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Lohan behold Plein’s new model

German designer, Philippe Plein, has made a bold move by choosing once, twice, three times a party girl, Lindsay Lohan, to front his new campaign.

Plein and Li-Lo were seen on location in Italy, as Lindsay looked awkward and a lttle trashy; thank whoever for airbrushing…

Philippe was quoted as saying ‘Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality.’

Philippe Plein is known for his bold designs, and we at Tell Us Fashion wonder whether Lindsay Lohan has the right balance of good girl gone bad, mixed with high fashion, or question whether the former Disney Princess who raced around in magical cars has lost her sparkle and all fashion credentials.

It will be interesting to see if this tabloid talent can rise to the challenge and produce stunning shots used in Plein’s previous campaigns:


Lindsay is no stranger to the fashion game herself, having featured in Vogue numerous times, and modelling her own clothing line, 6126.

Only Ms Lohan could dodge a lengthy jail sentence and land a dream modelling campaign; let’s just hope the end shots of Plein’s campaign aren’t guilty of comitting crimes against fashion.

Falling For Autumn

The nights are drawing in, the sun has taken his hat off and you find yourself dodging soggy leaves on your way to work; Autumn is well and truly knocking at our door. So why not welcome it in, treat it to a cuppa and embrace the best season for fashion; covering up has never been so much fun.

Lusting for Mustard

Strong to smell and fierce on the eye, mustard is a must have for any girls wardrobe this season. From coats to bags and shirt to shoes; this vibrant shade livens up any outfit, leaving you looking and feeling as fresh as an Autumnal morning.

Get Loud in your own Mustard coat by Florence & Fred at Tesco for only £25

Shape Shifters

During a last ditch attempt to bag some holiday bargains, I saw an abundance of shift dresses across all of the high street stores. Perfect paired with tights and patent shoes for work, or you can dare to bare and lose the hosiery for a night on the town.

We at Tellusfashion have caught a late Summer Cole Cold, and the only cure seems to be seeing a lovely picture of Mrs C showing us how shift dresses are meant to be worn, take is away Chezza.

If you’re anything like us then the last of your wages would have gone on that delicious Friday afternoon Starbucks binge, so this Alexander McQueen dress will have to wait until next month. However, this stunning Cheryl-esque shift dress from River Island won’t break the bank, and is perfect for those Saturday pre night out X Factor party evenings .

River Island £25

Gold, always believe in your soul…

Queen B gave us a glimpse of things to come when she hit Glastonbury like a dancing disco ball; shimmy-ing her way in to the fashion elite and making us feel like Christmas had come early.

Razzle dazzle them all the way up to Christmas with this gorgeous FCUK sequin Samantha dress, as seen on Coronation Street cutie Brooke Kinsella.

£165 FCuk

Man Up

If I were a boy, even just for a day, I would raid that fella’s wardrobe and steal his clothes in my own way. The tuxedo and tailored look hit the red carpet earlier this year and sees no sign of stopping, which means us ladies can save our money and go all Gok Wan on our boyfriends favourite suit.

Head to for some tailored inspiration; from plain and simple, to keeping in with the colour blocking trend, they have it all.

Peg trousers with braces £45

Orange slim crop trousers £40

These statement pieces will help create that capsule Autumn wardrobe, and help to ease the pain of the colder days to come.

And the winner is…

Every year a hoard of celebrities gather from across the globe and come together to celebrate music, however for Tellusfashion the MTV VMA’s are all about the glitzy outfits, wardrobe malfunctions, eye feasting on yet another glowing ensemble from Beyonce and wondering when Lady GaGa will get those circus mirrors removed from her room.

These awards are about acknowledging the hard work that these A listers put in to their careers, but Tellusfashion have put together their own awards and are dishing out gongs for the best dressed, ultimate girl crush, the boy done good, do you have friends whose eyes aren’t painted on and of course the my my haven’t they changed award.

Best Dressed- Beyonce & Kelly Rowland

The newest addition to the X Factor panel gave her former band mate a run for her money in this gorgeous feathered mini dress, while Beyonce glowed in more ways than one in her stunning Lavin creation which showed off her baby bump.

Ultimate Girl Crush- Adele

We always hoped we’d meet someone like her, and while she may not have the sex appeal and thigh skimming shorts of Rihanna, her vunerability and love of all things black means we heart this home grown talent and give her a huge fashion nod.

