LFW Streetstyle: Black on Black

Lohan behold Plein’s new model

German designer, Philippe Plein, has made a bold move by choosing once, twice, three times a party girl, Lindsay Lohan, to front his new campaign.

Plein and Li-Lo were seen on location in Italy, as Lindsay looked awkward and a lttle trashy; thank whoever for airbrushing…

Philippe was quoted as saying ‘Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality.’

Philippe Plein is known for his bold designs, and we at Tell Us Fashion wonder whether Lindsay Lohan has the right balance of good girl gone bad, mixed with high fashion, or question whether the former Disney Princess who raced around in magical cars has lost her sparkle and all fashion credentials.

It will be interesting to see if this tabloid talent can rise to the challenge and produce stunning shots used in Plein’s previous campaigns:


Lindsay is no stranger to the fashion game herself, having featured in Vogue numerous times, and modelling her own clothing line, 6126.

Only Ms Lohan could dodge a lengthy jail sentence and land a dream modelling campaign; let’s just hope the end shots of Plein’s campaign aren’t guilty of comitting crimes against fashion.

Falling For Autumn

The nights are drawing in, the sun has taken his hat off and you find yourself dodging soggy leaves on your way to work; Autumn is well and truly knocking at our door. So why not welcome it in, treat it to a cuppa and embrace the best season for fashion; covering up has never been so much fun.

Lusting for Mustard

Strong to smell and fierce on the eye, mustard is a must have for any girls wardrobe this season. From coats to bags and shirt to shoes; this vibrant shade livens up any outfit, leaving you looking and feeling as fresh as an Autumnal morning.

Get Loud in your own Mustard coat by Florence & Fred at Tesco for only £25

Shape Shifters

During a last ditch attempt to bag some holiday bargains, I saw an abundance of shift dresses across all of the high street stores. Perfect paired with tights and patent shoes for work, or you can dare to bare and lose the hosiery for a night on the town.

We at Tellusfashion have caught a late Summer Cole Cold, and the only cure seems to be seeing a lovely picture of Mrs C showing us how shift dresses are meant to be worn, take is away Chezza.

If you’re anything like us then the last of your wages would have gone on that delicious Friday afternoon Starbucks binge, so this Alexander McQueen dress will have to wait until next month. However, this stunning Cheryl-esque shift dress from River Island won’t break the bank, and is perfect for those Saturday pre night out X Factor party evenings .

River Island £25

Gold, always believe in your soul…

Queen B gave us a glimpse of things to come when she hit Glastonbury like a dancing disco ball; shimmy-ing her way in to the fashion elite and making us feel like Christmas had come early.

Razzle dazzle them all the way up to Christmas with this gorgeous FCUK sequin Samantha dress, as seen on Coronation Street cutie Brooke Kinsella.

£165 FCuk

Man Up

If I were a boy, even just for a day, I would raid that fella’s wardrobe and steal his clothes in my own way. The tuxedo and tailored look hit the red carpet earlier this year and sees no sign of stopping, which means us ladies can save our money and go all Gok Wan on our boyfriends favourite suit.

Head to ASOS.com for some tailored inspiration; from plain and simple, to keeping in with the colour blocking trend, they have it all.

Peg trousers with braces £45

Orange slim crop trousers £40

These statement pieces will help create that capsule Autumn wardrobe, and help to ease the pain of the colder days to come.

Looking for international bloggers (UK applicants welcome to apply too) for the brand new TellusFashion Blog!

I, along with my colleagues at TF have formulated a unique super blog for our brand new website  in which different elements of the fashion blogging world are categorized into separate blog, but can all be accessed from a single point on the website. We have understood the importance of having not just one blog, but six subject focused fashion blogs to ensure our readers are fashion satiated! In recent years, bloggers have had a tremendous impact on the fashion community. Using the internet to build their own platforms and attract an audience, they have helped turn a once closed industry into a more dynamic and democratic global conversation, earning thousands of fans and followers in the process. And with the emerging bloggers we have been recruiting and will potentially recruit, they will not be under appreciated fashion visionaries but will ultimately help to set fashion trends in the future! We are in the process of recruiting bloggers in the UK, but would love to have some angles on fashion out of UK shores. So if you are ablogger out of the UK who is interested in blogging for us, have a browse of the categories you could potentially be writing for (If you are from the UK and want to apply, then you are also welcome, Im just hoping to reach out to the globe with this post!)

