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Farah Angsana: Glamour and Fragility!

Farah Angsana’s Spring/Summer 2012  presented at Lincoln Center, NYC, during the MB Fashion Week came as a great surprise to me, with all these adorable colors and nice fabrics assembled for maximum femininity. Draping and frilling were part of the game between fragility and infallible elegance. Crystal studded details were framing some body parts, especially neck and waist lines, while beads and gems were playing the role of a ‘fashinator’ on women’s outfits. The styles were ultimately Roman- or Grecian-inspired and  reminded me of ancient godesses from the Greek or Roman pantheon, known to us through ancient statues, temple friezes and pediments. There was of course an Oriental flare in all this,  evident in the intricate decorations and luxury materials used. Among them one could find a section of three dresses that could be easily called ‘bridal,’ which I liked very much. They were designed for three different types of women – sexy with a hot bustier and a feathery skirt, classic with a sparkly belt under the breast and glamorous with feathers and crystals in harmonious coexistence. There were also charming cocktail and evening looks focusing on various shades of pink which seems to be the designer’s favorite palette. Besides that range of colors we saw various shades of red and orange, as well as some nudes and pastels, especially ice blue, very light and ideal for fairy looks.

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Son Jung Wan: Another Form of Fluidity!

Son Jung Wan gave us a more sophisticated version of fluidity, one that can be tailored as well. Nudes dominated the picture, despite the fact that there were other colors such as deep blue, purple, light grey, white, brown, adorned with golden and silver details, selectively stressing various parts of the silhouette. Smart draping, asymmetries, smooth and shiny textures, as well as the interplay of volumes were building up in a very subtle but successful way, new feminine looks. Fragility and dynamism had an equal share in these charming Spring/Summer 2012 looks. There was an obvious Asian character in it, but without any folk attributes. Most styles were slim and fluid at the same time, meaning absolutely sexy and flattering for more than one body type. I liked the hot shorts and mini-skirts, the skinny pants combined with more fluid asymmetric tops and the smart use of transparencies.

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Pink Tartan: Reinvented 60’s

Early in the morning I went to the Pink Tartan presentation at Fashion Week in NYC, which meant to be a very nice surprise, bringing up the coolest 60’s and 70’s styles mixed up with some 50’s elements, such as full skirts and narrow waists. For Spring/Summer 2012, Pink Tartan suggested classical motifs such as large and small polka dots or thin and thick stripes, geometrical forms such as A-line dresses and pencil skirts, various shades of blue, some combined on the same outfit, orange, sugar white, black with blue and purple and details that could be called ‘very feminine’ even in looks that were on purpose masculine. Here again you could find smartly textured pieces, plain, sophisticated and retro ones. We loved the turtle neck tops worn with sequined pencil skirts making a characteristic metallic noise, ultra short 60’dresses, skinny red pants worn with red turtleneck tops reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot looks, transparent black net tops, 50’s style bikinis, golden sandals which is next season’s must-have item, trench coat dresses, wide belts with cut-out motifs and shirt-dresses with asymmetric hemlines. Models were walking and standing on a square catwalk with smart lighting, that created a dreamy atmosphere in combination with the DJ’s awesome French retro music set!

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Korean Style Goes One Step Further! 

Among all the Spring/Summer 2012 shows I attended so far at MB Fashion Week in NYC, my favorite one was the Korean Concept, through which some of the most talented Korean designers revealed their avant-garde and unique approach, their own vision in terms of fashion. Most of the outfits were eye-catching, intricately composed and quite characteristic of a ‘new age’ in fashion design. Koreans have a distinctive style, which combines luxury with simplicity, innovation with elegance. It seems to be a blend of Asian, European and American influence, something that makes you feel like living in a borderless global society. Guests, especially those of Korean origin, were equally stylish and attractive as the designers hosting the event and the models themselves. Major trends in this presentation were the futuristic retro chic in cool metallic shades, the rich-in-texture styles, the modern warrior looks, the Asian-themed digital prints and the new cosmopolitan style. The most interesting details were about sparkly or colorful sandals, bags and tattoo or body painting prints on tights. It was all amazing!