The Boy Done good- Justin Bieber

Geek chic was bought back by every girls best friend, Gok Wan, and has recently seen a revival thanks to the Inbetweeners. Now the teenage dream that is Mr Justin Bieber is bringing geeky back (yeah!) and dropping in a splash of colour, to keep his look bang on trend. Bet you a fiver those are Selena’s jeans…

Do you have friends whose eyes aren’t painted on?- Jersey Shore’s Deena & Britney Spears

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Deena or Jersey Shore, let’s just say this is a classy look for her and probably one of the only times she is photographed sober. We can taste the rainbow just looking at this sequin train wreck, but it leaves a sour taste in our mouths. We heart Britney Spears, her come back has been amazing but this outfit is a huge disappointment, especially as the VMA’s hosted a special tribute for the star. Yes it is a huge improvement on a few years back, but come on Brit, hit us baby one more time with the signature sass we know and love.

My My My, haven’t you changed!- JoJo

JoJo is most famed for telling her wayward boyfriend to leave and get out, but Tellusfashion welcomes the young starlet in to the fashion elite with open arms. Gone are the tracksuits and mousy hair, only to be replaced by a sexy, yet classier look which displays the famous transition from teenager to woman which we are all familiar with.

Tellusfashion couldn’t leave without giving a mention to Nicki Minaj, who seems to top bidder for Lady Gaga’s Ebay shop… you go girl!

Ri-Festival: Only girl in the world cuts a fine figure at V

This weekend I donned my wellies, piled my hair on top of my head and spent a good 20 minutes erecting a seemingly simple pop up tent; that’s right, V Festival was upon us. Mud and drinking alcohol at 8am in the morning aren’t the only things that pop out at V, as the fashion is always forward and celebs would fool us in to thinking that they just threw something on, ready for the messy day ahead. So while I donned my slouchy vest, hareem trousers, plimsols and hat, the likes of Jessie J and Ellie Goulding displayed their fringe benefits, a trend which seems to boomarang back around the fashion world each season.

I saw many girls adopting this style, from fringed boots to bags, and admired some very funky fringed crop tops being sold at the infamous V stalls. Unfortunately, during a lot of heavy jumping around to The Wanted, my camera (full of pictures of V fashionistas) became as free as my body and was never to be seen again during the weekend; but for a glimpse of Max you have to give up a few things.

The biggest trend at this years V had to be ultra short shorts; something which Rihanna pulled off at both the Chelmsford and Stafford sites.

I witnessed Ri-Ri getting R-rated in her cropped denim shorts and Union Jack crop top; an outfit which screamed sexuality but I expected nothing less from her. Gone was the side show Bob bright red hair, which was pleasantly replaced with a bouncing mane full of caramel huws.

If you’re anything like me and had been hitting the burger and noodle vans all weekend, then covering up that midriff might be the better option. That’s why this Union Jack body from Religion is ideal for those chunky days; stylish yet comfortable.

Rihanna is a girl after my own heart; not only does she not care what anyone else thinks about her, but she still chooses to wear tights under her shorts even with those killer legs of hers. Why not show Rihanna some love back and don these Topshop Stars and Stripes shorts; she may be a Barbados beauty but she’s the queen of the states to us. ( £35)

Toned tums were also a highlight of the weekend, with Frankie and Rochelle from The Saturdays displaying abs-olutely amazing stomachs.

My fashion highlight; apart from my own Rihanna vest, came from The Noisettes Shingai Shoniwa, who set the 4 Music stage alite with an outfit that resembled a funky lampshade.

A similar outfit can be found by one of  Tellusfashions featured designers, Anam Naseer.

The X Factor’s newest firecracker, Tulisa, continued her Cheryl Cole-over, donning a tight leather outfit and a leopard print dress.

V festival reminded me of a fashion show; mental, messy and a bit of a blur. My cherry has been popped and I look forward to attending more next year, with my shortest shorts, cropped top and maybe even some fishnets. I’m off to recover in my California King Bed.

Robert ‘Pattern’-son?

