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Street Style ~ At Armani Exchange

Hiii, long time no post. I’ve been photographing street style for Mixmag Fashion/Armani Exchange recently instore for a running competition. I’ll be uploading some of my favourites.


Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Ching

Name: Ching

Age: 26

Occupation: Architectural Designer


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I met Ching on the way home from work. She travels around all over Asia alot. She wore a casual attire to work this day as she says. Ching’s wearing a floral patterned and hooded jacket from Malaysia, a baggy white blouse, oversized pockets cropped trousers and some cute and chic brown boots.

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Lee Kai

Name: Lee Kai

Age: 21

Occupation: Art Student

Favourite Place to Shop: Zara


I did not expect this attire from a 21 year old Art Student, but I like it alot. Speaking with Lee Kai more about his interests, he also makes films and music videos and have a very businessman attitude about him. Keeping the trilby, loafers and blazer/shirt combo casual with the dark jeans, I really liked the outfit. (He also carried a man-bag but he put it down for the shot, shame.)

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Mike & Jane

Name: Mike Mystery

Age: Old enough to know

Occupation: Art Director

Favourite Place to Shop: LCC Shenzen, Artstrong Edinburgh and Fred Perry


Name: Jane Blondel

Age: Timeless

Occupation: DJ and Music Promoter

Favourite Place to Shop: Portobello Road, Topshop and Brick Lane


I met this lovely couple at a business party in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. And what an interesting couple they were! Originally from Edinburgh, they moved to Hong Kong several years ago and move between HK and Japan. The lovely Jane DJs indie music all across the world from Japan to England to Germany. I spotted Jane first because of her amazing purple briefcase bag. I loved Mike’s loafers and smart/casual attire with the shirt and blazer whereas I wanted to steal Jane’s tap shoes………

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Molly

Name: Molly

Age: 29

Occupation: Jewellery Designer

Favourite Place to Shop: Second-hand shops

Molly was networking with her friends at a business party I was attending to. I loved her high waisted trousers, I hadn’t seen a pair like these before. The beige worked well with the rest of her dark outfit. She said she just finished work, didn’t have a chance to change and rushed straight to the party, but I thought her attire was very chic.

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Step3 & Azia

Name: Step3

Age: 25

Occupation: Performer

Favourite Place to Shop: Vintage Shops


Name: Azia

Age: 25

Favourite Place to Shop: Salvation Army


I met this lovely couple in Causeway Bay on the way to a business party. I loved their matching fashion sense in the oversized scarves, jeans and black leather shoes. A popular trend in HK are the trilbies and matching attire. I feel the jacket makes it more casual than office. A very nice and cool couple.

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Cindy John

Name: Cindy John

Age: 26

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Favourite Place to Shop: I love clothes given by people


I met Cindy John whilst shopping. We shared a great interest in ‘hand-me-downs’ by friends, something I loveeee accepting off my friends. If something doesn’t suit them, it may suit you and vice versa. Probably felt really good about myself thinking like that until I realised Gok Wan always goes on and on about it. I loved Cindy John’s beige 3/4 length sleeve coat and her patterned silk scarf. Simple toned but very sophisicated.