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Nautica Celebrating the Coolest Styles!

After the amazing Rebecca Taylor show at MB Fashion Week in NYC it was time for the Nautica party at the Empire Hotel’s roof top with a small rectangular pool everybody would love to have in their apartment or house. It wasn’t that relaxing with all the music playing loudly and making guests dancing all over the place, but it was a great chance to hang around with fashion people and take some good photos of standing models dressed in stylish menswear. The Nautica Collection further reinforced the mood for bright colors in Spring/Summer 2012 men’s lines. There were a lot of brightly colored light jackets, swimsuits, polo shirts as well as vinyl bags for the beach which attracted my attention. Most guys were wearing sailor’s shoes and there was tendency towards vivid colors such as coral red, even in pants. All kinds of stripes were the main pattern as usually happens with Nautica’s navy looks. We liked the suede sneakers adopted in many different styles, as well as some cool vests and denim shirts. Most of the people there really appreciated the all-time classic sportswear Nautica suggests in many difference versions once again. The whole presentation ended up being a huge party of fashionistas with a great view and lots of drinks!

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Rebecca Taylor on Golden Heels

One of the most fashionably crowded shows was Rebecca Taylor’s. People waiting for that in a long line were well-dressed and seemed to be highly related to the industry. I was staring speechless at all the different styles and recognized in them the whole array of things which constitute a true fashion week. As for the catwalk, I couldn’t stop thinking of how comfortable clothes can be produced when the designer takes equally into consideration comfort and elegance. The end product of this creative process in this case was some  sparkly but easy to wear pieces, some nudes, and many modern shapes. Shades that were braking the monopoly of neutrals were lime, light yellow, shiny sequined orange, lavender, and golden hues.  I also loved the golden ankle-boot sandals for hip styles. Fabrics were soft or fluid, further reinforcing the idea of stylish comfort.

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General Idea: Setting the Mood for Color

General Idea kept for us a surprise rainbow of styles and materials. Daring men can now trasform their preppy look into a bold statement empoying an amazing range of vivid shades, very uplifting and very to-the-point. We loved the light jackets and raincoats, the stripes and plaids, the college boy looks as well as those outfits with shorts and jackets. Men seem to remain teenagers for ever and in that case the designer wants to stress the fact literally and evidently! I had to be very fast moving using the camera since most models where running fast on the catwalk. I hope that what you see, sometimes naturally cropped, will look interesting!

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Emerson: Urban and Wearable

Emerson was all about wearable, urban style with an artistic twist. I went to the show early this morning (9/9, 9 AM) and despite my FNO exhausting schedule, I felt quite relaxed dreaming of my next summer vacations in the Greek islands. Various shades of blue reminding me of the sea, of grey that is cool and neutral, of absolute black with silvery details and of purple and nudes just made my day, together with the fact that I had a better connection and a slightly deeper knowledge of my brand new iPad device and applications. Nevertheless, it’s still hard to get connected to the Internet at Lincoln Center if you don’t have 3G. So I’ll try to get it. Anyway, the Emerson looks were great, with fluid forms and more tailored pieces in one delicious summery cocktail. I loved the prints, the sophisticated coexistence of party looks and corporate styles and the matching with elegant simplicity and geometrical details. Overall, I could wear almost everything from this collection, indulging myself into the endless game of asymmetries and symmetries.

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Fashionality guest blogs on TellusFashion for New York Fashion Week

We’re very excited to have Eleni Sendona from Fashionality guest blogging for us during New York Fashion Week.

Make sure you keep your eyes glued to the TellusFashion blog from the 8th because Fashionality has promised us an exciting read. They told us: “Fashionality is going to attend most fashion parties, events and shows and provide you with many amazing photos, spicy gossips, runway and street fashion news as well as some videos.”