 Robert Pattinson is known for three things. 1. His brute rugged manliness and ability to have women swooning in roughly 5 seconds.  2. His pretty impressive acting prowess. and 3. his ability to turn geek into chic. He has also turned his hand to singing, and can not only hold a good note, but also play a guitar while doing so; but can this brooding Brit turned Hollywood hottie make magic happen in the fashion world by releasing his own range of clothes?

One glimpse at this picture and yes he can….

It comes after fellow Twilight star, Kellan Lutz, launched his own label this week and let slip that R-Patz would love to put needle to thread and release his own line of clothing. Kellan is quoted as saying “Robert is a hipster, and perhaps he could call it ‘Rags By Rob.’ Tellusfashion isn’t sold on the name, but the idea could be very successful, as everything Robert does turns to gold. So in celebration of this potentially enchanting fashion prospect tellusfashion takes a look at the darker Twilight inspired outfits, which fall in perfectly for the looming Autumn season; step back Bella, this runway belongs to us.

Topshop Unique Fashion Show- 2011 Fetish DesignFeatured designers Annie and Jade: Simone gathered maxi dress

Featured designers Annie and Jade: Simone gathered maxi dress

FCUK Winter bead dress £165

ASOS Black lace bodycon dress. £45Kim Kardashian vamps it upKim Kardashian vamps it up

Kim Kardashian vamps it up

Raid the deepest depths of your wardrobe and pull put those dark items; Autum is upon us and it’s time to come out and play.

Tellusfashion awaits the call with details on R-Pattz fashion range, but until then we can just count our lucky stars that geek turned to chic at just the right time…

The Price is Sh*te!

We’re constantly being told to never under estimate ‘The Pricey’, and I am one of the guilty few who enjoy watching her every move, just to see if she will actually take it to the next level. She is an author (of sorts), has numerous perfumes, a lingerie line and an equestrian range which proves popular with young girls; but classing The Pricey as a fashion designer is the last thing we would do. Katie may be one of the most photgraphed women in Britain, but that may have something to do with her living every aspect of her life through a lens, and also stepping out in fash-tastrophe’s such as this:

Katie wears a tracksuit from her Day 22 fashion range; an idea bought to life by Ms Price and British fashion designer Lamis Khamis. By taking a quick look through Katie’s collection, it is evident she needed the backing of an established designer to give her label an added push, and perhaps distract from the fact that it isn’t too easy on our eyes; the words market stall spring to mind, yet the price reflects a more up market persona.

Day 22 Hoody £113

Leopard design joggers £30, reduced from £90

“Linda” print maxi dress, £30 reduced from £90

Tellusfashion believes these pieces speak for themselves, and we embrace all sorts of styles, but there is nothing stand out about the garments; they almost have a feel of an Ebay shop that you could of set up yourself.

This week The Pricey took to the run way to debut her new garms, but typically chose to don a garish leopard print dress and leave the chav chic to the poor old models.

Katie’s range is typical ‘Pricey’; loud, expensive and cheap to look at. The collection is promoted as items you would wear again and again, but for tellusfashion that would have to be on our laundry day when even the dressing gown won’t do.

We never underestimated the Pricey; her collection is everything we imagined it would be.

We Only Said Goodbye With Words, but the style lives on

This weekend the world was rocked by the news of Amy Winehouse’s tragic death, aged only 27. Many will be reading numerous posts on blog sites, just like this one. As a journalist I write about what is happening in the here and now; many have been quick to say “but if she were still alive you wouldn’t be honouring her style.” Granted, this is true, but I would rather write this than be badgering her over problems, which were out of her control, as that was well documented and scrutinized already. We live in the here and now; this is happening now.

Here at Tellusfashion, we want to celebrate the life of an extremely gifted individual; she may have been troubled but there’s no denying her talent, heart and that voice.

From beehives to black eyeliner, Amy put her own mark on the fashion industry and refused to go to fashion rehab. This is our small, but poignant, celebration of some of Amy’s style yes’s and also the no no no’s.

Amy didn’t just go back to black on her album, but also with her fashion choices. Above she is seen wearing a Fred Perry playsuit from her own collection.

Here is she pictured looking elegant at The Elle Style Awards, but still keeping her signature style with her back combed beehive and striking black eyeliner.

Girly and glam aren’t two words usually associated with Ms Winehouse, but the above pictures put the Hollywood Elite to shame. We particularly like the bright yellow dress teamed with the gorgeous red heart patent bag. Amy’s style was 50’s with a Camden edge, and it showed in everything she wore.

