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LFW Streetstyle: Antipodium Dress

I love the collar detail on this Antipodium A/W 11 a line shirt dress.

Street Style: London Fashion Week





Down at Somerset House yesterday, black was the new black…












Emerging Talent: Mungo Gurney

It’s TellusFashion’s goal to promote the newest talent in fashion, whether that may be in fashion design or any other form of artist within the industry (photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists – you name it) so I take great pleasure in introducing to you an extremely talented designer, a graduate of Central St. Martins College in London – one of the most well established fashion schools in the country, and the only school to ever showcase its students creativity and hard-work on the runways at London Fashion Week. Tellusfashion readers, feast your eyes on Mungo Gurney.

Mungo Gurney is renowned for his outlandish prints which are said to be inspired by many different places around the globe. He has unleashed his very first ready-to-wear swimwear collection to the world which presents itself as a bohemian homage to Northern California and Southern Europe.

In a statement from the designer, his spring summer 2012 collection ” sees bold, modular prints created in a vibrant alchemy of rich navy-blues, fresh mint-greens, soft rose and beige, along with graphic primaries. Forms take shape in graphic dots, art-nouveau motifs and block prints drawn from Matisse’s abstract involvement with architectural decoration.”

Looking at Gurney’s collection, it is obvious to state that the shapes of his pieces remain simplistic yet don’t deny the garment of feminine silhouettes (The clever use of print on the dress and the use of darker colours give the illusion of parts such as the waist, being synched in) and could be said as being reminiscent of the 1920s French Riviera look. We absolutely adore what Mungo Gurney has created here and we will most definitely be watching to see what’s next in his creative pipeline. His work is effortlessly cool and can be translated easily from the catwalk to your wardrobe.

To find out more on Mungo Gurney, visit his website –

Tellus what you think of his work!


Farah Angsana: Glamour and Fragility!

Farah Angsana’s Spring/Summer 2012  presented at Lincoln Center, NYC, during the MB Fashion Week came as a great surprise to me, with all these adorable colors and nice fabrics assembled for maximum femininity. Draping and frilling were part of the game between fragility and infallible elegance. Crystal studded details were framing some body parts, especially neck and waist lines, while beads and gems were playing the role of a ‘fashinator’ on women’s outfits. The styles were ultimately Roman- or Grecian-inspired and  reminded me of ancient godesses from the Greek or Roman pantheon, known to us through ancient statues, temple friezes and pediments. There was of course an Oriental flare in all this,  evident in the intricate decorations and luxury materials used. Among them one could find a section of three dresses that could be easily called ‘bridal,’ which I liked very much. They were designed for three different types of women – sexy with a hot bustier and a feathery skirt, classic with a sparkly belt under the breast and glamorous with feathers and crystals in harmonious coexistence. There were also charming cocktail and evening looks focusing on various shades of pink which seems to be the designer’s favorite palette. Besides that range of colors we saw various shades of red and orange, as well as some nudes and pastels, especially ice blue, very light and ideal for fairy looks.

See the full MB Fashion Week coverage at

Son Jung Wan: Another Form of Fluidity!

Son Jung Wan gave us a more sophisticated version of fluidity, one that can be tailored as well. Nudes dominated the picture, despite the fact that there were other colors such as deep blue, purple, light grey, white, brown, adorned with golden and silver details, selectively stressing various parts of the silhouette. Smart draping, asymmetries, smooth and shiny textures, as well as the interplay of volumes were building up in a very subtle but successful way, new feminine looks. Fragility and dynamism had an equal share in these charming Spring/Summer 2012 looks. There was an obvious Asian character in it, but without any folk attributes. Most styles were slim and fluid at the same time, meaning absolutely sexy and flattering for more than one body type. I liked the hot shorts and mini-skirts, the skinny pants combined with more fluid asymmetric tops and the smart use of transparencies.