Fashionality is an English-language, Greek fashion and lifestyle blog which invites its readers to: “Enter the land of style and live a day-to-day fashionable experience, one that fills you up with wonderful images, real action photos, spicy or sophisticated comments, news and tips.”

Right now Eleni is sifting through invitations and organising her planner ready to brace the fashion craziness of Fashion Week and of course tell us all about it.

Let us know what you think of Fashionality’s blog by leaving a comment on her posts starting tomorrow.

Fashion weekly news update

Alexander McQueen leaves part of £16 million to charity


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Documents made public this week reveal that Alexander McQueen left behind an estate worth just over 16 million pounds at the time of his death. The designer, who committed suicide in Feb. 2010, left most of his fortune to charities, but also set aside portions for his siblings, household staff, and the upkeep of his dogs.

The bulk (and remainder) of his estate was left to his Sarabande charity with the suggestion that some money be used for scholarships at Central St. Martin’s in London, of which he was a graduate.

BCBG Max Azria’s President Ben Malka Poached By Halston


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In other fashion news this past month we’ve seen Sarah Jessica Parker, Harvey Weinstein, Marios Schwab, and board member Tamara Mellon walk away from Halston. Then rumors of clashes between the remaining board members, left brand owners Hilco Consumer Capital looking for a strong figure to help rebuild the brand, which is now focusing solely on the contemporary Halston Heritage line.

According to NewYork daily Ben Malka initially denied rumors that he would take over at Halston, but confirmed this week that he had left BCBG Max Azria Group to do just that. Malka was the president of BCBG since 2001, and worked at the company for sixteen years, during which time he solidified BCBG’s place in the contemporary womenswear market.

Malka’s move to Halston also means a cash infusion of $20 million for the company, as his position on the board requires a substantial investment, according to a Halston spokeswoman. The company is now owned entirely by Malka and Hilco Consumer Capital, the latter of which bought out former board members Sarah Jessica Parker and Harvey Weinstein when they jumped ship this past month.

Malka is also rumoured to be bringing Marie Mazelis, creative director of Herve Leger and Max Azria, with him. Mazelis has confirmed that she plans to leave BCBG Max Azria Group, but would not comment on her next move: “I haven’t made a final decision yet.” Malka, for his part, denied just last week that he wasn’t joining Halston then I guess in a week things changed who knows the same might happen to Mazelis.

Despite the fact that Marios Schwab has left the company, Halston still plans to deliver his Fall 2011 collection to stores. Malka has yet to decide whether Halston will produce a high-end line for Spring 2012, a spokeswoman from the brand further added.

For me I wonder at the of Holston? Will it become another copy of what Malka did at BCBG, or will he go in another direction only time will tell.

Sasha Pivovarova, Daria Strokous Both Score Upcoming Film Cameos

I love when the worlds of fashion and movies comes together.

This year making their cinematic day beau are two models Sasha Pivovarova, who plays Justin Timberlake’s mother-in-law in the sci-fi thriller In Time, out Oct. 28, and model Daria Strokous who makes an appearance in Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming thriller Contagion, which is out Sept. 9 and boasts a cast that includes Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, and Kate Winslet. No details have been released about Strokous’s role, but Pivovarova can be spotted in the trailer for In Time below.

Now let’s hope that their acting is better than other model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who was in Transformers: Dark of the Moon this year.
In my humble opinion her acting wasn’t all that great and feel, if this is what’s to be expected in future roles somebody needs to stick to their day job. (ouch that sounded nasty.)
I’m sorry it had to be said.

Enough of me been a movie critic Moving on to more fashion!!!!!


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Kanye west’s upcoming womenswear label seems to be all abuzz in fashion news of late.

With professor Louise Wilson, the director of the MA in fashion course at Central Saint Martins, working with West to collaborate on the collection it’s bounded to be well considered and put together in a way thats unexpected and inventive. (one to lock out for)

For those out there thinking that this will be a one-sided affair with West as the face and Lousie as the lackey doing all the work will have to think again with Louise herself stating that Kanye researches thoroughly into ideas and is hands on and committed to his work.”

