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Streetstyle: international city

Hi guys, Yuliya here.  An active life in a city of contrasts and diversity is ♥
Taking streetstyle pictures is all about being able to catch always busy people in this crowded megapolis. One second late and they are gone to the other side of the road and there is no way to catch up. Crazy rhythm of life. It is fun!
They are stylish, positive and ready for action. That is the reason why their pictures are here!

This streetstyle issue is about two LCF students. Here we go:

Name: Tiffany
Age: 23
Occupation: student
Favourite colour: red&black

Name: Yichen
Age: 23
Occupation: student
Area of study: fashion photography

Why we love it: even wearing only black and white items these guys stand out from the crowd of one of the busiest places in London.
They look great in their simple but well thought about style.

Streetstyle: friends out for a shopping day

Name: Patrick Alexander
Age: 17
Hobby: Music, Skateboard
Favourite brand: Cheap Monday, Alis, Emerica

Name: Caroline Finis
Age: 18
Hobby: Music, Dance
Favourite brand: American Apparel, Topshop, Weekday

Streetstyle: travellers in London

Name: Monica
Age: 26
Occupation: Store manager.
Wearing: A mix of things from different countries.
Favourite brand: Sass & Bide, Nookie.

Name: Emily
Age: 25
Occupation: Executive assistant.
Wearing: A few things from Australia, a few things from Europe.
Favourite brand: Zara, Sass & Bide.

Why we love it: These girls have been travelling backpack around Europe for 3 months but still managed to look fab.
The real fashionable explorers!

Streetstyle: London Lolita

Hi guys, Yuliya here! Delivering you some more London street uniqueness 🙂

I have met this girl on Oxford Street, giving out advert leaflets of some restaurant. I guess this “uniform” was made to capture peoples attention, but it suited her so well, I just thought that it would be nice if she actually was a lolita girl. A lovely and positive pink fairy ❤

Name: Lauren Dean
Age: 22
Hobby: Dancing
Favourite brand: All Saints
Why we love it:  Japanese street fashion in London is the thing we would love to see more. Colourful, vivid, crazy and very eye-catching – it wont get us bored.

Streetstyle: Fashionable black on Oxford Circus

Hello everyone,
Thought it would be nice to introduce myself  first. I am a new blogger in the tellusfashion team and my name is Yuliya. I will be posting London street-fashion straight-ups from today.
So here goes my first try and forgive me if something is not right. I will get there in no time!

Two completely different girls connected by the almighty black colour in their wardrobe.
Name: Alisa
Age: 26
Hobby: cats
Favourite brand: JNBY
Why we love it: Ultimate asymmetry! Stands out from the crowd with its unique simplicity.


Name: Cassandra Green
Age: 20
Hobby: Knitting
Favourite brand: my nan
Why we love it: Leather + red lipstick are the classics that are loved since the Kings Road’s punk era!