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Pink Tartan: Reinvented 60’s

Early in the morning I went to the Pink Tartan presentation at Fashion Week in NYC, which meant to be a very nice surprise, bringing up the coolest 60’s and 70’s styles mixed up with some 50’s elements, such as full skirts and narrow waists. For Spring/Summer 2012, Pink Tartan suggested classical motifs such as large and small polka dots or thin and thick stripes, geometrical forms such as A-line dresses and pencil skirts, various shades of blue, some combined on the same outfit, orange, sugar white, black with blue and purple and details that could be called ‘very feminine’ even in looks that were on purpose masculine. Here again you could find smartly textured pieces, plain, sophisticated and retro ones. We loved the turtle neck tops worn with sequined pencil skirts making a characteristic metallic noise, ultra short 60’dresses, skinny red pants worn with red turtleneck tops reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot looks, transparent black net tops, 50’s style bikinis, golden sandals which is next season’s must-have item, trench coat dresses, wide belts with cut-out motifs and shirt-dresses with asymmetric hemlines. Models were walking and standing on a square catwalk with smart lighting, that created a dreamy atmosphere in combination with the DJ’s awesome French retro music set!

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Korean Style Goes One Step Further! 

Among all the Spring/Summer 2012 shows I attended so far at MB Fashion Week in NYC, my favorite one was the Korean Concept, through which some of the most talented Korean designers revealed their avant-garde and unique approach, their own vision in terms of fashion. Most of the outfits were eye-catching, intricately composed and quite characteristic of a ‘new age’ in fashion design. Koreans have a distinctive style, which combines luxury with simplicity, innovation with elegance. It seems to be a blend of Asian, European and American influence, something that makes you feel like living in a borderless global society. Guests, especially those of Korean origin, were equally stylish and attractive as the designers hosting the event and the models themselves. Major trends in this presentation were the futuristic retro chic in cool metallic shades, the rich-in-texture styles, the modern warrior looks, the Asian-themed digital prints and the new cosmopolitan style. The most interesting details were about sparkly or colorful sandals, bags and tattoo or body painting prints on tights. It was all amazing!

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Nautica Celebrating the Coolest Styles!

After the amazing Rebecca Taylor show at MB Fashion Week in NYC it was time for the Nautica party at the Empire Hotel’s roof top with a small rectangular pool everybody would love to have in their apartment or house. It wasn’t that relaxing with all the music playing loudly and making guests dancing all over the place, but it was a great chance to hang around with fashion people and take some good photos of standing models dressed in stylish menswear. The Nautica Collection further reinforced the mood for bright colors in Spring/Summer 2012 men’s lines. There were a lot of brightly colored light jackets, swimsuits, polo shirts as well as vinyl bags for the beach which attracted my attention. Most guys were wearing sailor’s shoes and there was tendency towards vivid colors such as coral red, even in pants. All kinds of stripes were the main pattern as usually happens with Nautica’s navy looks. We liked the suede sneakers adopted in many different styles, as well as some cool vests and denim shirts. Most of the people there really appreciated the all-time classic sportswear Nautica suggests in many difference versions once again. The whole presentation ended up being a huge party of fashionistas with a great view and lots of drinks!

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Rebecca Taylor on Golden Heels

One of the most fashionably crowded shows was Rebecca Taylor’s. People waiting for that in a long line were well-dressed and seemed to be highly related to the industry. I was staring speechless at all the different styles and recognized in them the whole array of things which constitute a true fashion week. As for the catwalk, I couldn’t stop thinking of how comfortable clothes can be produced when the designer takes equally into consideration comfort and elegance. The end product of this creative process in this case was some  sparkly but easy to wear pieces, some nudes, and many modern shapes. Shades that were braking the monopoly of neutrals were lime, light yellow, shiny sequined orange, lavender, and golden hues.  I also loved the golden ankle-boot sandals for hip styles. Fabrics were soft or fluid, further reinforcing the idea of stylish comfort.

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General Idea: Setting the Mood for Color

General Idea kept for us a surprise rainbow of styles and materials. Daring men can now trasform their preppy look into a bold statement empoying an amazing range of vivid shades, very uplifting and very to-the-point. We loved the light jackets and raincoats, the stripes and plaids, the college boy looks as well as those outfits with shorts and jackets. Men seem to remain teenagers for ever and in that case the designer wants to stress the fact literally and evidently! I had to be very fast moving using the camera since most models where running fast on the catwalk. I hope that what you see, sometimes naturally cropped, will look interesting!

