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LFW Streetstyle: Antipodium X2

Beautiful Hand of Fatima necklace.

I love how she mixed two different material pieces from the Antipodium A/W11 collection. A cotton tide print top and a light chiffon tide print maxi skirt.






LFW Streetstyle: Antipodium Dress

I love the collar detail on this Antipodium A/W 11 a line shirt dress.

LFW Streetstyle: Bucket Bag

LFW Streetstyle: Black on Black

Eva Minge: Stripes All Over!

Stripes inspired by the famous marinière, Jean Paul Gaultier’s favorite motif, were everywhere in Eva Minge’s collection, presented during MB Fashion Week at Hudson Hotel in NYC. Multiple versions of stripes, mostly in blue or black & white, were placed on casual chic and smart business women’s and men’s looks. Other colors used in this rich collection was red, yellow and green. Most lines where fitted with smart details such as zippers and openings. If you are searching for sexy and comfy everyday look, then this is going to be your favorite Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Mini skirts, hot shorts, leggings, and seductive swimwear are among your choices for next season. The whole idea is to get some of the pieces and make with them endless combinations. Geometry, sharp contrasts, underwear and sportswear inspirations made up easy-to-wear items for young, active people looking for ‘basics with a twist’. Most styles were combined with ankle boots which remain a trend for the coming months. Some of the models were also wearing impressive flats, further satisfying the quest for comfort. There was nice tailoring in jackets and trench coats for men and women, and a very interesting hoodie with revealing zipper on the back. The show was huge, so I didn’t manage to stay till the end. I had to rush for the next show (Venexiana) which I knew it was going to be fabulous, and finally I did it!

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Venexiana’s Incredible Gowns!

Venexiana Spring/Summer 2012 was an endless series of fabulous evening gowns and spectacular cocktail dresses, full of sparkle and color that can be called ‘dazzling’. Sequins, rich draping, soft and bright colors, solid, shiny and light weight fabrics, monochromes and prints, all kind of necklines (from strapless to turtleneck), maxis and minis where the key points of this amazing collection presented during MB Fashion Week in NYC. Those dresses are the ones most women are dreaming of for a special night out. They attract attention, make you feel unique and above all can be an investment. Many of them had interesting golden and bronze hues or shine. The rest of the palette included pinks, greens, blues and a little bit of black. Details such as flowers and bows were placed at key points of the silhouette to enhance the design and reveal the power of fabrics to fold in many different ways and create unexpected shapes. The whole array of colors could have been inspired by some sort of a magic spring garden or from Alice in Wonderland. It seemed as if they have been placed inside Barbie’s Fairytale Glitterizer Wardrobe which infuses everything with incredible sparkle! Venexiana loves Old Hollywood glamour and with the right moves manages to make this style modern and fresh. For that matter, the collection included a lot of mini lengths and fitted lines. Femininity takes here a very impressive and delicate form, one that can make all heads turn towards it.

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Lela Rose: Simple and Fabulous!

Lela Rose Spring/Summer 2012 show during MB Fashion Week in NYC was all about effortless elegance, sophisticated simplicity and harmony. Fitted midi dresses in nudes and soft metallic shades, as well as looks with wonderful abstract prints and lacy details, and gowns with charming transparencies were the main pieces that attracted attention. Polka dots which are many designers’ favorites for this, and the next, season, were included in this collection as motifs on light-weight fabrics. Romanticism and retro elements dominated the picture, with florals and lace used selectively on plain backgrounds to promote the concept of ‘urban vintage’ – looks that seem old and new at the same time. Evening styles were so loose and subtle that could be easily adopted whole day long with slight changes in accessories. Some details, such as flares from the waist and simple necklines, flattered the silhouettes even more, supporting the very idea of ‘chic and sleek’. Those are outfits that should be in every wardrobe because they are easy-to-wear in many occasions. Most dresses can help you build up a smart corporate look as well as many for the evenings. And besides that, in this collection you can find very modern and edgy combinations of tops with mini skirts and shorts, for your summer vacations. I just loved the loose jacket matched with shorts as well as the funky yellow-blue t-shirt with a colorful printed mini-skirt.

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Teen Vogue Rocks Lincoln Center!