 This picture shows Amy at her fashion finest, working the leopard print, letting her hair down in oh so cool waves and keeping it real with that eye make up, which everyone has tried to recreate atleast once; go on admit it… it’s ok.

 Of course Amy wasn’t always pictured looking her finest, but that just makes us love her all the more, and if anything, actually see what she was going through. Who would be dressed up to the nines when they are battling an addiction?

 Fred Perry and the fashion followers…           

In the Autumn of 2010, Amy collaborated with Fred Perry; bringing her unique style together with a label she loved, and that happiness can be seen in the below pictures. Amy was quoted as saying, about the collaboration “if I died tomorrow, I would be a very happy girl” and according to reports Amy has designed all the way up to 2012, and we cannot wait to see what else she has up her talented tattooed sleeve.


Amy influenced the world of fashion more than many realise, with legendary deigner Karl Lagerfield using her as his ‘muse’, and even styling his models for the 2007 Chanel show based on her look.

Even gorgeous super model Adriana Lima donned the Winehouse get up for a Vogue photoshoot.

Releasing your inner Amy

If you fancy taking a piece of Amy’s style with you on a night out, but aren’t feeling too daring, then why not pop on this gorgeous lipsy cocktail dress, £60,, team it with some killer River Island heels, £85, and a lush Topshop statement clutch £35.

Amy, we will miss your music, your style and your fighting spirit; your problems will never over shadow your talent. x X x

Amy Winehouse 1983-2011

Keep Smiling Lily…

Recent rumours in the tabloid press, suggest that newly married pop starlet Lily Allen’ s newest fashion venture ‘Lucy In Diguise’ is in trouble. But ‘fear’ not, as the shop is merely in the middle of a premises move, which can only mean one thing- more fabulous fashion finds from the queen of speaking her mind. The shop currently stands in London’s Covent Garden, but hopes to set up home on Lowndes Court. The shop was set up in 2010, by Lily and her half sister Sarah Owen, who wanted to spread their love of all things vintage with the rest of us.

In celebration of this exciting news, let’s have a peak at the current array of amazing frocks avaiable at Lucy In Disguise, and also take a look at how Lily’s own fashion has evolved over the years; she may only be 25, but she has taken chavvy to chic in record time. We’ll have a dose of what you’re having Lils.

Here are four of  Tellusfashion’s best picks:

Antibes Nautical Playsuit £110

Goldrush Kitsch Dress £140

Jitterbug Prom Dress £220

Nairobi Animal Print Dress £180

All are available from

Hasn’t Lily come a long way from this….

To this….. talk about a transformation!



Keep doing what you’re doing Lily; your fashion choices and vintage collection certainly makes us ‘smile’.

Fashionably fierce by royal appointment

I can only assume that most women are still reeling from Kate Middleton’s radiant beauty from the Royal wedding; so to see her floating around Canada, totally in love and dressed in labels which would make Victoria Beckham green with envy, it could leave a bitter after taste in our mouths; right ladies?


Not only is she a darling Duchess, who takes to the role easier than Gaga takes to platform shoes, but she is relatable to young women up and down the country. Kate took casual and classy to Canada, winning over there hearts and getting the fashion nod from us here at

Let’s look at some of her stunning highlights, and more importantly how you can feel like a 21st century Princess every day of the week. **Handsome and loyal Prince not included.

Dress by Catherine Walker.

Kate keeps it simple, with an all over grey shift dress, which gives her a chance to show off those athletic pins to perfection.

I found this stunning alternative from Austin Reed  wool dress for only £220, and teamed it with a tan belt for £45. Prince Harry awaits any fashionista who keeps it simple, yet still looks fit for the Queen.

We love Kate as she does casual even better than glam, and pulls off the classic ‘girl next door’ look.

I have recreated the whole outfit from head to toe, so saddle up and prepare to polish that crown…

Coffee blouse, £59,

Dark denim jeans, £69,

We all remember the stunning sapphire blue dress which Kate wore to announce her engagement, well she has managed to top that in this stunning purple issa dress; looking yummier than a hazlenut Quality Street in the process.


Repli-Kate that look with this stunning A Wear dress, a steal at £35.