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Emerson: Urban and Wearable

Emerson was all about wearable, urban style with an artistic twist. I went to the show early this morning (9/9, 9 AM) and despite my FNO exhausting schedule, I felt quite relaxed dreaming of my next summer vacations in the Greek islands. Various shades of blue reminding me of the sea, of grey that is cool and neutral, of absolute black with silvery details and of purple and nudes just made my day, together with the fact that I had a better connection and a slightly deeper knowledge of my brand new iPad device and applications. Nevertheless, it’s still hard to get connected to the Internet at Lincoln Center if you don’t have 3G. So I’ll try to get it. Anyway, the Emerson looks were great, with fluid forms and more tailored pieces in one delicious summery cocktail. I loved the prints, the sophisticated coexistence of party looks and corporate styles and the matching with elegant simplicity and geometrical details. Overall, I could wear almost everything from this collection, indulging myself into the endless game of asymmetries and symmetries.

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Fashionality guest blogs on TellusFashion for New York Fashion Week

We’re very excited to have Eleni Sendona from Fashionality guest blogging for us during New York Fashion Week.

Make sure you keep your eyes glued to the TellusFashion blog from the 8th because Fashionality has promised us an exciting read. They told us: “Fashionality is going to attend most fashion parties, events and shows and provide you with many amazing photos, spicy gossips, runway and street fashion news as well as some videos.”

Fashionality is an English-language, Greek fashion and lifestyle blog which invites its readers to: “Enter the land of style and live a day-to-day fashionable experience, one that fills you up with wonderful images, real action photos, spicy or sophisticated comments, news and tips.”

Right now Eleni is sifting through invitations and organising her planner ready to brace the fashion craziness of Fashion Week and of course tell us all about it.

Let us know what you think of Fashionality’s blog by leaving a comment on her posts starting tomorrow.

Causing Pandemonia

Blow up things pop. It’s a scientific fact. And Pandemonia has done just that. The biggest thing to appear this year and blow up all over the Fashion Week front rows and your glossies and rags, is the larger than life (literally, she is seven foot tall) platinum blonde walking, talking post pop conceptual artist. With more plastic than Page 3 and enough helium to cater to a dozen 5 year olds party’s, it is TellusFashion‘s pleasure to introduce to you, Pandemonia…..(interview by Alice Grace Carroll)

“I’m like a play within a play”

Apart from being in the right place at the right time, I am tall and slim – fashion magazines will always like that. I’m like an extra spin on celebrity, event and media. It could be that the glossies love me too because, like them, I am glossy. My self sculpted image is unique. I’m am art.

“It’s visual conceptual art”

My post pop art show is a combination of art, fashion and social critique. I’m currently looking for sponsorship so the show can go ahead.

“My inspirations are adverts”

I have always found it fascinating how they can influence. I have taken their lead and used the tools of the media and advertising. Images say so much.

“I edit myself into and out of the media by choosing what events I go to”

My favourite event o far was the fabulous PPQ Autumn Winter 2011 London Fashion Week. From the moment I stepped out of my black cab, I was well received. The press I got following that appearance was amazing.

“It’s important not to overdress”

When I turn up on the front row of these fashion shows, I don’t want to steal the limelight from the designer, so I try to blend in. But as you can imagine, that doesn’t always go to plan.

“I would say an umbrella”

That is probably the only thing that will never go out of fashion. Especially in this country. It is always raining!

“This is the age of escapism”

Seeing myself in the Sun Newspaper and in print in general, is a dislocation.

“Social media is changing the world”

Who was it who said ‘We have the means of production’? Well, we do now. I have my own blog, it’s a brilliant form of communication. Using my blog I can broadcast ideas, be easily found and comment on things I would otherwise not be able to.