Teen Vogue Magazine organized a wonderful show in teen spirit during MB Fashion Week in NYC, presenting its editors’ choices for this season, meaning warm and stylish clothes for young people who want to stand out in most occasions. The collection which talented fashion editors assembled piece-by-piece included party, leisure and college looks, some sporty and somewhat boyish while others extremely girly. They suggested extensive use of layering, employing items of different character that can match for some obvious reason and above all can be extremely comfortable. Among the highlights, one could see tutu’s and other skirts worn over leggings or skinny pants, contrasts of warm and cold shades, blazers with full skirts, little dresses worn with opaque tights and boots, tartan pants and animal print faux furs, flared jeans, Dock Martin’s, All Star Converse shoes and heels worn with little socks. Most outfits were ideal for a heavy winter and were introducing all kinds of unexpected combinations since teenagers are not at all color-phobic or fearful in terms of fashion. On the contrary, they love experimenting with new trends and always succeed in creating their own, even without spending a lot of money. The whole event was extremely successful attracting a lot of guests and other fashionistas surrounding the enclosed open-air area where it took place, at Lincoln Center. I just allowed a teenage girl to stand in front of me while I was taking photos and she was watching on her knees so as not to disturb me. She even came back to me after the show to thank me again and again for giving her my standing position. Look how polite and mature those kids are! I really admire them…

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Custo Barcelona’s Fashion Cocktail!

Custo Barcelona is always transforming the catwalk into a huge dancing stage full of trend remixes and unexpected cocktails of different styles. Once again a great variety of fabrics, prints and adornments came together in one Spring/Summer 2012 collection presented during the MB Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, NYC. This is one of my favorite shows despite the fact that I always face difficulty with the colorful lighting that resembles that one of the older mega clubs in this city. My photos seem to be influenced by this setback but I can easily describe you all the blurred and missing details. As usual, the fashion blender was filled with colorful knits, geometrical motifs, sparkly and textured items, leather and crazy accessories. This time one could see a lot of nudes and pastels contrary to designers’ general preference for bright colors. For women there were also some androgynous looks with jackets and blazers together with a great variety of hot fitted dresses at mini lengths. Combined with light brown suede ankle boots those dresses look fantastic – very modern and easy-to-wear all day long. Sexy tanks with sparkly shorts, dresses with tight side draping as well as menswear with eccentric prints were among my favorites from this collection. Many of the outfits had a tribal attitude, inspired by exotic cultures and folk traditions. Others reproduced one of Custo’s emblematic techniques; the patchwork. The whole show was a moment of bliss and youthful style that we definitely want to keep in our lives.

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Jenny Packham’s Dreamy Glamour!

Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2012 show during MB Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, NYC was the sparkly little dream I had quite early in the morning, September 12. The whole collection of light-weight fairy dresses in nudes, pastels and some bright colors gave off elegant sparkles that were really appealing to the eye. There were no signs of exaggeration, just harmony, femininity and joy. Golden, metallic blue, red, white and silver flashes were part of the sequined decoration – geometrical, abstract and floral. What was very interesting was that despite all this metallic flare, the looks didn’t look heavy at all. Luxurious and subtle at the same time, the dresses made a huge statement about new age glamour. Most gowns seem to be a red carpet must-have, flattering and not hiding the silhouette. Fine details, transparencies and fluid forms transform the designers’ generosity with fabrics and precious materials into an intention to create wearable works of art. Little frills, drapes and pleats reveal a talent in tailoring and pattern making. Most forms and styles are viewed as simple ones but in fact they are demanding and complicate. I now know how a woman can be sexy without being provocative, and scandalous without making even one sin. The little sparkles on the light-weight, almost (but not) see-though fabrics can become an obsession! Maybe Jenny Packham gave us a great hint of ‘what to where’ when we want to make women jealous and men full in love with us.

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Callula Lillibelle Is Very Romantic!