Kate’s known for her elegant dress sense, as well as being married to some Royal bloke, but one thing we love about The Middleton is that signature blow dry; tellusfashion tried to copy it, but the words ‘dragged’, ‘hedge’, ‘backwards’ sprung to mind. That was until we watched this amazing do it yourself video, from the hair wizards at Hersheson’s Blow Dry bar in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre

Looking this glam is enough to make us pack in the day job and go off on our own royal adventure. Kate Middleton; Canada and us Brits salute you!

Fashion Transform-ation

Any males in your life may be more familiar with a smouldering lady named Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley and her captivating curves. But lately she has caught our eye with her fabulous array of fashion choices; whether it’s a premier, press event, or simply popping out for petrol; Miss HW knows how to flatter her amazing figure; making every event an (optimus) prime fashion opportunity.

We may not have an all action movie star boyfriend, or a car that saves the world and plays our favourite songs on command; but we do have the ability to offer you Rosie’s copycat looks for a fraction of the price. Fashionistas roll out!

Rosie went all Jessica Rabbit during the New York premiere of Transformers; wearing a stunning Antonio Beradi gown, but we think the clingy red foil-esque material should be left to the super models.

ASOS leaves the drama to the side of the dress; with a sexy slit and open back. Who needs a red carpet when it comes to looking this fabulous? Get yours now from for only £100; you’ll be looking Shia Le Buff in no time.

As you can gather, Rosie is a big fan of slits, but not very woman has the killer legs; or balls, to wear such a daring design. Here Rosie is seen in a Stella McCartney dress, which is in Rosie’s fave shade of nude.

But the only time many ladies like being seen in the nude is with the lights out and covers fully up, so why not carry on the slit trend with this eye popping, mouth watering maxi dress from high street favourite Zara. Every women deserves some summer va-va voom in her wardrobe; if the sun won’t come to you then brighten up the place yourself. £49.00

Rosie’s life isn’t all glitz and glam; sometimes she will go to the shops and buy food like a normal earthling, and when she does she always looks fresh and relaxed. Every woman loves feeling comfortable in her own skin, and that feeling is often replicated with an amazing pair of jeans, a casual tee and some flat shoes. Here Rosie dons her JET jeans and completes the look with a bang on trend straw hat. Saddle up ladies, your Jason Statham could be just beyond that sunset.

Replicate that look yourself, with some skinny fit G Star jeans (£89.00 a casual t-shirt; we’ve chosen this stars and stripes find from Miss Selfridge, (£22.00, a patent colour pop belt from New Look (£4.99 and finished it off with a hat that pretty much matches Miss HW from ASOS (£25.00

My recent cinema visit had men gasping in admiration whenever Rosie graced the screen; the same gasps which can be heard from women whenever they open the fashion pages of magazines and see this stunning young woman draped in the latest look. Welcome to the fashion elite Rosie; well we need some new eye candy now Cheryl is off the market.

Wimbledon ace’s fashion; you cannot be serious?!

What has everyone talking at this year’s Wimbledon; could it be the rain? Strawberries and cream? Cliff Richard singing in the terraces?  No, it is the fashion, and not the outfits you see the celebs wearing as they swan in to the Royal Box, but the players themselves.

Back in the 19th century female tennis players would wear full on gowns, which wouldn’t look out of place in a Jane Austen drama. But now many sporting events have gotten sassy, and the tennis court transforms in to a catwalk for many players; including the men.

Tennis aces such as Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, are often seen off court draped in the latest designer collections. But, as Venus Williams showcased last week with her infamous ‘onesie’ playsuit, which actually comes from her own clothing line ‘EleVen’; anything goes and every Wimbledon starlet wants to win the fashion war, game set and match.

Stacey Allaster, CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association, says “Each Grand Slam has become a fashion moment. What will Roger wear year? Or what dress will Serena wear for a match at the US Open?”

But off the court I must give a fashion forward nod to Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge looks all white to us, with her three tiered Temperley Moraiah dress, coming in at £795. However I found this gorgeous pleated dress on for only £60, which serves up an alternative look for fans of Kate.


While these fashion forward tennistas are busy serving up some serious style, you could cause a racket of your own without mimicking the William’s sister’s bank balance.