“My night ended in disaster and my speech bubble burst”

I did a charity event for the Haitian Earthquake disaster. I won’t say where it was, but the ceiling was way too low. I won’t ever be going on stages with low ceilings ever again.

Unlike the archetypal socialite blonde bombshell she encapsulates, Pandemonia will never age – and boy, does this make the fashion world stand up and pay attention. Challenging what people perceive as art, she is truly breathing a breath of fresh air, or helium, to the typical London Fashionista.

Dare to bare…

Ladies, it’s time to tone up those tummies because the crop top trend is here to stay. Featured in the Spring/ Summer ’11 collections by Haakan, Chanel and Rachel Comey, the designers made the look their own in very different ways; Haakan in tough long-sleeved leather, Chanel with sheer panels and minimalist monochrome for Rachel Comey. So you better start those sit-ups girls if you want to be in with the fashion ‘it’ crowd this summer…




All images courtesy of


The A- listers have also been putting their very own style stamp on the trend, with some going all out and  flashing the flesh, whilst others keep it subtle.



Ever the body confident Rihanna dared to bare both her midriff and perfect pins at the launch of her perfume waaay back in February. She paired the look with elongating nude platforms-see the never-ending legs are probably just an illusion, bet she’s got stumps like the rest of us…


On any normal person I’m sure this get-up would look frankly, well ridiculous, but on Daisy Lowe, it just works. It maybe the Versace credentials that makes this Aztec Print crop top and colourful high-waisted skirt combo look great, it maybe Daisy’s quirky style that pulls it off but it’s probably just the fact that she’s a gorgeous model.


All image courtesy of

Kelly Rowland flaunts her fab abs at the X Factor auditions in this colour pop crop top by Twenty8Twelve, and who can blame her with the hours she must have put in at the gym for a tummy as toned as that!


For us mere mortals that may not be as body confident as some of our favourite celebs, a great way to get the look and still keep covered up is by teaming your crop top with a high-waisted knee-length skirt like Daisy’s or trousers. Why not head over to Tellusfashion and check out this Baby Pink Crop Top. Don’t let the cute name fool you, this sexy leather crop top is anything but rainbows and butterflies. Designed by Flik Hall, her work “embodies contemporary luxury, synonymous with edgy restraint” by combining interesting and contrasting fabrics – check her out today!


A whiter shade of pale…

The fashion runways were awash with more white than a Daz advert this spring/summer season. Featured on the catwalk of Christian Cota, Haakan and Gianfranco Ferré the models stunned in the clean, crisp look that turned even the darkest angels into erethral, whiter than white goddesses…

All images courtesy of

Wanting to get a piece of the fashion action, the celebs soon followed suit and white washed their own looks. Here’s a round-up of the best dressed women in white:

Before Cheryl Cole went into the hiding after the whole X Factor palava, she was spotted looking sensational in this white Stephane Rolland number at Cannes this year. The plunging neckline, gold accessories and sleek hair all amounted to a very sophisticated and sexy look.

Kim Kardashian simply oozes glamour in this halter Lanvin dress. The Grecian style and cinched in waist emphasise Kim’s fabulous curves and the flowing romantic look of the dress makes a refreshing change from her beloved body-con!

As always, Rihanna puts her own edgy twist on the latest trends, this time choosing to work her white look in androgynous chic. She keeps her Max Azria suit sexy with a daring neckline, feminine make-up and gorgeously tousled hair.

All images courtesy of


Want to get your own clean-cut look for less? Then head over to Tellusfashion where you can work it in white with the help from our fantastic up and coming designers. This amazing White Fringe Dress with its deep V-neck, Swarovski studded and “free-flowing elegance” encapsulates the current white trend perfectly; romantic and soft with a glamorous edge. Designed by Ekaterina Kukhareva, she takes her inspiration from various queens of different eras and aims to create; “timeless and high quality pieces with the emphasis on the beauty of the female body and the elegance and sexiness of the collection wearer.”