The Callula Lillibele Spring/Summer 2012 presentation at Lincoln Center during MB Fashion Week in NYC, reproduced smartly a new notion of romanticism with a unique identity which is sweet and tasteful. The whole collection put together features from the 30’s, 50’s and 70’s to make statement pieces such as the hot pink under-knee dress which attracted most photographers attention. The designer revealed a long series of polka dot, black lace and animal print items. There was a variety of lightweight and more solid fabrics, with those motifs in many different forms and combinations on jackets, tops, skirts and dresses. Retro elements was an integral part of this collection, as well as the ‘spicing up’ with pieces from a man’s closet such as long blazers and men’s shoes. A certain emphasis was given to accessories framing the looks such as the very feminine thin belts with bows, the strap sandals, and the colorful straw clutches. Models were also wearing wonderful bracelets with large beads. Pencil skirts alternating with full and pleated ones coexisted in the same collection with cute shorts and pants. Transparencies and layering set the mood for seducing looks while metallic shade leathers were the No1 material for shoes – heels and flats. Most of the outfits could be called all-day and some of them brilliant party looks. There was also a prom soft turquoise tulle dress in the middle with a contrasting orange color belt which called for the most romantic modern creatures to wear it. The palette of chosen colors included black and white, heavenly pink, soft beige, vivid orange, vintage yellow, light blue and green. Old and new, the key points of those looks brought about a flare of innocence and ‘sauciness’, the magic duality of women’s nature.

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Carlos Miele: Making Waves!

What one could clearly see through Carlos Miele show during MB Fashion Week in NYC was green and blue waves mixed up naturally with rays of sunset light, golden hues and eternal white. There was wavy tailoring, fabrics and prints revolving around the same theme like typhoons, placing in the middle of everything the very idea of flowing, refreshing water. Some of these fortunate pictures of summer fun were rendered in black and white while others kept their original colors as they were rocking the catwalk. Some waists were highlighted smartly with thin golden/bronze belts while many décolletés were enriched with wonderful draping. Florals won their case assuming shades that were out of the garden-scape and staying in tune with the sea-breeze concept. Noone denies that those elegant gowns made of light-weight fabrics will be a must-have for next season. Most patterns and motifs were very imaginative, almost escaping from the palette of the long-forgotten painter living somewhere in the Mediterranean. Turquoise with sugar white and gold as well as orange with gold were among my favorite combinations from this collection. I also loved the rich, colorful caftans and will never resist to their wavy prints even when they appear in black and white. Slim lines juxtaposed on the same outfit with loose ones, made the interplay of volumes look like a natural phenomenon. The ‘atmosphere’ was warm and windy, compelling you to view these looks in a completely natural setting outside that huge room (namely the ‘Stage’ at Lincoln Center) were their showcasing was actually taking place. In terms of lengths the designer suggested a lot of midis – especially in fitted little colorful dresses – and maxis, some of them with completely revealing slits. I also enjoyed a lot of marvelous one-shoulder dresses and details such as richly draped, short sleeves.

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Vlov-Quingquing Wu: Men’s New Look!

Vlov-Quingquing Wu for Spring/Summer 2012 was a lesson of flawless simplicity that can fill a man’s wardrobe with precious basics and desirable statement pieces. The show at Lincoln Center during MB Fashion Week in NYC was a charming parade of blues, blacks, whites and greys in nice, easy-to-wear fabrics put together in loose and fitted styles, for casual and corporate looks. Some of them seemed to be inspired from workers’ outfits, others from traditional Asian costumes while others from sportswear and hipsters’ attires. I spotted a lot of pajama-like shirts, wide pants and Bermuda shorts, smarty-cut jackets and blazers, and excellently tailored pieces. Among the features that stood out and grabbed the whole attention were the nude color duos, the electric blue monochrome items, the white suits and the shiny fabrics in darker shades. Minimal as they were, some of the looks could be called futuristic, stressing more the very need for convenience and mixing it up with modern-age elegance. The quest for comfort played a major role, making those clothes very attractive to young, active people with an urban lifestyle and fast moving routines.

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Jad Ghandour Goes Wild!