These items take me from ace to deuce in a matter of minutes; watch out Williams, stand back Sharapova and move over Murray, there’s only room for one centre court star you know!

 Cushe Visor £16.99-           

Purple dress £45         


White Fold up Plimsols £    

And of course, Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon with good ol’ fashioned strawberries. But rather than popping them in your mouth, how about popping them on your body instead; and premium French label ‘Pull In’ has pipped everyone to the post with their juicy range of underwear and flip flops. Go on and treat yourself; Wimbledon is only once a year after all…

Strawberry flip flops £16                                            Strawberry bikini (top and bottom together) £56

Queen of the Bikinis

If you are anything like me, then the mere mention of the word ‘bikini’ sends a cold shudder down your spine and is enough to have you praying for those Winter months to come on round. But having caught sight of Mrs Rooney on her 100th holiday of 2011 in Barbados; parading her womanly figure around in a stunning array of beachwear, I decided to turn the other cheek and make it my mission to pack as many itsy witsy bikini’s, cool kaftans, flippin’ fabulous flip flops and sassy swim suits in to my suitcase; I won’t be satisfied unless I have to climb on it to close it.


But anyone can swagger in to the High Street and pick up a  copy cat look from a celeb…

Forget French Connection, and regret to inform River Island that you will be looking for something a little more individual to display your womanly goodness in this Summer. So step forward up and coming designers Anna Paola, with her ‘Paolita’ collection, and Louise Sandberg, displaying her stunning range of kaftans inspired by St Tropez and St Barths; for ultimate pool side glamour.

Paolita by Anna Paola

Anna launched her collection in May 2010, and has showcased her talent at London Fashion Week’s boudoir show, as well as having Hussein Chalayan and the late Alexander McQueen as former employers. It is her aim to make all women feel comfy and sexy on the beach; a place most feel awkward and exposed. Anna says “In my eyes, the world is vibrant and animated by ‘characters’ and ‘fantasy.’ Clothing is the costume in which we choose to act-out our part.” With their quirky yet practical designs, there’s in need to impersonate your favourite celebrity; start setting a trend of your own.









Louise Sandberg

Louise is an up and coming designer of beachwear and kaftans. She has a stunning pop up showroom in Battersea, which assists customers with any Summer wardrobe problems, via an appointment only system. There are only small quantities of each design; meaning you can look fabulous and give Lady GaGa a run for her money in the orginality stakes.

Log on to to book your personalised experience and meet the lovely lady herself!

See you on the beach fashionistas; I’ll be the one shaking the sand from my bikini bottoms, but looking  fahbulous while doing it. Remember, anything Mrs Rooney can do, we can do better!


What’s the best thing about attending a festival? Music? Drinking? Spreading the love? No of course not! It’s the chance to use that muddy field like a Milan catwalk, so don those wellies, dust off that straw hat and saddle up for some key advice on turning camping in to glamping.

My heart hits the floor at how effortlessly cool stars like Kate Moss and Vanessa Hudgens look at festivals, but we can all feel the love again as Topshop personal shopper, Shereen Farahi, talks us through 4 key fessie looks at the Westfield London Shopping Centre I particularly like the Kate Moss ensemble, as there’s an inner rock chick underneath us ladies 9-5 attire.

Essential items at any festival include a decent pair of wellies, quirky sunglasses and some arm candy; preferably in bracelet form and not the gentleman whose tent you may have wondered in to…

The geniuses at Redfoot have come up with wellingtons that can be folded up and popped in to your bag; simples! Grab yours for £49.99 and you’ll be begging for the Glasto mud bath. (


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; you being the one who holds that beauty, especially when donning Heti & GiGi’s festival spectacles.

Born from Heti’s love of all things retro, and based on a vintage pair found in Portobello Road, these unique specs allow you change the lenses to different colours, should you drop them in the mud or get carried away when crowd surfing. Plus a slice of the profits goes to Sight Savers, meaning you can feel a generous as Angie Jolie just for a short while.

No festival look could be complete without some serious jewels, which are perfectly designed by multi-award winning jeweller Tomasz Donocik. His designs are effortlessly on trend, and definitely worth the £165 price tag. (

Like all festivals, my blog has been short but sweet; I’m off to stock up on dry shampoo to combat my festival fro! Until next time glampers.. x

 By Kelly Holgate