Inspired by the way Cheryl Cole mixed white and gold? Then check out this White Fantasia dress deigned by JZ COUTURE; pure white silk with gold embroidery, the design philosophy of taking inspiration and then contrasting Western silhouettes and Eastern crafts is evident within the collection as they create dresses that are, “an ode to contemporary glamour and boast a bohemian touch.”



Hussein Chalayan, Fashion Magician

'Hussein Chalayan' by Hussein Chalayan (Image courtesy of

It’s not often in the fast paced fashion world, and the normal world alike, that past fashion collections are spoke about and admired after the latest designs have strutted down the catwalk. But, Hussein Chalayan has changed the rules. In his new self-titled book out next week, the designer muses over his past collections. TellusFashion looks back at our favourite collections.

The year of 2007 saw Chalayan produce two collections, A/W ‘Airborne’ and S/S One ‘Hundred and Eleven’ that got the world talking, applauding and seeing the line between art and fashion blur considerably.

‘Airborne’ saw models sashay down what represented an airports landing strip, lit up only by a single row of spotlights above. Headwear was favoured throughout. Mesh expandable helmet hood ensembles that would have been right at home in an astronauts wardrobe and simplistic flying hats complete with a flowing train, sat neatly on other-worldly looking models heads. Two of the models even sported plastic dome hats that were lit a ghouly red, much like the batons used to wave in a plane.

A cream Star Wars inspired romper suit, complete with tiny wings that protruded from the hip, halted at the end of the catwalk only for the wings to robotically open up to reveal swatches of layered striped material making a skirt, morphing the playsuit into a peplum mini dress.

The show opened and closed with what would have normally been considered as a mini shift dress. That would be true if it wasn’t for the fact that it was made up of tiny individual LED lights, shimmering different muted colours.

Chalayan’s Spring/Summer collection ‘One Hundred and Eleven’ contained everything that connoted summer; loose white fabric, floppy hats and sweet dresses. Following a dress made of a beaded crochet of gold and a gorgeous flowing textures white gown, flower embellished and heavy on fabric, it was the bubble dress that stole the show. Simple in design yet deliciously futuristic, the dress was made up of various sized plastic bubbles, structured around the body and supported by a metallic material frame.

Sheer exaggerated cap sleeves were attached to a dress body made up of individual pure white plastic panels that gradually lifted and fanned out leaving the audience peeping at the models ivory underwear, only to the move back to its original structure having flipped the panels to reveal shiny silver squares – all while the matching hat shrunk. The finale consisted of one model wearing an amazing space ship shaped frosted hat that had a sheer barely-there piece of material that acted as a dress, attached to it. That was until the piece of material got sucked up into the hat to leave the model completely naked with only the hat remaining.

A magician in his own right and master of his craft, Chalayan has created collections that inspire, impress and make the audience question “how did he do that?”.

Colour blocking couture

The colour blocking trend shows no sign of slowing this Spring/Summer season with red carpets everywhere clashing with celebrities adorned in crayola shades. The bold look was a popular one on the Spring / Summer 2011 catwalk as featured by Issa, Haider Ackermann and Julien Macdonald.

(Images courtesy of

If it was bright, bold and block colour then it was the pick of the day at the CFDA Fashion Awards earlier this week. Grab your shades- there’s nothing pale and interesting about this lot…

Jessica Alba wasn’t letting a little thing like pregnancy get in the way of her following  fashion, as she teamed coral and purple in this elegant Diane Von Fusternberg maxi.

Model Chanel Iman looked absolutely stunning in this Max Azria cut out turquoise gown, the  eye-popping block colour fabulous against her glowing skin tone.

(Images courtesy of Zimbio)

Tunisian model, Kenza Fourati works this daring Marc Bouwer maxi to a tee. The sapphire hue teamed with her pale complexion and rich red lips shows that she was born to wear block colour.

Here at Tellusfashion our designers are always one step ahead of the fashion pack and the colour blocking craze is most definitely on their radar…

Take for instance Edinburgh fashion brand;  Teaataunties. Founded by Nicola McIntyre, her mantra is “out with the old, in with the new” aiming to source new and cutting edge fashion from vintage and pre- loved material. With a focus on unique pieces,  her Pant suit is fantastically on trend with colour block detail and wide leg trousers, a nod to the 70s fashion influence this season.

