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Street Style ~ Hong Kong / David

Name: David Ericsson

Age: 33

Occupation: Designer

Favourite Place to Shop: Tokyo

A simple and casual look, I like a guy who wears a denim shirt. David is a swedish product designer who lives in Hong Kong. I met him at one of his shop parties in Sheung Wan where his shop is based. An extremely nice and friendly guy, he shares his shop with other designer friend Alexis which they sells watches and shoes.

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Milk & Tracey

Name: Milk

Age: 19

Occupuation: Student


Name: Tracey

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Favourite Place to Shop: Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

I met these two when I was taking photos of some breakdancers at night with my friends in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. I thought these two were adorable! Both eating pocky sticks and had a very cute and lively atmosphere about them. As the other colour trend in Hong Kong besides from black is beiges/browns, I thought these two matched each other’s outfits really sweetly. In the winter weather, as said before, trench coats are very popular this year, whereas ankle, calf and knee furry boots are too. A common trend has been to buy these attachable furs to your boots to keep your legs even warmer. They vary in colour and style. aka. leopard prints. Think of some female ravers with skimpy outfits but long furry boots on…but in a better way suited for winter.

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / William & Melissa

Name: Melissa

Age: 32

Occupation: Fashion Editor

Favourite Place to Shop: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.


Name: William

Occupation: Buyer

Favourite Place to Shop: London, UK.

Batwing jumpers are hugeeee at the moment. Hong Kong is an absolute fashion follower of baggy clothes but the batwing tops look playful and elegant at the same time. Perfect for daytime and night. Whereas William teams up a leather jacket with cropped trousaurs. Both finished work and went shopping, I would have never guessed..

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Marc

Name: Marc

Age: 24

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Favourite Place to Shop: Hong Kong Markets

I met Marc in Fo Tan, Hong Kong where there was a mass arts event in different studios in the area. Leather shoes and tailored trousaurs are definately a favourite in the sophisicated look in mens fashion here in HK as well as black trench coats in its colder weather at the moment. What I see alot are guys wearing man-bags here, which I love! More guys should do this in England..

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Suki

As shopping seems to be at ALL hours in Hong Kong, I strolled around Causeway Bay after work and it’s still as busy as ever in comparison to the day. I found Suki as she was out shopping by herself..

Name: Suki

Age: 21

Favourite Place to Shop: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

As said previously, black seems to be a mass trend in HK. The overall appearance seems very sophisicated and slightly has a gothic feel with the dark red lipstick and dark makeup. I loved how her gold watch matched her bag and studded belt. Her platform shoes were amazing! And although around 4/5 inches high, she seemed to walk in them too easily….jealous.

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Caroline

Name: Caroline

Age: 25

Occupation: Garment Merchandiser

Favourite Place to Shop: Tokyo, Japan

I spotted Caroline around Tsim Sha Tsui doing some street photography. She’s wearing a Glam Rock hoodie, some retro leggings from Tokyo and some furry boots her mum got her from China. I especially liked how her casual outfit had flashes of red everywhere.

Street Style ~ Hong Kong / Carrie

Hello! Belated introductions. My name is Vicky, I’m currently working in Hong Kong for the next few months. I thought it’d be interesting to see the different variations of fashion styles from western to eastern!

Name: Carrie

Age: 17

Occupation: Student

Favourite Place to shop: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

I had to bring my camera to work and luckily on the way, stopped this sweet girl, Carrie. Although to me, the weather in October here is still quite warm (roughly 18 – 23 degrees), people in HK seem to wrap up already in winter gear! The first thing I’ve definately noticed here is the amount of people who dress in black. Black is the new deal here I guess. Originally, I didn’t think you could mix and match that much in just black clothing but seeing the variety of people that do here, my opinion has changed. 

Carrie was out shopping with her friends wearing a black leather jacket, black ruffled top, polka-dot skirt, with some winter boots. She matches with a black hairband with flashes of bling from her tiara necklace and cute rings.

Until next time…….! (tomorrow hopefully)