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Romance Darkly

Clements Ribeiro AW11

I had the pleasure of dressing for this show while at London Fashion Week. (I dressed the first model by the way). It was truly a beautiful show with pattern mash ups and hues of velvet blue, gold and darkened black. I especially loved the leopard print that merged into a more traditional, sophisticated brocade print. The orchestral music played as the models walked out in rich red silk shirts with ruff collars and ladylike, elegant, mid length dresses. It’s nice to see clothes that I would be interested in buying. You could see these clothes even on the high street. They collaborated with Charlotte Olympia for the stacked platform heels which were mouth watering.All in all, it was a magical Victorian atmosphere at the Show Space and everyone was glad Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro came back to LFW. 

Images courtesy of London Fashion Week

Your girl, Najla