Across the pond, designer brand Annie and Jade have a fantastic collection of bold and bright colour-block frocks. Focusing on clean designs and strong silhouettes, the brains behind the brand Annie Le “designs clothes that compliment the female form”. Even better you can look amazing whilst knowing the garments are ethically sound, made of natural, fairtrade, organic and recycled materials. Get Kendra Fourati’s look for less with this beautiful, one shoulder Vann gown. Looking for something a bit less formal but that still packs the same colour block punch?  Then look no further than this sexy silk Ava dress.

Go on be bold and beautiful…


Luxury fashion label Bunmi Koko won Best International Designer at African Fashion Week last year and now the brand is growing international recognition around the world with the likes of Mel B and Michelle Obama after the designs.  

The label first started up in 2009 by head designer Bumni Olaye and partner Francis Udom. Originally from Nigeria, Bumni studied at London College of Fashion where she clearly flourished. Looking through her latest collection, Kaleidoscope, previewed at London Fashion Week, it is clear to see how Bumni’s heritage shines through but also pulls the two countries, Britain andAfrica together.

Bunmi at London Fashion Week 

With a mix of colours and fabrics from suede to leather and brilliant oranges to fabulous purples there is definitely a clear femininity to her collection. The structured dresses and metallic skirts also bring an element of futuristic fashion to the floor, leaving us excited to see what she will bring to next year.


The duo has also recently unveiled a beautiful but quirky bridal collection but while also capturing the romance with the luxe details and flowing fabrics and have been nominated for Retailer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards. It seems this pair is certainly one to watch.

For more designs visit:

By Danielle Jennings

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Grassroot Creativity

There’s always been a saying about how grass is much greener on the other side. This is evident with designer Hafsteinn Juliusson who has created   this eco friendly ring that combines gardening and jewellery. In order to keep your ring looking evergreen, make sure to water the ring every five weeks and store in a deep freezer helps to preserve the natural goodness. Tellusfashion loves this ring and we hope you like it too! If you want to go all the way, you can wear it with  a  grass pot necklace.



























Images from Haf by Hafsteinn Juliusson

Wash & Fold

At TellusFashion, it’s time to get your dirty clothes and loose change  together with just half a cup of detergent and set the washing machine to just 30 degrees.  Virgine magazine has picked up on the laundry inspired trend  with this unusual yet creative dress made from Tide boxes worn by Valerie Avdeyeva and   styled by Hissa Igarashi. This concept has been done before in 2005 when US Vogue featured Lily Donaldson, Caroline Trentini and Gemma Ward getting their weekly washing done at their local laundromat  while wearing some gorgeous  dresses   styled by Edward Enninful . They end up causing havoc when a soap avalanche emerges and takes over  the place.  Paris Hilton sorted out her delicates during her visit to London   in the June issue of Tatler in 2009.  Washing clothes will never be the same again.








































































































The picture above are from FashionGoneRouge & ShoppingBlog

Streetstyle: Curtain skirt


London Streetstyle: Fangs

Costume Gala Institute 2011

This year the Costume Gala Institute is celebrating the works of the late and great Alexander McQueen at the Met, New York with the theme of the occassion based around his work.

The ball was filled with the Fashion Elite including Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and the most talked about female designer of the past week, Sarah Burton. Needless to say, it was a glamourous event and the outfits were stunning to say the least. Many celebrities chose to wear Alexander McQueen, in keeping with the event however TellusFashion can also confirm that the fashion stakes were running high with the likes of the Olsens in Givenchy and Dior respectively, Gwyneth Paltrow and Hailee Steinfeld in Stella McCartney, Crystal Renn and Christina Ricci both looking amazing in Zac Posen and the ever stylish Alexa Chung wearing Christopher Kane. My favourites however, had to be one of my biggest style influences Florence Welsh in Yves Saint Laurent and Leelee Sobieski in Vionnet.

Check the pictures out below,  courtesy of