It’s very difficult to distract the audience with your creations when is focusing on one of the most beautiful creatures nature ever produced – a baby tiger. Jad Ghandour made a huge bet placing this charming animal inside a cage directly on the middle of the catwalk were models presented the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. MB Fashion Week in NYC was full of hidden surprises and one of them was incorporating wild life into a true fashion event! During the show the designer was winning points with sparkly items, making gradually the tiger almost invisible. The gorgeous wild animal was reacting to the models walking in front of it in a playful manner, which could not be ignored but after a while it was fashion that was proven more appealing to the eyes and attracted more attention. Smart openings, sparkly materials, metallic shine leathers, animal prints, mini lengths and kinky accessories made the whole collection sexy and provocative, wilder in instincts and intentions than the animal itself. Golden swimsuits, bodysuits, skirts and outfits played a dominant role confronting us with a version of glamour that is less elegant and refined that that of gems and crystals. Most of the hot material presented in this show addresses directly dancers and other sorts of performers in our popular culture, while others could be easily adopted by daring party (or California) girls with perfect silhouettes and nice tan. I could probably get one of the golden bodysuits, just in case I need an extra boost of my confidence, making all men staring at me, speechless!

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Zang Toi Turns Out To Be Majestic!

Zang Toi is the designer who, during the last seasons, manages to raise all people from their seats at the finale of his shows. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection presented at Lincoln Center during MB Fashion Week in NYC was no exception to this rule. Once again there was a main cultural influence which is this case was Africa and a major celebrity at the end, showcasing his most impressive creation for the season, a role assigned this time to Kirstie Alley, a woman with many fans all over the US. Everything started with an impressive outfit dominated by a huge turban in earthy tone, followed by caftans and easy-to-wear power suits and ensembles in nude shades and black. The greatest contrast in the middle was black & white while at the end of the show we enjoyed – as we always do – his seasonal color duo which is now black with blue. The result of this magical mix was luxurious, impressive and majestic. Opulence and glamour were once again the basic attributes of his precious gowns that call for princesses and red carpet creatures to adopt them in their wardrobes. Many of them were adorned with gems, while others with golden chains on the back and shoulders. In between, one could notice some disco girl sparkle & vibes, especially those ones at the outfit with the golden leggings. The whole collection was smoothly diverse incorporating styles for many different types of women, classic and avant-garde. What was equally delicious there, was the hairstyling. All models had adorable and sleek updos which resembled works of sculpture. I’ll ask for a similar one at my hairdresser’s for a Christmas look and I’m suggesting the same to the brides-to-be of this season.

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Diesel Black Gold is Sparkly!

Diesel Black Gold show for Spring/Summer 2012 during MB Fashion Week in NYC was once again the magnet of a very fashionable crowd ready to absorb the new trends and dress in what’s hip and fabulous in this city. The collection included many statement pieces such as those with metallic shine and the sparkly ones – leggings or else skinny pants, shorts, dresses, tops, skirts and jackets – as well those ones made of leather. The designer combined the foil radiance with beautiful pastels and nudes for an interesting look defined by smooth contrasts. Models strolling along with the flashes produced by the reflections of lights on numerous pieces of mirror making up an impressive background for the catwalk, looked stunning and precious. The styles, eccentric but wearable, can be the fashionable alternative for an all-day outfit that matches well with a variety of occasion requirements, and solves the ever-lasting dilemma of ‘what to wear’ on a date. It’s ‘dress to impress’ but in a sophisticated manner. In most looks one could spot many smart details, from openings, to asymmetries and layering, that can effortlessly make the difference. One could also notice clearly the accentuated seams used to-the-point, in order to frame the silhouettes and wisely hide imperfections. Seams usually direct the eyes towards a specific area, making illusions and playing smartly with impressions. Those clothes definitely help all of us look slimmer and fancier. For that matter I will be among the first ones to get them and enrich my wardrobe.