Celebrity style =
– Shop for the look: Write about a particular celebrity style, offering consumers the cheaper alternative on the high street. Source our designers where possible for this segment.
– Any news on established celebrity designers.
– Celebrity gossip related to fashion i.e. Kate Middleton wears Burberry, celebrity fashion faux pa etc.

Emerging fashion designers =
– Write about emerging designers not selling on TellusFashion. Giving them coverage could act as a great icebreaker in getting them onto our site. Would like one of our bloggers in this category to focus specifically on menswear. Also would like writers to update readers of any new collections from our tellusfashion designers.

General fashion news =
– Fashion news – Would like bloggers to write on business related news e.g. Topshop opens branch in Las Vegas/Waitrose introduces new fashion label.
– Blog information on notable upcoming fashion shows/events/workshops – Alerts consumers of these events, i.e. place, time, nature of event. Will also be the blog to inform consumers of events/news related to our TellusFashion designers

Streetstyle =
– Looking for 2-3 bloggers/photographers to supply us with a whole range of images of the latest trends on the street.
You will be applying for at least one of these specialised blogging categories (more if you can feasibly post on the days required) A run down of what we expect from you, regardless of the category you choose, including the perks are listed below. You may occasionally be suggested to write blog posts based on the blog managers recommendation.


–          Create and post at least two blog posts per working week.

–          Staying updated on fashion content related to the blog you have been assigned to

–          Communicate your ideas to us and coordinate together with the bloggers on your team.


–          An absolute minimum of one year’s experience as a blogger

–          A firm interest and knowledge on the fashion industry

–          Self motivated and creative

–          An engaging writing style

The Perks

–         Develop your writing skills

–         Showcase your work to a global fashion audience

–         Develop your networking and social skills

–         Gain important work experience

–         Develop team working skills

–        Enhanced job and career prospects. Over 70% of employers would hire a candidate with volunteering experience over someone who has never volunteered

As part of the recruiting process, in order to gain an understanding of how you write as a blogger, please write a blog piece of at least 200 words based on the category/s you are applying for. Also, feel free to forward links to some of you previous work, related to your chosen category. No references required, but a CV is an absolute must.

The position is unpaid for now. As a start up company, there are many opportunities that will arise along the way. We cannot make any promises or commitments at this stage, but we want to be as communicative and helpful to try and assist candidates in gaining work experience, knowledge and assist them in their development. Moreover, we want to ensure that you enjoy writing for us! It is all about having fun writing about your passion, and at the same time, developing and gets rewarded for it. Note: This is a work from home position.

Submit your applications to Upaul Chowdhury on upaul@tellusfashion.com


And the winner is…

Every year a hoard of celebrities gather from across the globe and come together to celebrate music, however for Tellusfashion the MTV VMA’s are all about the glitzy outfits, wardrobe malfunctions, eye feasting on yet another glowing ensemble from Beyonce and wondering when Lady GaGa will get those circus mirrors removed from her room.

These awards are about acknowledging the hard work that these A listers put in to their careers, but Tellusfashion have put together their own awards and are dishing out gongs for the best dressed, ultimate girl crush, the boy done good, do you have friends whose eyes aren’t painted on and of course the my my haven’t they changed award.

Best Dressed- Beyonce & Kelly Rowland

The newest addition to the X Factor panel gave her former band mate a run for her money in this gorgeous feathered mini dress, while Beyonce glowed in more ways than one in her stunning Lavin creation which showed off her baby bump.

Ultimate Girl Crush- Adele

We always hoped we’d meet someone like her, and while she may not have the sex appeal and thigh skimming shorts of Rihanna, her vunerability and love of all things black means we heart this home grown talent and give her a huge fashion nod.

The Boy Done good- Justin Bieber

Geek chic was bought back by every girls best friend, Gok Wan, and has recently seen a revival thanks to the Inbetweeners. Now the teenage dream that is Mr Justin Bieber is bringing geeky back (yeah!) and dropping in a splash of colour, to keep his look bang on trend. Bet you a fiver those are Selena’s jeans…

Do you have friends whose eyes aren’t painted on?- Jersey Shore’s Deena & Britney Spears

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Deena or Jersey Shore, let’s just say this is a classy look for her and probably one of the only times she is photographed sober. We can taste the rainbow just looking at this sequin train wreck, but it leaves a sour taste in our mouths. We heart Britney Spears, her come back has been amazing but this outfit is a huge disappointment, especially as the VMA’s hosted a special tribute for the star. Yes it is a huge improvement on a few years back, but come on Brit, hit us baby one more time with the signature sass we know and love.