Goldin and West have reportedly set up a studio in Paris, but Goldin is said to be keen to relocate to the United States, prompting rumors that West will show the label at New York Fashion Week.

West has also reportedly been working with Harper’s Bazaar Australia fashion editor and street style favorite Christine Centenera on the line. Centenera met West in March at the Fall 2011 shows during Paris Fashion Week, and has since been flown to Paris twice monthly to work on the collection in a consulting capacity. When asked for comment, Centenera apparently replied that West is a very private person and that it’s not her place to comment.

Nse Assangha

Suzanne Rae Mixes Feminist With Feminine in Her Unique AW11 Collection.

Hot off the heels of the press in America, Tellusfashion predict that Suzanne Rae will make it big internationally very shortly. Her autumn/winter collection, which took New York fashion week by storm, makes a feminist statement using bold designs. However, she has cleverly incorporated femininity into these feminist styles, mixing tough wool with sensual silk and strong masculine tailored pieces made ladylike and glamorous.


For her autumn/winter collection, dark colours such as blacks and greys are textured with plaits and lace making this a unique grungy yet girly and sophisticated collection. Other materials she has used include sustainable hemp and light shades of silk. The contrast works really well, and sets her apart from other up and coming designers. She said: “I’m exploring the individual vs. the collective

unconsciousness…and how we can liberate ourselves from this…how we can be everything…the strong woman, the appropriate woman (perhaps as opposed to the ‘proper’ woman), the liberated, explorative, alive individual…”


Suzanne Rae Pelaez graduated from Parson School of Design, and now lives and works in Brooklyn. Her label, Suzanne Rae, aims to construct garments in a traditional way with a difference, experimenting with draping dresses and patterns.


Suzanne Rae has had three previously successful collections exhibited at New York Fashion Week. Her spring/summer collection displayed floaty, loose feminine dresses in layered style at the back and which rose shorter towards the front, all in light, floral colours and tied around the waist, rope-like belts.


She often collaborates with different designers for her shows, including accessories designer Yestadt Millinery and shoe designers Dieppa Restrepo.


Watch out for her coming collections.Images courtesy of

I heart the Olsens…

Just two of the many influential fashionistas in the world who inspire my daily style…



Their latest collection for The Row was showcased this week at NYFW and was inspired by The Triplets of Belleville and The Fantastic Mr. Fox, a Seventies-era shot of a super glam Bianca Jagger, and artwork by Egon Schiele.

Probably my favourite so far!

I get the feeling Black and Mustard Yellows are where we’re at next season…


Heather x


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He was one of my favourites for SS11 and I really love his latest collection for next season. In my opinion he should be given more credit as a designer..

Heather x


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Jason Wu AW11

From one of last year’s most acclaimed new designers comes another fantastic collection which was inspired by Robert Polidori’s book Parcours Museologique Revisite – a book which documented the restoration of Versaille in Paris. The pieces were beautifully crafted and according to Wu were representative of the mix of the roughness of the restoration and the opulence of the previous decor in the palace. This was well conveyed with the contrast of rough texture and delicate embroidery and print.

The collection was also cleverly presented on a runway that looked like it was under some construction too – lovely! Adore Jason Wu

Heather x

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BCBG Maxazria, New York Fashion Week AW11

A very successful show for BCBGMAXAZRIA in New York this afternoon, the look was simplistic yet chic with a varied mix of tones from pillar box reds, cobalts, neutrals and mustards.

It was a great progression from the SS11 look with a lot of similar silhouettes seen on the runway today. Most of the dresses were teamed together with turtle neck tops which gave the collection a quirky little twist.

Pictures of the show to follow soon!

Heather x

Happy Fashion week Everyone!!

I absolutely love this time of year, maybe even more so than Christmas! This week we begin with New York Fashion Week which has already kicked off yesterday with a show from Willow… Counting down 3 and a bit hours until BCBG Maxazria – Very excited!

Check out the blog this afternoon for more news on NYFW!

Heather x