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Hervé Léger’s Reinvented Bandage Dresses

The Spring/Summer 2012 Hervé Léger by Max Azria show during the MB Fashion Fashion Week in NYC, was the ultimate proof that there is a unique kind of a dress which can transform itself and survive for many seasons as the No1 desirable item for fashionistas who want to seduce everybody with their style. The original bandage dress evolves taking many forms such as the ultra glamorous item, the smart easy-to-wear item and the fancy dress for all kinds of occasions. It adopts in its thick, heavy and elastic synthesis a metallic shine, some braided details, few adorable geometrical patterns, charming openings, playful slits or elegant fringes, attracting attention and changing drastically its profile. With all these maneuverings among trends and classics, it finally remains still fresh and hot, the key to a very feminine look, for most types of women. This season the bandage dress incorporates multiple straps, asymmetries, frills and a great deal of geometry in all kinds of unexpected but flattering details. The end product is gorgeous silhouettes that are proud of themselves, revealing their curvy parts in an irresistible way. With most lengths being knee or above-knee-high, those dresses, once again, seem to be an indispensable part of your wardrobe, being quite different -and same- from your already acquired Hervé Léger ones, your all-time-classic and favorites from previous seasons.

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Argentina Does Well in NYC!

Argentine designers presented at their show a great kaleidoscope of forms, patterns, motifs and colors, inspired by their distinctive culture and its interaction to the rest of the world. Nudes and vivid colors, orange and beige, ethnic features, geometrical forms, black and white, huge flowers as headpieces, and fascinating shapes really depicted this country’s rich stock of ingenuity and creativity. The Argentine Spring/Summer 2012 collections at the collective Lincoln Center show during MB Fashion Week in NYC were really charming in variety and style. One could find many folk and traditional elements such as long full skirts with tribal motifs, dresses with ruffled hemlines, boots with fringes, belts made of big florins and colorful knitted bags. Contrary to that, came some pieces with very modern asymmetric parts, exquisite draping and layering, monochrome identity, extensive use of zippers, and smart juxtaposition of volumes. Those people with romantic nature could, on the other hand, find in Argentine creations the ultimate form of the romantic everyday look with items such as little floral dresses, outfits in pastel shades and accessories which could be called retro. Some of the looks were delving details from distant past ages while others from older periods in history. All of them were sophisticated, impressive and wearable which means that Argentine fashion has a great chance to do well next season in NYC, as an alternative to other overused so-called exotic trends.

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Improvd Celebrates Uniqueness!

I liked the Improvd MB Fashion Week presentation more in terms of the collection itself than the staging of it. It was quite stressful -almost like a battle- with photographers rushing from one side of the room to the other in order to ‘catch’ the alternating models lined on two consequtive walls in a relatively small room. We all tried to take photos but for most of us it was impossible to have all of them. The moment one actually reached the next spot, the model could be about to leave it. So everybody was pushing each other, not on purpose, but as an instict for the survival of the fittest. Anyway, my smart moves through the crowd made me one of the lucky ones to get most of the photos and I am really proud for this. Regarding the collection, Improvd suggests for Spring/Summer 2012 the extensive use of leather processed in a very interesting way, making unexpected patterns and designs. There was also a lot of smart and fluid layering were nudes combined with bright colors – especially reds, blues and greens. I loved the abstract colorful prints in very light fabrics and the subtle draping contrasting with more tailored, geometrical forms. Belts and thick straps were the fascinating material which framed the fluid ones in this intricate looks. It seems to be clothes that are hiding silhouette imperfections in a very sophisticated manner. What added a tone of formality was black used selectively in most styles.

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Indashio’s Crazy Fashionable Night!

On September 13th (9PM) I went to the Indashio’s MB fashion show and after-party at Audi Forum in NYC. The young but succesful designer presented a menswear Spring/Summer 2012 collection influenced by New England were he was leaving at some point. The line included trench coats, vividly colored pants – especially yellow, blue and red – polo shirts and very stylish jackets for true hipsters. Models – mostly men – adopted very eccentric makeup looks and hairstyles in full contrast with the elegant, casual styles presented. What was very interesting at this fashion event was the crowd of avant-garde young people with great vibes and energy attending it. You could recognize among them all kinds of new trends from head to toe. Indashio is very popular to this kind of audience, who loves dancing a lot and making numerous fashion statements on a daily basis. Those people are true trendsetters in NYC, and what makes them even more interesting is that they are very genuine. Indashio who appeared at the end of the show wearing and crystal studded head-piece and shaking his body following the music, came to confirm this creative hipster attitude.

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Nanette Lepore is Full of Happiness!

