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LFW Streetstyle: Antipodium Dress

I love the collar detail on this Antipodium A/W 11 a line shirt dress.

Street Style: London Fashion Week





Down at Somerset House yesterday, black was the new black…












Emerging Talent: Mungo Gurney

It’s TellusFashion’s goal to promote the newest talent in fashion, whether that may be in fashion design or any other form of artist within the industry (photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists – you name it) so I take great pleasure in introducing to you an extremely talented designer, a graduate of Central St. Martins College in London – one of the most well established fashion schools in the country, and the only school to ever showcase its students creativity and hard-work on the runways at London Fashion Week. Tellusfashion readers, feast your eyes on Mungo Gurney.

Mungo Gurney is renowned for his outlandish prints which are said to be inspired by many different places around the globe. He has unleashed his very first ready-to-wear swimwear collection to the world which presents itself as a bohemian homage to Northern California and Southern Europe.

In a statement from the designer, his spring summer 2012 collection ” sees bold, modular prints created in a vibrant alchemy of rich navy-blues, fresh mint-greens, soft rose and beige, along with graphic primaries. Forms take shape in graphic dots, art-nouveau motifs and block prints drawn from Matisse’s abstract involvement with architectural decoration.”

Looking at Gurney’s collection, it is obvious to state that the shapes of his pieces remain simplistic yet don’t deny the garment of feminine silhouettes (The clever use of print on the dress and the use of darker colours give the illusion of parts such as the waist, being synched in) and could be said as being reminiscent of the 1920s French Riviera look. We absolutely adore what Mungo Gurney has created here and we will most definitely be watching to see what’s next in his creative pipeline. His work is effortlessly cool and can be translated easily from the catwalk to your wardrobe.

To find out more on Mungo Gurney, visit his website –

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Farah Angsana: Glamour and Fragility!

Farah Angsana’s Spring/Summer 2012  presented at Lincoln Center, NYC, during the MB Fashion Week came as a great surprise to me, with all these adorable colors and nice fabrics assembled for maximum femininity. Draping and frilling were part of the game between fragility and infallible elegance. Crystal studded details were framing some body parts, especially neck and waist lines, while beads and gems were playing the role of a ‘fashinator’ on women’s outfits. The styles were ultimately Roman- or Grecian-inspired and  reminded me of ancient godesses from the Greek or Roman pantheon, known to us through ancient statues, temple friezes and pediments. There was of course an Oriental flare in all this,  evident in the intricate decorations and luxury materials used. Among them one could find a section of three dresses that could be easily called ‘bridal,’ which I liked very much. They were designed for three different types of women – sexy with a hot bustier and a feathery skirt, classic with a sparkly belt under the breast and glamorous with feathers and crystals in harmonious coexistence. There were also charming cocktail and evening looks focusing on various shades of pink which seems to be the designer’s favorite palette. Besides that range of colors we saw various shades of red and orange, as well as some nudes and pastels, especially ice blue, very light and ideal for fairy looks.

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Son Jung Wan: Another Form of Fluidity!

Son Jung Wan gave us a more sophisticated version of fluidity, one that can be tailored as well. Nudes dominated the picture, despite the fact that there were other colors such as deep blue, purple, light grey, white, brown, adorned with golden and silver details, selectively stressing various parts of the silhouette. Smart draping, asymmetries, smooth and shiny textures, as well as the interplay of volumes were building up in a very subtle but successful way, new feminine looks. Fragility and dynamism had an equal share in these charming Spring/Summer 2012 looks. There was an obvious Asian character in it, but without any folk attributes. Most styles were slim and fluid at the same time, meaning absolutely sexy and flattering for more than one body type. I liked the hot shorts and mini-skirts, the skinny pants combined with more fluid asymmetric tops and the smart use of transparencies.

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Pink Tartan: Reinvented 60’s

Early in the morning I went to the Pink Tartan presentation at Fashion Week in NYC, which meant to be a very nice surprise, bringing up the coolest 60’s and 70’s styles mixed up with some 50’s elements, such as full skirts and narrow waists. For Spring/Summer 2012, Pink Tartan suggested classical motifs such as large and small polka dots or thin and thick stripes, geometrical forms such as A-line dresses and pencil skirts, various shades of blue, some combined on the same outfit, orange, sugar white, black with blue and purple and details that could be called ‘very feminine’ even in looks that were on purpose masculine. Here again you could find smartly textured pieces, plain, sophisticated and retro ones. We loved the turtle neck tops worn with sequined pencil skirts making a characteristic metallic noise, ultra short 60’dresses, skinny red pants worn with red turtleneck tops reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot looks, transparent black net tops, 50’s style bikinis, golden sandals which is next season’s must-have item, trench coat dresses, wide belts with cut-out motifs and shirt-dresses with asymmetric hemlines. Models were walking and standing on a square catwalk with smart lighting, that created a dreamy atmosphere in combination with the DJ’s awesome French retro music set!

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Korean Style Goes One Step Further! 

Among all the Spring/Summer 2012 shows I attended so far at MB Fashion Week in NYC, my favorite one was the Korean Concept, through which some of the most talented Korean designers revealed their avant-garde and unique approach, their own vision in terms of fashion. Most of the outfits were eye-catching, intricately composed and quite characteristic of a ‘new age’ in fashion design. Koreans have a distinctive style, which combines luxury with simplicity, innovation with elegance. It seems to be a blend of Asian, European and American influence, something that makes you feel like living in a borderless global society. Guests, especially those of Korean origin, were equally stylish and attractive as the designers hosting the event and the models themselves. Major trends in this presentation were the futuristic retro chic in cool metallic shades, the rich-in-texture styles, the modern warrior looks, the Asian-themed digital prints and the new cosmopolitan style. The most interesting details were about sparkly or colorful sandals, bags and tattoo or body painting prints on tights. It was all amazing!

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