flickr Creative Commons)

SS11 trend watch: stripes

If you’re getting fed up of the ladylike trends which are so hot for spring, we have just the thing for you. Stripes are also big news for the season and are both more versatile and – dare we say it – masculine than the lace that’s been floating around.

Seen all over the catwalk, here are our stripy three of the best:

At Prada stripes were paired with another key trend – colour blocking. During both their womenswear and menswear shows, stripes were thick, bright and in one solid tone. The models wore flirty flamenco style dresses in citrus tones of bright orange, blocked with purple and black; or in azure and turquoise. Even accessories were striped – the key theme running through a fun collection.

Meanwhile, at Celine, stripes were less of a focus, but still present. Angular, structured tunics were shown in vertical and horizontal stripes in block, yet muted tones. The collection as a whole was much calmer, with the focus on nudes and neutrals, with stripes providing a pop of colour to break up the classic pieces. Wear your stripes the Celine way by pairing with classic shapes and pale tones.

If there is a bright trend to be found, you can be sure it will be seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Far from Celine’s French chic – stripes at Marc by Marc Jacobs were the calmest offering in the collection, mingling with 70s style big hair, ruffles and neon brights. Once again, stripes popped up in block rainbow tones, ranging from sunflower yellow to cool grey, on summery maxi dresses.

We recommend wearing your stripes in bold and bright tones for true summer sunshine style.

Seeing stripes at Prada (Photo by Dazed & Confused Magazine/Flickr Creative Commons)

Decarnin’s departure from Balmain

The big news rocking the fashion world this week was Christophe Decarnin’s surprise departure from Balmain.

The creative director, who has been working with the brand since 2005, is rumoured to be suffering from a stress related illness. The news follows his absence from the design house’s AW11 show, which was put down to exhaustion, but prompted those in the know to speculate that the designer was unable to continue in his role. Other rumours included a fall out with the Balmain management, which has led to his speedy departure.

Pierre Balamin CEO Alain Hivelin shared a statement with Harper’s Bazaar saying, ‘Balmain announce(s) the end of its collaboration with creative director Christophe Decarnin. Decarnin’s work with the design team contributed to the success that the brand has enjoyed in recent years’.

It is true that Decarnin’s work and rocker style took the brand to a new level, and with it rose the prices – anything up to £10,000 for a single piece.

With Galliano’s recent departure from Dior, both houses now need to fill the vacancies of creative director, leaving everyone guessing who will take these coveted roles, and where Decarnin will go next.

Christophe Decarnin (Photo by Wiki143/Flickr Creative Commons)

Back to basics

SS11 has seen a number of feminine trends emerge, each as ladylike as the next. Florals, lace and pretty pastels are all big news, as are nude tones.

Take your summer look back to basics with nude tones which are perfect for the season. Varying from pale peach to dusky pinks, these complementary skin tones have never looked so chic!

Purveyors of ladylike, Chloe, were of course hot on the trend, with models in midi skirts and sleek haired combos for a smart, almost aggressive take on the trend. Silvery, translucent skirts covered shorter cover ups underneath and the look was finished with ribbon belts and pale ballet flats. White is also a part of this palette, and the same shapes were replicated in crisp white at Chloe.

At 3.1 Phillip Lim, the designer also embraced these pale nude tones. Soft pale sandy shapes paired with monochrome angular shapes were also seen matched with black heels and relaxed beauty basics. This combination of casual style and skin tone chic echoed Chloe’s feminine offering.

John Rocha offered a more dressy take on nude tones, with a Chanel inspired two piece in tweed neutral tones. Models had minimal make up, but loose hair gave volume to the shapes, which also included a full length silk and chiffon gown in barely there colour.

For easy chic this summer get on board with these classic neutrals – they work just as well with pale skin or a summer glow. Pair with gold accessories and monochrome to nail the trend.

John Rocha SS11 (Photo by The Style PA/Flickr Creative Commons)

Tutti Frutti!

There’s a new trend in town, but it’s only for the brave! Bananas, oranges and other exotic fruit were splashed across the catwalk for summer, showing that fruit patterns really are the print du jour.

Henry Holland gave a typically quirky offering, but one that was fairly reserved compared to other fruity motifs. His models walked in high waisted trousers and crop tops covered with banana leaf print. While this head to toe jungle print works best on the runway, he also offered leafy accessories for a wearable look.