Nanette Lepore’s was the only show accompanied with live persormance of a music band I attended this season at Lincoln Center during MB Fashion Week. It was a very amusing and uplifting moment, dominated by a Spring/Summer 2012 collection full of neon and bright colors. There were some vividly hued monochrome pieces and some other with wonderful prints such as stripes and abstract florals. Cute details like bows, smart openings and crochet got us back to the ages of innocence, those ones of our childhood. Blues and pinks painted a great part of the collection while the rest of it was full of neons like yellow, orange and fuchsia combined together in a magical way. Bags and shoes were equally bold, bright and adorable. Ensembles, dresses, trenchcoats and suimsuits followed simple lines with a 50’s flavor pointing to narrow waists and full knee-length skirts. Lace interplaying with brighly colored sub layers were another good surprise at this show. The looks were really feminine and modern, romantic and even futuristic since they added color to a world that turns up to be grey all the time. One of the major highlights was famous photographer Bill Cunningham taking pictures from stylish front-row people and others waiting at the long line to enter this huge space called the ‘Stage’. I happened to be one of the lucky ones to be shot by Bill not only in this show but also at the beginning of the fashion week. Anyway, I loved Nanette Lepore’s vibes in this show. She transforms people into differerent creatures full of positive energy and desire to go on. After September’s 11th 10th Aniversary that mood was absolutely necessary.

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Nomia’s Form of Simplicity

Spring/Summer 2012 collection presented by Nomia at Lincoln Center was all about simple lines, great contrasts, geometry and fluidity. Earth hues such as reds, browns and nudes enriched with touches of light blue and black reinforced the idea of natural and effortless elegance. Transparencies and smart slits and openings infused the styles with extra femininity, supporting at the same time a very modern, urban profile. Nomia played a lot with lines and subtle prints giving to the clothes an architectural character. Small details like striped collars and differently colored patches attracted attention since everything else was about tailoring and shapes. Draping had a significant role in this collection, used selectively and placed on strategical points. Most looks were accesorized with ankle boots and makeup focusing on bright eyes. Most dresses and skirts were on mini lengths but there were also midi and maxi ones. Wearable and distrinct those styles were really very attractive. Models at that show were walking in a little catwalk and the space that hosted the audience at Lincoln Center was really cozy. Above my head, close to the ceiling, I noticed some colorful threads crossed diagonally and complementing the avant-garde impression created due to the lighting.

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Temperley London – SS12 Report

Temperley’s ‘Grace’ SS12 collection battles a new take on classical
decadent romance. Typical crystal encrusted gowns, beautiful silhouettes,
delicate lace and rich satin sit alongside bold flashes of colour, shots of
animal print, graphic floral’s and quirky fringing bringing a new, fresh focus
to luxury as unique statements collide with gorgeous, feminine shapes for a
timeless but innovative collection.

The collection toys with transparencies, creating exquisite shapes
with body-hugging dresses and tailored shirts complete with French lace and
golden crystal drops. The silhouettes appear elongated, sensual and unique
drawing upon the divide between the typical sights of gentle pearls that become
entwined with satin 70’s headbands and graphic prints.

The colours saw the usual representatives of a sensual, lady like
collection with creams, sweet pastels and gentle nudes that were sliced through
with dramatic navy and harsh whites as Temperely creates a contemporary but yet
traditional take on romance.

Draping’s of silk satin and shimmering sequins teamed with
brilliant, glossy red lips added the perfect edge to highlight Temperley’s
renowned craftsmanship. Fluid, clean lines and classic detail contrasted
against oversized prints, flowing kimono capes and new colours finish this
ultra glamorous, elegant collection that casts a thrilling new light on tradition.

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Burberry Prorsum SS12

London Fashion Week is well and truly in full swing this week with some amazing collections from the likes of Sass & Bide, Mary Katrantzou and Aquascutum but to name a few. However, we all know that TellusFashion and the rest of the fashion world were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next Burberry Prorsum collection from Christopher Bailey. Its fair to say that we were not disappointed!

For SS12, Bailey took the brand in a new direction this season, bringing us more detailed garments full of print, weaving, braiding, beading and plenty of soft spring colours. Not forgetting the signature trench which appeared on the catwalk in a stunning aqua blue for the coming season.

Have a look at the collection below