My My My, haven’t you changed!- JoJo

JoJo is most famed for telling her wayward boyfriend to leave and get out, but Tellusfashion welcomes the young starlet in to the fashion elite with open arms. Gone are the tracksuits and mousy hair, only to be replaced by a sexy, yet classier look which displays the famous transition from teenager to woman which we are all familiar with.

Tellusfashion couldn’t leave without giving a mention to Nicki Minaj, who seems to top bidder for Lady Gaga’s Ebay shop… you go girl!

Ri-Festival: Only girl in the world cuts a fine figure at V

This weekend I donned my wellies, piled my hair on top of my head and spent a good 20 minutes erecting a seemingly simple pop up tent; that’s right, V Festival was upon us. Mud and drinking alcohol at 8am in the morning aren’t the only things that pop out at V, as the fashion is always forward and celebs would fool us in to thinking that they just threw something on, ready for the messy day ahead. So while I donned my slouchy vest, hareem trousers, plimsols and hat, the likes of Jessie J and Ellie Goulding displayed their fringe benefits, a trend which seems to boomarang back around the fashion world each season.

I saw many girls adopting this style, from fringed boots to bags, and admired some very funky fringed crop tops being sold at the infamous V stalls. Unfortunately, during a lot of heavy jumping around to The Wanted, my camera (full of pictures of V fashionistas) became as free as my body and was never to be seen again during the weekend; but for a glimpse of Max you have to give up a few things.

The biggest trend at this years V had to be ultra short shorts; something which Rihanna pulled off at both the Chelmsford and Stafford sites.

I witnessed Ri-Ri getting R-rated in her cropped denim shorts and Union Jack crop top; an outfit which screamed sexuality but I expected nothing less from her. Gone was the side show Bob bright red hair, which was pleasantly replaced with a bouncing mane full of caramel huws.

If you’re anything like me and had been hitting the burger and noodle vans all weekend, then covering up that midriff might be the better option. That’s why this Union Jack body from Religion is ideal for those chunky days; stylish yet comfortable.

Rihanna is a girl after my own heart; not only does she not care what anyone else thinks about her, but she still chooses to wear tights under her shorts even with those killer legs of hers. Why not show Rihanna some love back and don these Topshop Stars and Stripes shorts; she may be a Barbados beauty but she’s the queen of the states to us. (www.topshop.com £35)

Toned tums were also a highlight of the weekend, with Frankie and Rochelle from The Saturdays displaying abs-olutely amazing stomachs.

My fashion highlight; apart from my own Rihanna vest, came from The Noisettes Shingai Shoniwa, who set the 4 Music stage alite with an outfit that resembled a funky lampshade.

A similar outfit can be found by one of  Tellusfashions featured designers, Anam Naseer.

The X Factor’s newest firecracker, Tulisa, continued her Cheryl Cole-over, donning a tight leather outfit and a leopard print dress.

V festival reminded me of a fashion show; mental, messy and a bit of a blur. My cherry has been popped and I look forward to attending more next year, with my shortest shorts, cropped top and maybe even some fishnets. I’m off to recover in my California King Bed.

Back To School Cool

London Fashion Week 2011 is rapidly approaching on the fashion radar. Fabulous fashion designers and their collections, along with the models, make-up artists, hair stylists, screaming show directors and wannabe front row runners, are anticipated by magazine editors, celebrities and fashion worshippers everywhere.

Didn’t manage to blag passes for the show? Couldn’t sneak past the burly security guard? No, neither did we. But luckily for you, and us, London College of Fashion has come up with the ingenious creation of their very own Pop Up shop, aptly named College Shop. Having pitched up camp at in Kingly Court the store will be stocking everything; womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories and jewellery, Illustrations and photography, all of which have been designed by recent London College of Fashion graduates. But, be quick, all the stock is changed and alternated daily to give exposure to the future of fashion – you also will be able to get your hands on some prize pieces from already established alumni like William Tempest and Beatrice Boyle. Prices will start at £20 and go up to £400 – a budget easily achieved by students and editors alike.

Running for three weeks, opening on Thursday 8th September 2011 (coinciding with Vogues Fashion Night Out), it means it will be open leading up to Tellus favourite week of the year. So, if you do find yourself lacking in the ‘catwalk invitation department’, grab yourself a real piece of fashion of a possible future front row favourite.