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Givenchy Couture AW11

Riccardo Tisci has brought so much to the Givenchy label since he was made creative director in 2005. I would give him the same credibility for transforming the Givenchy label into a modernised fashion brand as I would to Christopher Bailey and his work at Burberry. I think the thing that draws me to the Givenchy couture line now is that Tisci has brought an edge too the fashion house and has infused the brand with more imagination than its ever had before.

It comes as no surprise that his AW11 haute couture line is more than just fashion. It represents true imagination, creativity and craftmanship from the designer. Tisci used a variation of different embellishments and fabrics to create his stunning couture line including, tigers-eyes pearls with crystals which were used to replicate ostrich skin and one dress was constructed with perfectly symmetrical hand cut tulle pieces of fabric to create the illusion of fish scales. Amazing.

Take a look at the collection below…


Big changes for Fashion House LVMH

Just as Paris Fashion week was kicking off to a great start, news breaks that head designer one the of the fashion house’s biggest names –  Dior – is sacked from the company. Last Thursday John Galliano was accused of anti-semitic and racial abuse and these charges have now been filed according to the Telegraph. This is extremely disappointing news for avid fashion lovers like us here at TellusFashion, Galliano was a fashion master and there was no-one who could do Haute Couture quite like him. I applaud Dior however, as no-one should be given a second chance after doing such things – its truely disgusting.

Someone has got some big boots to fill – who do you think could be in the running for the job and how do you all feel about the recent events at Dior?!

For a man who has such talent and has created some of the most saught after pieces for Dior since 1996, its a big waste. Lets take a look at some of his work over the past few weeks below..


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Starting with my absolute favourite from the fall runway collection 2010


































Fashion Reporting for the Oscars

As always, the oscars is filled with Fashion Haute Couture and the competition was fierce this year with some beautiful gowns on show on the red carpet. It was all about the soft textures and the sparkles this year. Here are some TellusFashion‘s favourites…

Cate Blanchet was looking completely stunning in the Givenchy Haute Couture piece. The dress was beautifully embellished with pearls and beads which have been strategically placed through each layer of the dress. This means that through wear and tear over the years they will gradually become more apparent to the eye .. how lovely. The subtleness of the lilac shades used in the dress add to it even more.













Mila Kunis, in my opinion was the best dressed at this years award show. Opting for lilac again, Mila looks breath-taking in this Elie Saab Haute Couture dress. Keeping in theme with Black Swan for the oscars, she pulled this off brillantly. I have a little bit of dress envy now, I absolutely adore this collection.














Up and coming American actress Hailee Steinfield is a one to keep and eye on after showing up at this seasons award shows wearing some great outfits including the Miu Miu look she pulled off so well recently. Even though her Miu Miu look was quirky,cool .. this look is much more suited to her age. She looks like a little ballerina. Adorable. Hailee is wearing another of my favourites Marchesa.. yet again I’m green with envy













Who were your favourites this year?


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