Stella McCartney also embraced the full body fruity style, with models in structured shapes covered with large leaf, lemon, and juicy grapefruit prints. Teamed with neutral accessories, the prints were less vibrant than those at Henry Holland, but still daring.

One of the biggest fruit fanatics this summer was Prada. An oversize top covered entirely in bananas – the most popular fruit to wear, by the way – gave a gypsy, hippie-esque feel. The collection also showed these fruity favourites in ways we are more accustomed to – by using shades of tangerine and other fruit tones as block colours.

If a full-on fruit print is a little too much for you, consider the fruity accessory. Start small with banana shaped earrings, or go Carmen-Miranda-bold with Charlotte Olympia’s fruit heels. Shaped like a banana with watermelon and grape toes, the fashpack have gone head over heels for these.

Take a look around the high street for fruit inspired pieces which are more wearable, or if you’re ready to embrace the trend, go bananas and wear your juicy pieces with confidence!

Go bananas with Stella McCartney (Photo by The Trendy Fashionista2/Flickr Creative Commons)

John Galliano’s replacement at Dior still on hold

Weeks after Galliano’s very public split with Dior, no replacement has been confirmed for his position at the top fashion house.

We all know from the AW11 show that Dior has a large team behind the legendary name, but the fashion world still waits with bated breath to find out who will be taking the lead.

Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci has been all but confirmed as the new creative head, prompting a domino fall of speculations as to who would then fill his empty shoes at Givenchy.

However, all parties involved refuse to confirm the rumours, and it emerged this week that Dior may not announce the name of their new creative director for many months.

Speculation is rife as to why the announcement has been so delayed, with legal issues over Galliano’s contract, and a fear that the new collection would be overshadowed by the scandal, being cited as reasons for the delay.

Either way, we know that the pressure will be on the new creative head to produce the spectacular collections Dior is known for. We continue to watch and wait for the announcement of the year.

Riccardo Tisci is tipped for the top spot at Dior (Photo by isabeljlb/Flickr Creative Commons)

In an English country garden

It’s official – florals are big news for SS11. From teeny tiny intertwined flower prints to bold punchy sunflower brights, choose your bloom at will, with this ultra feminine trend.

Some of the best floral looks were seen on the catwalk at ladylike supreme-o Erdem. Presenting a collection packed with florals and lace, the designer sent his models down the runway in silk and sheer panelled pieces with appliquéd flowers on a white background. Jil Sander offered another approach with a more contemporary twist. Her girls walked in trademark maxi skirts and dresses, with large, graphic, vivid flower prints as the order of the day.

As florals are always a strong look for summer, the high street is as colourful and full of flower power as any good English country garden tea party. We especially love the collection from Matalan, who have a great offering that really hits the nail on the head. From pretty as a picture soft pastel prints, to Jil Sander-esque jewel tone brights, these pieces are ideal for a sunny summer day.

Our favourite is the 70s inspired jumpsuit with ruffled neckline – wear with wedges to elongate legs and channel festive chic.

Pair the softer pastels with classic basics, or for real style points wear floral on floral – mismatched prints are big for summer, and Matalan’s great collection will elevate your style with ease.

Wear florals on florals for maximum impact (Photo by Matalan)

70s style jumpsuit (Photo by Matalan)

Florals at Matalan (Photo by Matalan)

Three times a lady

It seems we’ve barely had the chance to think about our summer wardrobes, but it is now time to start considering essentials for AW11. The structured two pieces and classic shapes seen for spring will still be on trend for autumn, as ladylike was once again a key trend on the catwalk.

Christopher Kane showed a very wearable ladylike collection with beautifully tailored knee skimming skirts in darker tones, embellished with sheer panels. His classic cuts were offset by plastic cut-off embellishments in fiery reds and oranges, or mermaid-esque underwater green, which ran from prim ladylike collar to high waisted skirt.

In Paris, Dior offered a glamorous collection for the upmarket woman. Ladylike textures and fabrics – chiffons, fur stoles, ruffles, bows, pastel shades – exuded the high fashion glam expected of the couturier. Smoky heavy eye make up plus feathered hair suggested this the morning after the night before for the Dior woman. The collection was bravely presented in the wake of scandal, and as Galliano’s swansong ended, the entire Dior creative team took to the runway clad in white lab coats.

