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She moves with a feminine grace that is rarely witnessed unless you find yourself in the Far East of the World. Her style is a mix between that of an Artist and a Philosopher. A thinker. She looks lost in her thoughts when I stop her. “What’s your name?” “Ting and it’s my absolute real name!” She is in a hurry so after the shots I walk with her for a brief interview. “I am going to college” she says “to write my research which I will never finish” Ting’s hometown is Shanghai and she decided to come to Edinburgh to study . “… to avoid life, you know!” she chuckles. “I am not gonna ask you how old you…” “I am 25!!!” she interrupts me, and then:”…sixteen, I AM SIXTEEN!!!!” she explodes into a cute and bubbly laughter. She doesn’t consider herself to be into fashion.”I just like to feel pretty and I dress according to my mood. Today I am happy.” “Tell me more about what you are wearing at the moment” “Well, I got the skirt from my mum. I think she bought it in the 80s when she was travelling in Europe. I got the pendant from my granmother and the earrings in a second hand shop … they were there, laying on the shelf, looking quite old so thought oh those would suit me!” she laughs again. We arrive at the end of the path that crosses the Meadows and we split in different directions. I am absolutly charmed.

Today’s item: Akkula Skirt by Kamola

Today’s must-have straight from the TellusFashion shop is the super edgy “Akkula Skirt” with stingray detailing from UK brand Kamola.

“Designer Kamola Malikova, graduated from one of Europe’s top fashion institutions, ‘Istituto Marangoni’ followed by a course at London College of Fashion in Media & Communication whilst also working for the likes of celebrity stylist Susan Hildebrandt. Kamola was born in Uzbekistan, Central Asia and spent her formative years aquiring a degree of a Bachelor of Arts from University of New York in Prague. Upon her graduation she moved to Moscow to pursue a successful career in advertising . However two years later she chose fashion as a new pathway and relocated to Milan to study and fully immerse herself in the realms of the fashion industry.

Kamola has spent the last three years since her graduation crafting her signature style and documenting her inspirations for her first collection. Since the AW2010 collection runway show during London Fashion Week (Strand Palace Hotel) and Paris Fashion Week Rendez-Vous Femme exhibition the brand have attracted considerable interest from a notable selection of International Womenswear Buyers, and International Press. Kamola was featured as a Trendsetter in Tatler Russia’s May Issue and in an interview in the October issue.”

View the skirt and all of Kamola’s other gorgeus garments by visiting their shop!

Love from the TellusFashion family