Marni’s ladylike offering appeared most obviously in their shapes. 50s style two pieces – another key trend – boxy bags and gloves were expertly crafted in muted colours straight from a debutante’s wardrobe. A hint of punchy jewel tones – forest green, velvety navy blue, coral and dazzling royal blue, played a part in a collection that exuded luxury. Thick coats in moss green and brown, teamed with slim belts worn high on the waist gave a nipped in silhouette, and black and tan heels tied at the ankle completed the chic, sophisticated look.

An exciting contribution to ladylike was found at Manish Arora. Elements of the East were present within the collection, with Arora’s Indian roots showing in eye catching brights and embellishments. Fringed boots and tough metallics had an almost masculine edge, but the collection had all the hallmarks of a lady – leather gloves, knee length tailored two pieces and flowing silks, all with Arora’s trademark vibrancy.

Models in Christopher Kane’s creations (Photo by Dazed and Confused Magazine/Flickr Creative Commons)


Ladylike chic at Marni (Photo by Dazed and Confused Magazine/Flickr Creative Commons)

The future (fashion) queen of England

Following speculation last week that Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen may be designing the wedding dress, critics have been prompted to ask, just how stylish is Kate Middleton?

The question is well timed as a £650 Burberry trench she wore this week sold out in 24 hours, and the dress that originally caught Prince William’s eye in a university fashion show has gone under the hammer at auction, selling for a staggering £78,000. Although the future princess has been seen leaning away from more traditional styles to contemporary designers such as Alice Temperley, pieces chosen by Kate Middleton are universally snapped up by the public.

Despite her ability to champion young British talent, Kate is usually seen in classic styles more suited to a royal-in-waiting. When she visited St Andrews with Prince William last month she was snapped in a classic, but somewhat old for the young princess-to-be, two piece suit by Luisa Spagnoli.

This leads to the all important question – is Burton designing her wedding dress? Hilary Alexander, the Telegraph’s fashion guru, called the rumours ‘a bold and brilliant decision’. Although some have suggested McQueen’s penchant for the outlandish and exaggerated is a touch too much for a royal wedding, most have welcomed the suggestion. So now the public waits, for Waity Katie, to confirm the rumours which continue to circulate.

Kate Middleton and Prince William (Photo by Royal-News/Flickr Creative Commons)

Trend watch: pleats

After the success of this years Oscar winning film Black Swan, ballerina chic is a must have for SS11, and luckily the catwalk offers plenty of inspiration. This trend is feminine, floaty and best worn through the plisse pleat.

At Lanvin, master of ladylike style Alber Elbaz, showed his knack for beautifully angelic feminine creations with models storming the runway in flowing pleated skirts in tones of dark navy and grey. Chloe, another leader in feminine fashion, also offered a ladylike ballet look from head to toe. Models wore their hair tightly pulled back and parted to the side while the clothes were in pale one-tone colours. The look was finished with those all important pleats, which reoccurred in gentle pastels in a very wearable skirt.

This essentially feminine trend goes hand in hand with simple pastel colours and block tones, and this was largely prevalent in the designers’ offerings. However, Christopher Kane’s popping neon brights featured pleats from the super skinny to wider kilt style, showing that today’s ballerinas aren’t all pliés and ponytails.

Get the look from the high street with Whistles, House of Fraser and Topshop who all have great pleated styles this spring.

Christopher Kane shows pleats for SS11 (Photo by Nicolette Mason/Flickr Creative Commons)

Neon pleats for spring (Photo by Nicolette Mason/Flickr Creative Commons)

Mulberry introduces the Jewelled Lily

This week Mulberry announced the release of their new Jewelled Lily. Exclusive for SS11, this update on the classic Lily bag offers all the plus points of the bag we know and love – with a very fashion twist.

The beautiful embellished gem is fresh for spring and combines the perfect mini bag size with the flexibility to be worn as a clutch or shoulder bag. The sparkling revamp comes in the shape of a shower of 3000 show stopping Swarovski crystals.

Handmade in the UK, the bespoke beauty differs with each piece, guaranteeing the wearer a taste of haute couture history. Its unique craftsmanship, spring-like warm golden tones and delicate feminine crystals guarantee it to be a sure fire hit with the fash-pack, as well as securing its position as this season’s must have.

As much as this striking bag packs a punch, so does the price tag – it will set you back an astonishing £3,500. With the classic Lily retailing at around £500, is this glam treat worth the extra, or worth it at all? TELLUS what you think!

Mulberry’s Bond Street store (Photo by Mulberry_Pics/Flickr Creative Commons)

Pretty in pink

This season much has been made of neon brights, but if these punchy colours aren’t for you then fear not, because pastels are still big news for SS11.

Get your designer fix from Hussein Chalayan, who has consistently showed pastels for the last decade, or even Chanel with their stunning range of classic two pieces, revamped in pastel tones.

This summer wear your jeans in shades of sorbet, from lemon to raspberry, and anything in between – as long as it’s not blue. I love the Current/Elliot range which are also a flattering mid calf length. Even a muted grey is part of this light tone palette, or to ease the transition into these summer colours, start simple with MACs SS11 collection.

Create the look with Whistles and their shades of pastel pink – we particularly like their dusky pink and silver slouchy jumper. Mix with white and grey tones and gold jewellery for easy chic, or try with those brights if you’re feeling daring. These great shades can be dressed up or down – just make sure to wear them now to bring a bit of sunshine to your wardrobe.

Stella McCartney shows pastels in Paris (Photo by Lilian Pacce/Flickr Creative Commons)

















Muted tones on the catwalk (Photo by Lilian Pacce/Flickr Creative Commons)

Theyskens Theory hits the UK

Belgian born Olivier Theyskens has returned from his sabbatical with his new, highly anticipated collection for Theory. Launched last month online and in the stores, rumours of the collection preceded its arrival and it did not disappoint.

On the runway, the designer mixed floating soft skirts with oversize leather outerwear as he eased Theory away from their typically monochrome, structured palette.

Halfway between sulky statement oversize dressing and English country garden, other Theyskens’ additions included a dash of muted red and a nod to the 70s trend with models covered up in flares and polo necks.

The collection has hit the stores in the form of more wearable pieces in reliable shades of black, white and grey. Highlights include a super soft leather tuxedo jacket, Alexander Wang-esque luxe white tees, a cowl neck silk dress and a cotton waistcoat decorated with bent hammered metal coins and tulle fringing – all almost exclusively, classically, black and white.

If the popularity of this collection is anything to go by, it is fair to say Theyskens is back with a bang. We look forward to seeing what he will do next.

Olivier Theyskens has revamped Theory with his new collection (Photo by Designs Exceptional/Flickr Creative Commons)

Jungle Fever!

SS11 saw tribal prints, fierce leather, liquid silks and golden tones bring a warm African sunset to the cold shores of the shows, as the designers offered a new twist to urban safari.

At Gucci, Frida Giannini broke up decorative beading, tassels, and rope effect belts with strong leather outerwear. Pat McGrath ensured red lips and nails popped against the muted background and gold tribal jewellery pulled the collection seamlessly together. In Milan, models walked in classic camel coloured trousers, toughened with calf height cross stitching and finished with woven heels, the whole look oozing a polished glamour.

In Paris, Stefano Pilati mixed gorgeous chiffons, waterfall flowing silks and crisp pussy bow blouses with just a hint of urban safari. He echoed Gucci’s gold chunky strap sandals and offered a twist on the trench with a sleeveless khaki trench dress. This transcended into YSL’s SS11 campaign, where their black draped dress was transformed into an urban safari staple against a voluminous leafy background.

Derek Lam offered a relaxed city safari look for his New York show, channelling his west coast American roots with batik prints. Loose hair unified a mixed collection, while gladiators returned from their brief hiatus. Other stand out safari pieces included a sheer skirt that looked as if it was woven from raffia and skimmed down the runway exuding holiday hut charm, and a luxe silk jumpsuit interrupted with a tan leather belt.

Nailing this trend is all about buying into the safari colour palette which emerged time and time again. Sunset tones reigned supreme with gold, tan, burnt tangerine and rust making an appearance.

Take the look from safari to sidewalk with mix and match butter soft leathers, contrasting silks, and textured accessories that aren’t afraid to banish those British winter blues, and bring the savannah right to your door.

Red lips and nails at Gucci (Photo by pirouette26/Flickr Creative Commons)

Urban safari at Gucci’s SS11 show (Photo by pirouette26/Flickr Creative Commons)